Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Man?

Bobby Abreu was my favorite Phillie during his tenure in Philadelphia (98-06) and I've always had much respect for him. I remember when Kevin Stocker was traded for him and I was wondering "who the hell is this guy?". The city of Philly quickly learned the name Bobby Abreu because he brought a new style of game with him to the park- power, speed, defense, and on base skills. Bobby Abreu could be counted on for mid 20's power, 100+ runs and rbis, with 30+ stolen bases, accompanied by a .300 average with a .400 on base %...that's the new wave athlete right there. However, I must say I'm a bit disappointed in his latest comments,"It's nice, it's a different mentality. You know you're going to have a chance to be in the playoffs, and this is what it's all about. I'm looking for a World Series ring, and this team is going to give me a lot of chances to win." and "It was a little tough. There were a lot of rumors and that sort of stuff, but finally they made the decision [to trade me]. It was fine for me. It gave me the opportunity to play on a winner." and "Everyone in this lineup is a star," Abreu said. "Back on the Phillies, I was 'The Man' -- the one everyone pointed to over the years. It's a good thing to be here, because sometimes you'll make a mistake, and you can deal with that. On the other side [with Philadelphia], when you made a mistake, everybody pointed at you."

You were getting paid like a superstar and have all the ability in the world, of course you're going to be considered "the man". The fans loved you, all they wanted was a playoff appearance. But as time went on you seemed to care less and less, and your motivation disappeared. You began shying away from walls by some 10-15 feet, kept your bat on your shoulder in crucial rbi situations. We wanted more, but we only wanted what you were capable of. So, indeed you were the man, and the man held us down. So now during the post-Abreu era of Phillies baseball we will no longer be held down by the man...liberation feels oh so good! Bobby Abreu you're a pussy!



furiousBall said...

Abreu is the only o-fficial phils jersey I own and I contend he was the best outfielder that's ever worn a phils uniform (no offense Richie Ashburn and Del Unser). What he said is accurate to be honest, but still a dick move.

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- I agree that what Abreu said was accurate. I'm calling him a pussy because he couldn't handle being the man. He was the man because he deserved to be the man due to his track record and ability and paycheck. He was/is a great outfielder overall, but his comments were that of a pussy!

GM-Carson said...

Apparently the Scott Linebrink rumor is completely dead as he said in an interview yesterday that the possibility of heading to Philadelphia is in the back of his mind...bring it to forefront!!!

I should clarify- I don't hate Abreu now or think he's a bad player. He's an excellent all-around talent on the field, I just don't like the "boo-hoo, I got booed, woe is me" crap...cry me a river!

GM-Carson said...

Since winning the 2005 Home Run Derby at Comerica Park, Bobby Abreu has hit 21 homers in 813 at-bats (one every 38.7 at-bats) for the Phillies and Yankees. Before the Derby, he averaged one every 24.2 at-bats.

In regards to the Coste, Dobbs, and Garcia battle- "It's a good situation," assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "We're creating competition, and any time you create competition, we're going to end up with the best players."

Do we really always end up the best players? I think NOT!

goDuke said...

I think Abreu was a good stats guy, but not a winner. I don't think he had the drive when he was with the Phillies and I don't think he does now, with the yanks. He's happy to just hide behind Jeter and A-Rod, and quietly do what he does. He could never be the center of a winning team. While he put up great numbers, I am glad he's gone as the team's personality made a huge positive turn around once he (and ass clown Bell) left. Word is Alfonseca looks good. And so does Lieber, of course the Lieber part might just be pumping him up to deal him.

GM-Carson said...

With every passing day I lean more and more towards keeping Lieber in the rotation and plugging Eaton into the bullpen. Even in Lieber's down year last season he still may be better than what Eaton has to offer. I expect Lieber to rebound to the 4.35-4.5 ERA range and that's damn good for a 5th starter.

Abreu is a wonderful fantasy player, but loves hiding in the background because he is unable to carry a team solely. He loves the Yanks because he's far from the biggest star, so he can just fade into the background and quietly produce.

michael said...

You can vote on who goes into the Phils Wall of Fame this year starting tomorrow. heres the nominees:
2007 Ballot
The 15 Phillies Alumni who appear on the online ballot:

Pitchers: Larry Christenson, Jim Konstanty*, Ron Reed, Dick Ruthven, Rick Wise

Catcher: Darren Daulton

Infielders: John Kruk, Fred Luderus*, Juan Samuel, Pinky Whitney*

Outfielders: Lenny Dykstra, Von Hayes

Manager: Gene Mauch*

Coaches: Mike Ryan, John Vukovich

I vote Kruk. although I'd pencil in Jeltz if I could.
About putting Eaton in the bullpen and Leiber in the rotation. I think its a good idea especially considering Eaton's injury history they did the same thing with Ryan Franklin last year he was a guy who was a starter and then came here and was put into the bullpen even though yeah he totally sucked, i think it would be good insurance to do it.

Maria said...

Bobby has disappointed me. But I don't care for him anymore since he no longer plays with the Phils.

I'd like either Eaton or Lieber in the bullpen. I think they both could be a 5th starter.

BenJah said...

my favorite bobby moment came during a game in the summer of 2002. i was working at the philly zoo and i went to a ton of games....but what i saw at this game i'll never forget.

bobby was playing center b/c JEREMY giambi was aquired and taking walks in every plate appearance and he needed to be in the lineup. a "texas-leaguer" went up into center, hit the ground (the concrete/turf at the vet) in front of him while he was racing in, and bounced over his head and rolled to the wall. i remember him sprinting in, and then leaping into the air, swatting his glove in the direction of the ball, and then racing back after the ball. i laughed for days after that one.

dude carson, there are a dozen online sites w/ tix for opening day. stubhub usually ends up being a little pricey, but it's so worth it!

TrekMedic251 said...

Hey, look at the upside of Abreu no longer being with the team: the grounds crew is saving a fortune by not having to replace that divet in the turf where Abreu dug in and refused to move away from.


SteveJeltzFan said...

It's funny how all of my negativity toward Abreu would be completely reversed had he just accepted that he was a natural leadoff hitter. With his patience and OBP, who knows what tone could've been set.

das411 said...

Amen! THAT is what pissed me off about Abreu, the bitch-fest he threw when Bowa tried to actually put him in a lineup spot that made sense. And how many times would Abreu steal second on a 1-1 or 2-1 pitch to Thome that led to soooooo many IBBs?

BloodStripes said...

Bobby is just trying to cover up his disappointment of not being with the mighty Phils anymore. We'll see who the real winners are when the Phils smash those yanks.

Fat Ted said...

Bobby was a bum, nuff said.

GM-Carson said...

After I did this piece, I almost pussied-out and took it down. It's difficult for me to so harsh of a player I liked so much. But his comments, albeit true, were still ill-advised and show that he can't handle pressure or the spotlight.