Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Go Go Power Rangers

Just how many homeruns will the Phillies hit this season? 5, 986 to be exact according the lastest projections. But seriously, last season they managed to smack 216 round-trippers out of the park. Personally, I expect about the same, but there's reason to believe that more may be in store...lets take a look.

Howard- 58 homeruns last season. The man is the Blaster Master, the Mammoth, a freaking homerun hitting machine! I do expect a dip in long-balls this season though, as 58 is hard to duplicate, going conservative and picking 47. However, I know many people think with increased "protection" from Burrell and another year's experience, Howard may go Roger Maris on us.

Utley- 32 last year, more this year. He got paid and laid this offseason, expecting 35 bombs from him in '07. Utley is a smart player and doesn't swing for the fences, but if he did, he'd easily eclipse 40.

Burrell- 29 last year, more playing time this year equalling more homeruns, and a jump to 35. Hopefully Manuel will recognize having Burrell in the lineup, despite his k's, is still better than Karim Garcia, Chris Roberson, or Jayson Werth. If Burrell ever manages to "figure it out", as according the the omnipotent Mike Schmidt, he could also launch 40+.

Jimmy Rollins- 25 last year, dipping this season to 18. Some Phans are predicting a 30-30 season from J-Roll, I predicting 25 homeruns will be his career high. We don't want J-Roll swinging for the fences, because those balls end up finding the outfielders' mitts.

Aaron Rowand- 12 last year, bump that total up this year just for the sake of more playing time assuming he doesn't do another fence buffet this season...I'm thinking 19 jacks, and if he grew a set of shoulders 26.

Helms- we had David "H-Mo" Bell and Abe "No-Hit" Nunez at 3rd last season, so Helms is definitely a bigger power threat...thinking 21 homers. Of course, our brilliant master strategist Charlie Fuqua Manuel may decide to plug Nuni in at 3rd...the man is a dumbass afterall.

Catchers- Lieberthal, Coste, and Ruiz combined for 19 homeruns last season. Barajas, Ruiz, and Coste will hit somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 this year.

Right there is a predicted 198 homeruns, leaving the 2007 Phillies 18 short of last season's total. I didn't calculate in the homeruns from Shane Victorino or bench players Jayson Werth and presumably Karim Garcia, and the mass amount of bombs new pitchers Adam Eaton and Freddy Garcia will crush or the hot streak No-Talent Ass-Clown Danny Sandoval will go on in mid-July. Still, like I said at the beginning, I expect about the same as last year.



GM-Carson said...

Scratch my prediction about Rowand, he won't even get an at-bat this season...from "The center fielder has already endured two spring mishaps. He accidentally kicked a curb and hobbled around the clubhouse for two days, then skinned his finger slicing an onion, costing him two days of batting practice."

C'mon Rowand, we do need you to play about 150 games this season, get yourself healthy!

GM-Carson said...

Spring training games start today, and I will be listening to the ChiSox take on the Rockies during my ride is back, and I'm loving it!!!

Scotty said...

Carson- I agree with your predictions regarding the Phils home runs totals,and I think Burrell's production is the key here.

Burrell's totals should rise from a year ago simply because he is hitting behind Howard. Howard will not get pitches to hit in situations where he can drive in runs and many teams will pitch around him in critical situations. In steps Pat "The Bat", Burrell will be the man in the heart of the order that teams go after because he is the worst hitter of the Phils BIG 3 ( Utley, Howard, Burrell).

Burrell will have a plethora of opportunities to drive in runs this season which should be his main concern. If he concentrates on knocking in runs instead of hitting the long ball Phils fans will see an increase in his OPS, BA, RBI, and most likely HR. Also, by looking to hit the ball in the gap to drive in runs rather than over the fence, I expect to see a drop off in Burrell's strike out total. Simply, when Burrell swings for the fence he K's.

GM-Carson said...

Top o' the mornin' to ya Scotty lad!

Don't forget Burrell also strikes out while watching 3rd strikes zing by as if he were impersonating Ray Charles.

Burrell may amass 130+ rbi this season...I know, I know, a bold statement.

goDuke said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... The NL MVL will be a Phillie this year... and that man's name will be Mr. Pat Burrell. And then everyone can thank his fiance for keeping him out of the bars every night. Go Pat and go Phils!

Cavalier92 said...

*** Jim Mora Impersonation here ***

Pat Burrell? Pat Burrell? Are you Kidding me? Burrell? MVL?? Burrell???

The Phils get 48 from Howard, 30 from Utley, 29 from burrell, who will bat .260, 20 from the Captian at SS, 16 from Rowand, 8 from the flyin hawaiian, 20 from Helms and 20 from the Catchers.

Thats 191 plus 16 from the bench puts them at 207.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks Cavalier, I was hoping people would too make their own power predictions for this season.

Bob D said...

Ok here I go, 50 from both Howard and Burrell, 30 Utley, 20 each from Rollins, Rowand, Helms, catchers, and the bench, 2 from Eaton, 1 from Nunez on a poorly missplayed texas league blooper in Washington. Grand total of: 233

Bob D said...

You know, I 20 years there will be a blog dedicated to the master blaster at 3rd base Abe Nunez. Just like this site is dedicated to the Steve Jeltz's of the world.

BENTZ said...

Howard - 50; Utley - 31; Burrell - 35; Rollins - 20; Helms - 25; Victorino - 10; Rowand - 23; Catchers -, that's 211 right there, so if you figure in Werth and Garcia off the bench hitting a few and maybe one from a pitcher...I'll go with 230. Oh yeah, and one from Danny Sandoval - a walk-off shot in the bottom of the 29th inning on the last day of the season against Washington to win the NL East...he's the last guy off the bench, haha

GM-Carson said...

Steve Jeltz had kick ass hair, what does Nuni have going for him? No sould there brotha!

Bob D- 50 from Burrell? Good god man, I can only dream.

GM-Carson said...

There's rumblings that St. Louis is interested in Lieber. St. Louis' rotation looks bad. Why? No Suppan, and they're trying to transition Looper and Wainwright into starters...not necessarily an easy thing.

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- "If Phils manager Charlie Manuel has picked an opening-day starter, he's not letting on. A smart bet for the moment has Freddy Garcia the opening-day starter, followed by Brett Myers, Cole Hamels, Adam Eaton and Jamie Moyer. But that can change."

I'd like to see righty, lefty, righty, lefty, other words (Garcia, Hamels, Myers, Moyer, Eaton/Lieber).

*Braves pitcher Mike Hampton is still hurting...oh no, let me go weep privately.

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- "First-base coach Davey Lopes has been working with the Phillies on baserunning all spring. He worked with Pat Burrell individually for a short time yesterday."

I'm saying it here and now, Burrell will steal 1, ONE, UNO base this season...and that's an improvement!

goDuke said...

He'll get the MVP despite only stealing one base. When he hits 74 HRs nothing else matters!!!

BloodStripes said...

Another 200 plus team total of homeruns would be great. The Phils offense rocks.

Hooray for the spring training schedule. 07 is gonna be a good year!

GM-Carson said...

Poster boy for outrageous offseason contracts, Gary Matthews Jr., has been linked to a notorious steroid ring, being named along with Jason Grimsley...glad we didn't sign this schmuck!

Skeeter said...

Didn't the pink power ranger do playboy?
Sorry, that is off topic with what was being discussed here.

Howard - 50
Burrell - 34
Utley - 31
Rollins - 24
Victorino - 11
Helms - 16
Catchers - 22
Rowand - 18
Bench - 7
Total - 213

And since 13 is unlucky, I'll say Hamels pops his HR cherry this season

So 214

chuckm said...

MVP 48
Scapegoat 34
The Man 31
Not David Bell 23
The Captain 21
Faceplant 18
Catchers 18
Hawaiian 15
Bench 12
Our Savior 1

Total 221

Anonymous said...

It should be a fun team to watch, and I am going out on a limb saying Burrell is going to have a monster season!

chuckm said...

Oh yeah, make that 222 as Chief will park one this season

BloodStripes said...

GM, Beerleaguer is awesome for serious Phils information. But for fun and good times WSBGM's rules the roost. I'm always reading here too. Never miss a beat. Just quite right now. Overworked.

Anyways. I am hanging for the season to kick off. I wanna see what our boys can produce this year with some expectation. Last year they came good once written off. This year we are expecting big things. Time will tell. Lets hope its good times.

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- I was only kidding when a called you a "lying cheating bastard" over on know me bro.

I know hitting pitchers isn't anything to get excited about, but ours should be better this season. Eaton has hit in the past, Garcia has in limited exposure, Moyer is good at making contact, Hamels doesn't like to just me a gimmie-out, and Myers has power to smack things around...we all know that.

BloodStripes said...

I know your were only joking mate but I still wanted to pledge my loyalty to WSBGM's. Its a rockin' blog.

Mate I hope our pitchers can improve on last season. We could do with a few hits from them at the bottom of the order.

Isn't this time of year the best. We are all full of hope and anticipation, foreseeing great things for our Phils.

BloodStripes said...

Just upgraded my internet speed ready for a big season of watching the mighty Phils on MLB.TV. If I miss the games live b/c of work I can still catch all the highlights and Blaster Master Bombs.

Only a month to go.

Bring it on Phillies!