Monday, January 01, 2007

Youth of Today

Baby New-Year just got done ringing in the turn of the yearly calendar faster than Mr. Pause-and-Go Dick Clark (ta-ta-today junior). I have high hopes for 2007, as it is going to be a year to remember along the lines of 1993, 1983, 1980, or the vintage '69 (you pervert). I know many people celebrated last night over a few bottles of spirits and ended up getting a bit tipsy and kissing someone uglier and smellier than Saddam Hussein's rotting corpse (good riddance). So, In the spirit of that tubby tot and needing another reason to celebrate, I bring to you the Phillies "youth" movement and future World Series champions.

Youth of Today: (all players under 30, which is considered their primes)

Fabio Castro (21)
Adam Eaton (29)
Cole Hamels (23)
Ryan Madson (26)
Brett Myers (26)
Matt Smith (27)
Carlos Ruiz (27)
Ryan Howard (27)
Jimmy Rollins (28)
Chase Utley (28)
Aaron Rowand (29)
Shane Victorino (26)
Jayson Werth (27)
*There are plenty other players in the Phillies system, even on the 40-man roster, which will most likely contribute to the Phils in some form during the upcoming season, but these players listed above are the focal points that will have significant roles.

My inspiration for this entry today was my new XM radio. I was on the punk channel (Fungus) and heard a rousing old-school song with screeching vocals from a hardcore punk pioneer- Ray Cappo. Ray Cappo has headed some great punk bands over the years, including Youth of Today, Better Than A Thousand, and Shelter. I urge any punk fan to check them out (that means you BloodStripes). These guys came up through the ranks with great bands such as my favorite Sick Of It All and Gorilla Biscuits.



dane said...

happy new years guys. looking forward to another year of laughs and possibly a playoff run

GM-Carson said...

Dane: laughs- guaranteed, playoffs- it's in the bag.


GM-Carson said...

i can't believe no one asked for a translation of what fabio castro's resolution was. i guess we have more bilingual readers than i thought...

GM-Carson said...

Corey- I would like a translation of what Fabio's resolution was- por favor.


skeeter said...

I have forever hated new years eve and everything it brings. But I don't want to be a downer so happy new years to you all.

The sexiest part about that list is that our brightest spot (besides ut and howard) is still only 23...that is arousal material right there.

GM-Carson said...

Off Topic - Penn St. made Tennesse their bitches. The Lions and the Badgers told the SEC to suck their nuts! Good afternoon of football, it was worth running through morning rounds to make it home in time for the games.

Carson - translation is in the (e)mail, it's too dirty to post here :)


GM-Carson said...

skeeter - new year's, like christmas, valentines day, arbor day, anybody's birthday, national secretaries month, and the rest of the pointless holidays, suck.

bah freakin humbug


Bob D said...

We'll just use our imaginations of the translation like "its such a pleasure to sit on Charlie's bench and watch others throw their arms out."

BenJah said...

happy new beers!

BloodStripes said...

Thats a bloody good team of lads in their prime. Looking forward to see them kick it this year.

Carson, I've heard plenty of Sick Of It All (even seen them down here)and Gorilla Biscuits but not the others so will search them out for some good listening. XM sounds great. A punk only channel....wicked!

Bob D, there is plenty of room down here mate. The Phillies and all you GM's are most welcome. Come on over. Glad to hear the Phils have a few Aussies in the minors. Can you give me some of their names. I would like to follow their progress.

BloodStripes said...

You did mean Aussie Phillies right? I know of many Aussies for other teams but not the Phils.

BloodStripes said...

Just downloaded Break Down the Walls DQ. The song only not the album. I like it man. Good stuff.

GM-Carson said...

I believe there's a player named Brad Harmon in the Phillies system and he's an Aussie.

Corey hates all holidays...not me! We'd be working every damn day of our lives otherwise.