Saturday, January 06, 2007

Poll: Least Favorite Phillie

Recently there has been a lot of discussion on this blog about past and current Phillies that are not well liked. Over the years some players may have struck a nerve with you for various reasons, for example they SUCKED. I have a handful of ex-Phils that fit into this category: David "H-Mo/Fairy Feet" Bell- he will go down as my most hated Phillie of all-time, due to the hype he rode into town on, that lollipop arm, his gay-ass hop when fielding, his inability to do anything but pop up to infielders, and that feathery hair...gag me! Rob Ducey is another Phil I detested, and I had the unfortunate opportunity to do it twice as he was traded away then painfully brought back (typical Phillies). I never really liked those John Kruk, Lenny Dykstra, Steve Carlton, Pete Rose, and Mike Schmidt guys either...what a group of has-beens.

The Candidates:

1. Abe "No-Hit" Nunez- I have nothing to say in his defense, but I have plenty of arsenal against him. 1. He sucks! 2. He makes millions for doing what any Double A player could...sucking! 3. By evidence of lifetime stats and nickname, he cannot hit. 4. He sucks!, wait did I already mention that he SUCKS!

2. Jon Lieber- I personally like this donut-eatin-sonna-bitch, but that's for other reasons besides his pitching ability (fat pitchers are cool in my book). I know many feel as though Lieber has been a joke as a Phillie and more than half of the time I would agree. Right now he stands as the 6th starter on a 5 man staff, so things aren't looking good for Fatty Lieber.

3. Rod Barajas- the man hasn't even worn a Phillies uniform in game yet and he's quickly becoming my least favorite Phillie. I know not everyone agrees with my assessment of the catching situation, but here it is: Ruiz should be the starter and Coste the backup...Barajas not in the picture. I truly hope Barajas proves me wrong and becomes and important cog in the Phils quest for the playoffs, but you must remember I have oracle status and am hardly ever wrong.

4. Pat Burrell- vote for him and I will kick your ass (you hear that Los). Corey and I like Burrell, once again for more than his baseball skills (he's a playboy). However, his baseball skills aren't nearly as bad as some people like to make them out to be, yet I know he is some fans least favorite Phillie and therefore is included on the list.

Who is your least favorite Phillie?
Abe Nunez
Jon Lieber
Rod Barajas
Pat Burrell
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GM-Carson said...

Already within the first half hour of the post someone voted for Pat Burrell...I knew it! Probably just did it to spite me too.


GM-Carson said...

More proof that crappy free agents are raking in the money- Chris Reitsma just signed a 2.05 million dollar contract with the M's...ridiculous!

Bob D said...

What, no Manuel or Wheelie?

You should do one on optimism for favorite player.

dane said...

you have a lot of nerve putting barajas on the ballot. the poor guy has only been a phillie a couple weeks. i'm not that high on him but all the other guys have earned my hate through past mistakes and suckiness. for what it is worth, i voted for the donut eater

GM-Carson said...

Dane- I'm taking your "have a lot of nerve" comment as a compliment. And I surely hope you know I did this for fun, not to be malicious...but I do dislike Barajas. I won't boo him though, I only ever booed Bell.

Bob D- I like your idea for favorite Phillies, but that would be a huge poll.


The Omnipotent Q said...

I detest Lieber for one reason. He went on "The Tim McCarver Show" in 2005 and talked about how before Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, a number of Red Sox players were "congratulating" a few Yankee players on New York's upcoming World Series appearance, the one that never happened. Lieber refused to name players on either the Red Sox or Yankees who took part in this, and McCarver brings it up on Fox every time the subject of the 2004 ALCS comes up.I searched the Internet looking for more info on this, and could find nothing. Lieber is either chickenshit, or a liar. And I equally detest McCarver for keeping this urban legend going.

GM-Carson said...

"I only ever booed Bell." - and you are a Phillie fan, carson? you should be ashamed...

if you voted for other, please tell us who that is. i would be interested to hear who and why.

i agree with dane, barajas shouldn't be on the list. be mad at pat g for signing him, but don't hate on big rod.

a favorite phillie poll will be done in future...


GM-Carson said...

I too hate Tim McCarver.

And Roddy Barajahy was on the list because I wanted him on it dammit!


P.S. I only ever booed David Bell constantly, although Lieberthal, Nunez, Mesa, and Glanville have received occasional ones from time-to-time.

furiousBall said...

I voted for Other, I've never heard of that guy and it's crap if he's collecting a paycheck. What nationality is that name anyway? Other - Irish?

PhillyRocks said...

How can someone vote for Barajas as he hasn't even played a game yet? How can someone vote for Nunez when he is only a back up player? How can anyone vote for Leiber when everybody knows he is gone?
So if only one starter is on the list who actually played. has to be Burrell the other 3 don't fit.

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- I do believe the last name "Other" has Irish roots.

Now, as far as Barajas, Lieber, and Nunez not belonging on the list, I didn't say it was "your least favorite starter" now did I? I believe I said "least favorite Phillie". So if I wanted to include Danny F'N Sandoval on the list I coulda!


GM-Carson said...

By the way, I'm happy to see that "guy who hasn't even played a game for the Phillies" Rod Barajas has received two votes for least favorite and neither of them were mine...I voted No-Hit Nunez.


BloodStripes said...

One of those votes for Rod Barajas was mine. I chose him solely for the fact that he is giving our battler Chris Coste the boot to the bench.

In yesterdays post Corey made good reasons for playing Rod Barajas. Hard to argue with. His experience ought to serve us well.

Bob D said...

I was another vote for the No-hit Nunez. And he did start for a time last year. I'm not sure who the 'other' votes would've been for.

The favorite Phils should be for current Philly and a separate one for all time Philly.

GM-Carson said...

It's early Sunday morning and Nunez and Burrell are tied at 9 votes each...that's a shame.

Also, I see there are 6 "other" votes. Which leads me to the conclusion that people really don't like Danny Sandoval or Ryan Madson, or they just couldn't bring themselves to vote for one of the other four "real" players.


das411 said...

--Raises hand for one of the "other" votes--...fuck Terry Adams, couldn't start OR relieve and yet Gillick goes and brings him back anyways....or have they not announced that one yet? Must be saving it for when the Eagles are done...

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