Friday, January 19, 2007

Phucco Phlashback Phriday: Jones & Robinson

Over the years there have been many players that have been blessed to be remembered as Phuccos (Phillies & Buccos). As most of you know, Corey and I like to take time to recall some of the lesser known players that graced the field of Three Rivers Stadium and the Vet. Today we take a moment to reflect on the glorious careers of two gentlemen- Barry Jones and Don Robinson.

Barry Jones began his career in Pittsburgh back in '86 with a promising 2.89 ERA and 3 saves. He experienced other success in Montreal and with the White Sox too sporting ERA's of 2.31, 2.37, 2.42, 3.04, and 3.35 which translates into a respectable reliever. His career ERA stands at 3.66 over his 8 seasons and 348 games. He had one season in Philly in '92, but little good can be said of his time there (he walked more men then he struck out). Barry Jones should be best remembered for his outstanding mustache, as WSBGM's always holds a special place in our hearts and minds for well groomed facial hair...thank you Rick Schu!

Don Robinson had a fairly solid MLB career spanning 15 years and 524 games pitched, both starting and relieving. Just like fellow Phucco Barry Jones, Robinson began his career with the Pirates. Don had a marvelous rookie campaign in which he went 14-6 with a 3.47 ERA in 228.1 innings pitched in '78. This would end up being his finest season, but he did go on to win 109 games with 57 saves. Robinson was a Bucco from 78-87, but only a Phillie for 1 season in '92, once again, just like Barry Jones. Robinson ended his career with 8 games started for the Phils in '92 to the tune of an awful 6.18 ERA. Robinson may have had the white man's version of the afro, but that's not why I remember him...I remember him for being a good hitting pitcher. He had 146 hits, 13 homers, 69 RBI, .231 average, and a Nunez-esque OPS of .582. He may have pitched like crap for the Phils, but he did bat 7-18 that season.



GM-Carson said...

The Braves signed Craig Wilson...dammit! Just when they trade away a productive 1st baseman and weaken the offense (LaRoche), they turn around and sign Wilson for a modest 2 millions...hell No-Hit Nunez almost costs the Phils that much.

goDuke said...

And when I saw that the Braves signed Wilson, I was hoping they meant Glenn Wilson... another Phucco.

furiousBall said...

Robinson is a poor man's Bob Walk

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- you're dead on in your comparison of Don Robison being a poor man's Bob Walk, as I almost type something to that effect in the piece this morning.

Corey loved Glenn Wilson, decent dude.

goDuke said...

(sorry removed previous post due to a typo) All I remember about Glenn Wilson was that I thought he had a cannon out there. The good old days... Glenn Wilson, Von Hayes, Juan Samuel and Schmidty.... oh wait... we sucked... I think this year is gonna be a great year. I have a good feeling about my boy Burrell. I hear that Gillick has convinced him to wait for the college girls to go on winter break this year... so that he doesn't drop-off during the season.

GM-Carson said...

In all honesty, based on the state of the other teams in the NL East (all have weaknesses) I believe the Phils have a legit shot at winning the outright.

The Pirates on the other hand, not so much.

GM-Carson said...

The Indians just signed Trot Nixon for 3 mil. That's a decent deal in my opinion.

Former lame-duck Phillie Travis Lee may become a National soon...oh, I'm scared.

Torres is the Bucs closer next year. He did decent the final month of the season in that role.

Bob D said...

Do I see a trend here. A good pitcher comes to Philly pitches half a year then is ruined?

Glenn Wilson was awesome

Bob D said...

Too bad the Phils didn't bring in Trot Nixon. At 3 mil and he would have made Rowand more tradable. That would've brought in another RP

GM-Carson said...

Over this offseason the dollars have been flying left and right and free agents have been collecting way more than what they're worth. However, Craig Wilson for 2 mil and Trot Nixon for 3 are deals in today's baseball economy.

I would have liked to see Nixon signed and used as a platoon with Werth in RF, and then we trade Rowand for bullpen help.

Our bullpen really scares the crap outta sucks!!!

GM-Carson said...

Winter ball updates:

Carlos Ruiz continues to hit well...something that he's always done throughout the minors and would probably do in Philly too.

Rule 5 pickup Alfredo Simon is basically giving up a run an inning...better not be in our bullpen next year.

Chris Roberson is actually hitting in the playoffs. I'd be happy if that translated into a .250 average off the bench next year.

Joe Bisenious isn't doing all that well, but Gillick is still hyping him as the possible "missing piece" to the bullpen...whatever.

SteveJeltzFan said...

Robinson should get extra credit for dishing up Schmidt's 500th home run, no?