Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Only Thing Left

I know the wounds are still fresh, and many of you have tear and beer stained cheeks as the Eagles season has come to a bitter end. There's not much I can do in ways of comforting, but I can assure you that an offseason will do Donovan McNabb and company some good, so that they're fired up and ready to go full tilt next season. The Eagles had a nice run to get into the playoffs, but the entire season their biggest opponent was the health of their team.

Now that the Eagles have flown south for the winter, what else is there to root for? Normally I could say the Flyers typical playoff push or the 76ers run at the 8th seed, but neither of those scenarios are likely. In fact the Flyers suck this year, so much so that Simon Gagne barely makes them viewable. Their record stands at 11-30, lowest of the low in the NHL. To offer some solace, I guess you could always tune in and hope for a huge scuffle on the rink with the Flyers coming out with the upperhand.

The 76ers haven't been good in quite some time, as they've flirted with mediocrity the past handful of seasons. The reason I would waste an evening watching them was #3 Allen Iverson, but since he's no longer around I can't tolerate the suckiness on the court. The Sixers record is nearly as pitiful as the Flyers at 10-27, doesn't that just make you throw-up a bit in your mouth?! If you were in the mood to laugh, I suppose you could watch Samuel Dalembert trot up and down the court with aimless athleticism.

So the only thing left is the Phillies. It's a bit over a month until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, but I'm already getting fidgety. Last season I was very pessimistic about the Phils chances of challenging for a playoff spot, but this season I believe they have an excellent rotation coupled with a top-notch offense. The only thing that might hold them back is the lack of quality in the bullpen, but Gillick isn't done tinkering. 2007 is going to be the Year of the Phillies.

Consider this a little pick-me-up, after the depressing tone of today's post. By the way, when did the Eagles cheerleaders change their uniform to nude?



Talking Philly Sports said...

Nice observation, there was larceny in New Orleans! Read about it on the Philly Sports Talk Now! blog

I like your optimism though, we can always look forward to the Phils!


TrekMedic251 said...

God,..even my beloved Wings and Phantoms are getting the s**t kicked outta them!

GM-Carson said...

It's just not a good time to be a Philly sports fan right now. The Phillies season can't start fast enough in my opinion.


GM-Carson said...

Seems like the Phils signed themselves a 6-fingered relief pitcher in the form of Antonio Alfonseca. He has playoff and closer experience, but he hasn't been healthy the past 2 seasons, so I don't understand the guaranteed 1.1 million, but hey I only claim to be a GM.


skeeter said...

Speaking of 1.1 million dollars and relief pitchers, Madson just signed for the same amount. I guess that is the going rate for crap these days.

GM-Carson said...

1.1 mil for Madson is a gift. A gift for him that is.

goDuke said...

We can route for this sixers to lose every single game to end up with the #1 pick in the draft.

GM-Carson said...

GoDuke- I don't really think the Sixers need us to root against them in order to fail...they suck plenty on their own.