Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Need Support?

Offseason checklist: 1) Upgrade 3rd base. Done- Wes Helms is better than No-Hit Nunez even if he's not A-Ram. 2) Find protection for Howard. Done- to much people's dismay, Burrell or Utley will bat behind the Blaster Master and not the likes of Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano. 3) Sure up the rotation. Done- Moyer stays, and Eaton and workhorse Freddy Garcia are welcomed in. 4) Sort out catching situation. Done- to my dismay Rod Barajas brought in to tutor Carlos Ruiz, while Chris Coste gets the shaft. 5) Land some relief. Incomplete- still in search for some semblance of a set-up man and a relief pitcher that can actually record outs rather than surrender countless hits, walks, and runs.

We need support, much like this over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder does for a set of boobies. Our rotation is deep, solid, experienced, or whatever you want to call it, but it cannot pitch a complete game all the time. The starters should be counted on to average 6-7 innings, meaning we need someone in the bullpen besides Mr. Fragile Flash Gordon. No offense to Ryan Madson, Matt Smith, Antonio Alfonseca, Eude Brito, Clay Condrey, Brian Sanches, and Jim Ed Warden, but they don't necessary inspire confidence. WSBGM's hero- Gas Can Geary is good, but he's far from lights out. Hopefully Gillick still can work some magic and bamboozle from a club a proven set-up for Jon Lieber. To paraphrase Skeeter from yesterday's discussion, "The rest of the organizations will be looking for that last minute prom date, and as ugly as she may be (Lieber) they're willing to give up their dignity (set-up man) in order to get some tail."



Skeeter said...

hahaha...i love it

I hope we are right about other teams though. One of the most unsettling parts of Phillies' games is when they are up by 1 or 2 runs late in a game and Manuel brings in (insert crap here) from the bullpen. I would like not to sit through these uncomfortable moments anymore

GM-Carson said...

There are plenty of other teams throughout the AL and NL that need a 5th starter. It's Gillick's job to find the best offer and go with it.

goDuke said...

OK, Bottom line...

The Philadelphia Phillies
2007 World Series Champions

Pat Burrell - NL MVP
Brett Myers - NL Cy Young
Chase Utley - World Series MVP

ok.. ok... kidding
Ryan Howard - NL MVP (again)

GM-Carson said...

I read the rotation will look like this: 1) Garcia, 2) Hamels, 3) Myers, 4) Moyer, and 5) Eaton. Hamels before Myers to break up the hard throwing righties and lefties.

I am optimistic about the 2007 Phils. I dislike the current state of the bullpen though. Need more support!

furiousBall said...

I agree, our titties are sagging and need to be held aloft from some impressive underwire buttress.

Let's hope someone takes our best set of manboobs (Lieber) on the roster off our hands for some serious bra.

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- taht was just top-notch commentary...thank you for sharing that wisdom with us, it made me laugh.

GM-Carson said...

Looks like the Bucs are going to lose out on yet another right-handed starter, as Tomo Ohka looks to be heading to Toronto. Now appears Littlefield is targeting Tony Armas Jr., just trade for Lieber and get it over with already.

Los said...

In a multiple choice question regarding support for Howard, Burrell's name wouldn't even be an option.

Cory said...

I agree, Lieber to the Bucs. Marte is all we'll give up, though. Sort of "proven" as a "setup" guy.

BenJah said...

good call furiousball!!

bullpen is so important in the NL b/c you want to be able to pinch hit more often than not.

Bob D said...

A few players could hit after Howard It will probably be given to those in the following order:
Burrell (power/rbi)
Helms (good BA/ some pop)
Rowand (some pop)
Ruiz or Barajas (good BA or some pop)
wild card: Werth
Lets hope Burrell will do good enough that they do not have to go down the list.

The bullpen may not be as bad as you think. Like its been said here "Its like a crapshoot". Right now Atlanta and Mutts look better on paper in the pen, but the Phils are are at least decent and there maybe 2 or more guy who may just plaesantly surprise us all (Castro, Smith, Madson)

das411 said...

A lineup of:


seems verrrrry interesting to me, but even more interesting would be the newest addition to the pen, flamethrowing Gagne-esque setup man slash closer once Gordon gets hurt....BRETT MYERS!!

BloodStripes said...

Furiousball you are an absolute crack up!

I'm with Bob D. Although I am keen for some more bullpen support, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised.

BloodStripes said...

Credit to you Das411 for your outside thinking. You could say Myers has the temperament to be a closer or setup man. I reckon he would do well. Although I would prefer him as a starter over Leiber. But if Leiber showed some early commitment to fitness and kicked some early season ass then why not?

BloodStripes said...

In saying that. I heard Leiber is on a new fitness program. Only 6 donuts a day instead of the whole dozen.

GM-Carson said...

It's funny Los said that Burrell's name shouldn't even be considered an option on a multiple choice question for protection of Howard, because that's the exact poll that is running on Phillies.com. Burrell, Helms, Rowand, or Utley (with Howard batting 3rd) are the options...guess who has the most votes? Yep, your boy Los- Pat Burrell has garnered 41% of the votes. Face it, he's the best option, like it or not.

Other news- Jimmy Rollins went on record and said the Phils are the team to beat in the NL East this season...gotta love that! If this team actually believes in themselves then maybe we won't suffer through yet another 10-14 April.