Monday, December 18, 2006

Who's coming to town?

For no good reason, other than I was bored, I decided to switch up the lyrics to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, so that I could harass the departed David Bell. He is so sadly missed here at WSBGM's, and therefore believe he deserves his own rendition of a song parody. He may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten, and consequently will never be safe from our ridicule.

David Bell Is Coming To Town:
You better watch out,
You might just cry,
You're probably going to pout,
I'm telling you why,
David Bell is coming to town.

He's made plenty of errors,
Hell, he's made some twice,
Gonna find out he's not worth the price,
David Bell is coming to town.

He hears the people booing,
He always had a back ache,
He knows that he's been bad not good,
So trade him for goodness sake!

O! You better watch out,
You're surely to cry,
Most likely pout, I'm telling you why,
David Bell is coming to town.
That H-Mo, Lollipop Armed, Fairy Footed David Bell is coming to town!

Isn't that just a nice little Christmas package? Candied yams anyone?



Los said...

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be doing a Christmas song about Pat Burrell after he sucks up another season (unless you haven't taken those "Burrell-Colored-Glasses" or BCG's off yet by that time).

dane said...

what will we do this spring training without our daily david bell injury updates? I, for one, will really miss those

skeeter said...

Spring training will also be void of Gavin Floyd starts scaring us that he may start in our rotation. I surely won't miss that.

das411 said...

Could Scott Mathieson be the new Gavin Floyd perhaps? He is even Canadian so....he's got that going for him...

GM-Carson said...

Los- I always appreciate you coming on here and blasting Burrell, but you know he's our boy!

Dane- like I mentioned in the post, David Bell will always remain a prominent topic here.

Das411- Mathieson is out for the foreseeable future (until mid-season), and I hope they bring him back as a reliever.


GM-Carson said...

Das411- I always see you posting late in the night...where are you from?

GM-Carson said...

Update- the Phils supposedly have signed OF Jayson Werth to a deal. He missed 2006 with a wrist injury, so my guess is that it's a minor league deal, which is fine by me. I do believe Werth came up through the minors as a catcher too, so that is worth noting.

Ugly rumor- Rocco Baldelli for Brett Myers...I'd be pissed!


GM-Carson said...

Looked more into Jayson Werth- not a catcher as far as I can tell, don't know why or where I got that idea from. I like the signing if it's a minor league deal. Gives us bench help in Philly or insurance policy in Ottawa or the option to trade Roberson or Conine in the event someone actually wants them.


GM-Carson said...

Update- Werth indeed was a catcher in the minors, but has never played a game behind the dish in the majors. This could be the possible 3rd/emergency catcher if need be...justa a thought.

Sorry about the back-and-forth conversation with myself this morning.


BENTZ said...

Just saw about Werth - I think he has decent power which he showed in spurts with LA. Tall, right-handed guy I believe. The fun could be in how many people remember he has a "y" in his first name.

MLB trade rumors says Phils are interested in Rod Barajas - no thanks - our catching is fine IMO.

BENTZ said...

Werth did have 16 HRs in only 80-some games in 2004 - not that bad for someone off the bench.

Then, there is this:

furiousBall said...

That chick that's been hounding Werth's family...her Indian name will be "Snakes in the Head"

GM-Carson said...

I do NOT want Rod Barajas...just don't see the need for him.

I think this Werth signing leads to a trade of Roberson or Conine, more likely Conine. Possibly back to the O's for a prospect or reliever.

There are rumblings that the Phils might be locking up Brett Myers long term much along the lines of the Tigers with Jeremy Bonderman...GOOD!

Read that Gillick is considering Madson as a setup man...there goes the season. Madson sucks!


Bob D said...

They signed a minor leaguer OF Greg Jacobs a lefty and Of Jason Werth a righty. Both have some power with Werth having more and Jacobs is a good feilder with a strong arm. They will both push Bourne and Roberson for spots this spring. Barajas is not needed, Coste and Ruiz are fine with Jaramillo likely ready by mid summer. The team does lack depth right now at catcher to start the season, so if an injury occured they would be stuck.

definitely lock up Meyers and end all trade spectulation.

When will Gillick start shopping for relievers????????????

GM-Carson said...

Pirates might have a deal with the Yankees. Mike Gonzalez and Nate McLouth for Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera.

The Phils do need relievers...and the lack of quality ones currently on the team scares me.


chuckm said...

I think if the Mutts land Zito, Texas will be on the horn to Gillick ASAP for Lieber. Hopefully we can get Otsuka

GM-Carson said...

Lieber for Otsuka- do it do it.