Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rudolph & Manuel

I'm trying to get into the spirit of the Holiday season. And what better way to do so then make fun of WSBGM's biggest target- Charlie Manuel. Corey and I love song parodies, so I decided to create a little diddy for Manuel to the jingle of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Charlie the R-Tard Manager:
Charlie, the R-Tard Manager,
Was so stupid that it shows,
And if you ever saw him,
You would even say he blows. (like a porn star)

All of the other managers,
Used to laugh and call him names. (like moron)
They never let poor Charlie,
Join in any playoff games. (like the World Series)

Then one foggy Spring Training eve,
Pat Gillick came to say,
"Hey, Manuel because you’re not so bright,
I’m going to fire your ass tonight."

Then all the managers mocked him,
As they shouted out with glee,
"Manuel the R-Tard Manager,
You're the biggest dumbass in history!"

*Interesting note about Manuel- his middle name is Fuqua...go figure.



GM-Carson said...

Here are some non-tendered free agents that I could see the Phils being interested in based on Gillicks claim that we need a left-handed hitting outfielder, backup catcher, and relief:
1. Joe Pineiro (P)- sucked last year, but has electric stuff.
2. Damon Hollins (OF)- Phils almost traded for him last spring.
3. David Newhan (Utl.)- he can play all over the place, and he was a Philly breifly seasons ago.
4. Toby Hall (C)- he would be a fine backup...I can see him having a Todd Pratt like career.


BENTZ said...

I don't know if they were serious on or not, but I wonder if Houston, in need of starting pitching despite the idiotic Jennings trade, would consider some sort of package including Wheeler (not Chris) or Lidge or both for Lieber? Long shot, but it's better than the Pirates' offer. I still think Texas for a combo of Mahay and Otsuka is the way to go. Milwaukee appears no longer interested in dealing Cordero or Turnbow for Lieber so I think the Mench-reliever combo is dead.

GM-Carson said...

Bentz- Francisco Cordero was never mentioned, it was Jose Capellan. Cordero is their closer.

Otsuka is sweet, I'd consider him straight-up for Lieber.


*off to check more rumors

furiousBall said...

I agree Otsuka-Mahay for Lieber would be ideal.

Todd Pratt was great to have on the bench for fights. Speaking of fights, does anyone remember when Eddie Perez beat the ever-loving crap out of Paul Byrd at the plate? Byrd plunked Eddie the inning before I think and Paul stepped into the box to hit and told Eddie he didn't mean to hit him. Eddie was mad apparently and then beat him up. Byrd started quoting the bible and Perez was quoted in the paper, "When he started reciting bible verses, it just made me want to hit him harder."

GM-Carson said...

Possible teams for Lieber- Rangers (Otsuka), Pirates, St. Louis, and Tigers...all have bullpen arms to offer.

Phils are thinking about contract extension with Garcia.


GM-Carson said...

furiousball- that story is fricken hilarious about eddie perez and paul "bible toting" byrd.

furiousBall said...

Ohh, another good stepping up to the plate beat down was Nails and Rick Dempsey. Lenny I think was complaining about a called strike from the previous at bat and he let the ump know that he was hitting 380 or something at the time. Dempsey told him to shut up and hit...then it was on. Nails stomped a new mudhole in Dempsey.

GM-Carson said...

Dykstra was a roided up it!

chuckm said...

One of my favorite incidents was the "open-field tackle" that Mike Lieberthal did on Adam Dunn after Dunn charged the mound. The Phils were slumping at the time and went on to win 11 of their next 12 games. Ever since then, whenever the Phils slump, I start calling for a brawl.

GM-Carson said...

I like times! That's why I want Rick White back, for simple purpose of him being a hired hit man, designated beaner, brawl get the point.

chuckm said...

Last fight I remember was when Myers plunked one of the Marlins and before the Marlin could even get out of the box to head to Myers, Todd Pratt dove in with some right handed jabs. I was also at the game in Arizona when a Phils pitcher plunked a D-Back in retaliation for said guy swiping a base earlier in the game with a 10 run lead. Phans were whooping it up (hey, the Phillies were shelled early and it was the best part of the game for us)while the D-Back fans were appalled.
One old lady started giving us grief and we nicely explained that swiping a base with a 10 run lead was a breach of etiquette which can only be answered with a drilling. She didnt seem to understand.

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furiousBall said...

sounds great assstinko

skeeter said...

Hi I was looking over your blog and couldn't find what I was looking for. I was looking for intelligent baseball fans who knew every little aspect and stat associated with the game. No sense of humor would be a plus and I unfortunately found funny people here. Thus far, after further review of your blog, all I found was two dudes who constantly gay bash great players like David Bell, Gavin Floyd and Abraham Nunez. The people who run this site also call a brilliant man like Charlie Manuel a R-tard, which I can only assume is short for retard...a disgustingly vicious piece of slander. Obscene photos are also posted and that is just wrong.

Who is with me in the fight against Corey and Carson?!

skeeter said... one?

well as far as Ostuka is concerned, I would be an incredibly happy phan this year if he was in our pen.

Losing Lieber + Gaining Otsuka = Christmas Joy

Bob D said...

I would be with anyone who's name is Skeeter. I knew from the begining that they were trouble - especially the way they celebrated after that incredible geniuos Ed Wade got canned. Right now we could be sitting with Gil Meche at $12 mil a year as ace, Ryan Howard in Chicago traded for 2 middle relief guys, and the biggest signing ever of Soriano at $155 mil for 4 years. Even Bentz would be playing for the Phils for incredible $$$$$.

All we need is his password to fix this site the right way.

skeeter said...

I know some guys who know some guys who can hack into some shit. I'll get on the password right away.

Also I bet Corey and Carson were pissed when we traded ryan franklin and david bell half way through the year. Those players seem like the type of guys Corey and Carson like.

...makes me sick

das411 said...

Wow, now I definitely want Clemens to go back to NYY cause Lieber to the 'stros for Dan Wheeler would be terrific!! WHo else remembers when Kruk called him "that Wheeler guy" while the (dumbass) other Wheeler was right there...first time I have ever heard that chump speechless.

Find more fun facts at

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GM-Carson said...

Holy shit, what the f*ck is that dude talking about?

By the way, I love the mock bashing Corey and I took in the comments here today, it was quite funny.

Just to make something clear- we're not against gays or retards, we just like to make fun of that H-MO David Bell and that R-Tard Charlie Manuel...oops there I go offending again.