Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Guy

I've been supporting Patty G in his offseason decisions thus far, but I don't see the sense in signing a player who has missed the past season and a half with a wrist injury to a guaranteed 1 year $850k contract. Jayson Werth should have to prove his worth to secure a spot on the Phillies 25 man roster for next season.

If healthy Werth can play all three outfield positions solidly. He also came up through the minors as a catcher, but has yet to ever be behind the dish for a MLB game. He's is a lanky 6'5", so I can't really imagine him squatting behind homeplate, but he could possibly serve as 3rd/emergency catcher which would allow Manuel to use Chris "East vs. West" Coste more as a pinch-hitter and serve some innings at 3rd base.

Jayson's stats aren't all the impressive- .245 average with 25 homeruns and a .753 OPS in 232 games. But what he lacks in stats he more than makes up for with his amazing lineage, as he's come from two dicks (that is just a classic line). His grandfather, Dick "Ducky" Schofield, and uncle, Dick Schofield (who I remember from the Nintendo RBI Baseball game), both played pro baseball as did his father-in-law Dennis Werth.

If this signing is fruitful and Werth pans out, it could open the door for Gillick to trade Conine or Roberson for whatever he can possibly get. I have to believe some team would want Chris Roberson and his blazing speed to patrol their outfield and would be willing to offer up a case of Natty Ice. Ok, a case is pushing it, maybe a 6-pack. No? Alright, I know I'm being unrealistic...a single half-drank can of Natural Ice with a cigarette butt in it for Roberson, sounds fair to me.



skeeter said...

Hh natty ice. The broke college kid's beer. The only difference between it and water is natty will get u drunk after about 20 cans.

Werth is decent. And moving Roberson won't kill us. He has no bat and his speed isn't of great need now that Bourn is apparently MLB ready. How about a Roberson for a pack of Big League Chew? Last time I mentioned BLC in a trade we got Garcia the next day.

skeeter said...

I actually shouldn't have used a word like decent to describe Werth. I should have used the word "meek"

Los said...

I'd take this guy over Burrell at this point ... especially with the big difference in salary.

GM-Carson said...

Dammit Los, always coming up in here and bashing my boy Burrell. I expect nothing less though, gotta fill your quota.

Werth may end up being a solid addition to the team. If he can return to '04 form, we're looking at a solid 4th outfielder. He has decent speed too, not as good as Roberson's, but better than Conine's.

White Trash Christmas- Natty Ice, Big League Chew, and Spam...yummy!


Maria said...

Natty Ice is trash but...

Werth is pretty much worthless. I do like the signing because it's only a year, it's cheap and there's really no risk...he can only really help the Phillies.

das411 said...

Conine back to the Orioles for Bradford at midseason, once Werth proves he does not have severe Dave Hollins disease with those HBPs.

Gillick seems to like him too, seeing as he was drafted by Baltimore way back when, and it can't hurt to shove Roberson, Bourn, etc one more spot down the bench. The fine folks over at www.dodgerthoughts.com have been rooting for Werth to come back healthy for a year and a half now, since he had himself a decent divisional series back in '04 for them.

And to whoever asked (I think it was Corey b/c Carson usually signs his posts), I am @ PSU for another couple of days, I just post late in the day cause you guys are my last stop after trying to keep up with asshole stathead blogs all day. This place is a nice change of pace, especially the --ahem-- scenery that always manages to show up in every post!

chuckm said...

Werth did show some promise in 2004 before he hurt his wrist and he has decent #s against LHP. I cant see the Phillies keeping 4 righty OFs so I am guessing (and hoping) that this may be a precursor to the Phillies moving Rowand and going with a Nixon/Werth platoon with Conine coming off the bench.

GM-Carson said...

Das411- it was me, Carson, who asked about where you are. PSU...boo!

Chuckm- I would love a Werth/Nixon platoon in right, Burrell in left, Victorino in center, and Conine coming off the bench. Then we could trade Rowand for a legit setup man...not Madson.


GM-Carson said...

have to address some things:

"(I think it was Corey b/c Carson usually signs his posts)" - it's the other way around.

"Hh natty ice. The broke college kid's beer. The only difference between it and water is natty will get u drunk after about 20 cans." - don't confuse natty ice with natty light. you could shower in natty light and not get drunk. the ice with f you up quick.

and, jayson werth sucks.


GM-Carson said...


Looks like Gillick is going to sign Rod Barajas to catch. I usually try to find a positive in any addition to the Phils, but I can not do that in the case of Barajas. If this deal goes down, I'll be pissed and Rod will become my new hated Phillie before he even steps foot on the field.

Ruiz is most likely to be solid defensively and offensively. Coste did well last season. Barajas is middle of the pack at best...just doesn't make sense. What the hell do we need him for?

Signed Players (including Barajas)-
1B- Howard, 2B- Utley, SS- Rollins, 3B- Helms, C- Ruiz, Coste, Barajas, Uti- Nunez, OF- Burrell, Victorino, Conine, Rowand, and Werth. (That's 13 positional players, with the last spot probably going to that no-talent ass-clown Danny Sandoval).

SP- Lieber, Myers, Hamels, Moyer, Eaton, Garcia (6)

RP- Madson, Smith, Gordon, Geary (need big help here!)


GM-Carson said...

It's official as soon as he passes his physical- Rod Barajas has been signed to a 1 year deal with an option for a 2nd. I hate it...just plain stupid.


joe said...

Its not that bad. It frees up Coste as your Corner and Catcher super sub, and Nunez your Middle of Infield/3b defensive sub.

I don't think Gillick is done by damn sight. We gonna get more trades and deals.

GM-Carson said...

Joe- I just don't trust Manuel to play the right catcher. Ruiz needs to be the starter. Barajas maybe 2 games a week, with Coste getting 1 as well? 3 catchers doesn't make sense to me. Manuel failed to play Coste 1 inning at 3rd last year, even though we could have cleary used him (Bell/Nunez). Manuel is a R-Tard dumbass that is overly loyal to veterans...which is what Barajas is.


Bob D said...

Not good team chemistry, too many catchers not enough middle IF's. This may cost Coste a roster spot all year or Barajas may find himself in AAA (unlikely). Also too many RH OF's which will likely result in a trade (Rowand), release (Conine), or demotion (Roberson). They still need a LH OF and please not Roberson!

When are they gonna go shopping for relievers? All Pat has come home with so far is a few rotten lemons (Borowski and Livingston).

BENTZ said...

Maybe Barajas will fly off the handle and get traded to Chicago (Cubs)...Ruiz will correct his problem of not being able to throw the ball back to the mound and come up big down the stretch...and Coste, who will have been reassigned to the coaching staff, will take over as manager when Charlie has a heart attack during a 10-game losing streak in June...and the Phillies rally to win the pennant!!

Sound familiar??

furiousBall said...

What kind of cigarette is in the can of Natty? If it's anything Marlboro 100s or better, that's too much.

chuckm said...

I dont like this Barajas acquistion at all as it is just not necessary. In the end it just cuts in on Chris Coste , who I do not consider a fluke. The Phillies should have gotten a warm body like Ben Davis for AAA whom they could call up in case of emergency and spend the $$ elsewhere.

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- the cigarette butt in the half-drank Natty Ice would have to be a USA Gold (total white trash). Chris Roberson sucks!

I wonder how much this Barajas deal is for. My guess 1 year 2.25 mil.

By the way, Barajas can't go to Ottawa, he'll be signing a guaranteed MLB cotract without minor league options.

Trade that fat bastard Lieber for some bullpen help.


michael said...

bentz- as long as coste remembers the playboys it'll be alright. also burrell will be lead to homeplate with a black cloth over him until finally all the strike outs get to him and reverts back to voodoo just in time to hit some clutch homeruns.

goDuke said...

Wasn't that Cerano? Not Burrell? Great reference.

GM-Carson said...

Major League is great flick!

michael said...

without a doubt..even the sequels which are really bad are great! but the original is classic.