Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Best Quotes

As this year draws to an end, it is important to remember the significant events and people of the past 12 months before we go flipping the calendar over to 2007. We've been recognizing some of the best moments on this blog over the past few weeks, and in that spirit I bring to you Best Quotes...enjoy.

Runners-Up: (in no particular order)
*Sure Abreu got four balls more than boy Siamese twins and he had a lofty OPS, but we know he didn't exactly drip with fervor.

*Burrell is slower than a paraplegic with brake locks on.

*The Phillies are a big fat turd, sugar-coating that turd isn't going to make it taste any better going down!

*He's not very baseball savvy, and with each post-game interview seems to reach a new apex of bumbling dumbass. (About our R-Tard manager Manuel)

*I have a soft spot for the sweets too, I believe they call them man-boobs (In regards to that donut-eatin-sonna-bitch Lieber)

*Burrell would be the ultimate player's manager, with a clubhouse full of vodka, beer, Skoal, and strippers.

That's right, the Phillies have come up short again, just like a midget trying to get on a roller coaster

Like Muhammad Ali in a game of Jenga...I'm out!



Los said...

That's what made the 1993 team so great ... they were characters, said some really funny things in interviews, and sometimes crashed into trees.

GM-Carson said...

Los- I do believe you were just paying us a compliment, so thank you.

I believe being funny is important in life. You need to have a sense of humor in order to understand the world. Looking at the world is black and white isn't all that fun, step into the grey and just have fun with it.


GM-Carson said...

The K.f'n.C. Royals signed David Riske...what the hell Gillick?


GM-Carson said...

From an email I received from "If you have tried to access the forums in the last few days, you discovered that
they are not available. The site is still up, but for now the forums will be
available to the mods and admins only as we discuss the future of the site and
whether it will continue to exist, and if so, in what form.

Nothing has been decided at this point. If we decide to continue, you will be
notified. However, if we continue, it will be by a strict invitation system
only, and everyone will have to reapply for admittance. Of course, good and
valued posters will be given admittance. But the mods and admins will have final
say on who and who is not admitted, the Off Topic board will be eliminated, and
there will be very strict prohibitions on bickering and whining that most users
have told me they don't like anyway. The most recent dustup included a good deal
of false claims as those involved and their defenders sought to justify their
actions. None of that will be allowed if the forums are brought back up.

More information will be forthcoming as the mods and admins discuss this issue
and make our final decision. I have seen a lot of speculation, most of it
false. Take anything you hear, especially from the disaffected, with a grain of
salt until you hear from me directly."

*Something tells me I might not be getting an invite. These dickbags take themselves way too seriously. The jackoff to stats and cry when people talk about anything else. What a loss it will be to the Internet if the site doesn't return. Maybe Al Gore, self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet, will ask them to continue with fear of what will happen otherwise. Or maybe we'll go on and not even blink at the loss.


furiousBall said...

The Ali quote was great. Back in 96 when he lit the Olympic Flame, I was convinced he was going to go up in flames.

chuckm said...

I will say this about a good amount PhilliesPhans regulars and mods: If they addressed people to their face in the same snooty tone they do on that board, they would end up with busted jaws.

joe said...

PhilliesPhan was the internet equivalent of WIP. Bitter and Jaded, and took themselves way too seriously.

BenJah said...

chuckm, you speak the truth! fuck those guys.

this site is better b/c you get different viewpoints from different people, who might otherwise "not be invited." and we can joke around and no one takes anything too seriously....except for the phils' record.

GM-Carson said...

I'm all for stats and giving evidence, but those ass-hats have no sense of humor and think that baseball revolves around stats and only stats, which we know is bullshit.

I like having fun, poking fun, and hell even being made fun of. Those that take themselves too seriously are just R-Tards!


michael said...

"The Reds sent infielder Brad Key and outfielder Javon Moran to the Phillies for Conine. Brendan Harris was designated for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster."

alittle surprising i guess.

GM-Carson said...

Michael- thanks for the update as I've been out of the loop all day. So no more Conine? Werth has the ability to be much more useful than Conine. The prospects we got for him aren't anything special Javon Moran can hit singles for a .300+ average, but that's about it. Bradley Key looks like a minor league filler nothing more possibly even less.

I read on the Phils site that Nunez is sharpening his skills in winter ball...I sure as hell hope so!

2.5 million for Barajas...whatever.