Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Best Baseball Card

We've put some pretty nice baseball cards of former Phillies on the blog, and these 4 are the finalists for the award...

Kevin Stocker - Silly smile. Puffy hair cut. Poor lighting that makes him look slightly corpse-like. That's all fine. But what is with the pink shirt? I doubt Topps sprung a photo shoot on him last second and he didn't have time to change. He picked that shirt to wear. That was a conscious decision. The man looked in his closet, moved a few hangers, and said to himself, "don't want to look like a tool, Kevin, better play it safe and go with the pink."

Mike Williams - hmmmm. Cowboy? "Born-again" door to door Bible salesman? Porn Star? That evil smile, Glamour Shots one-leg-up pose, and robustache could mean sooooo many things. None of which I want any part of.

Mickey Morandini - Mickey is not happy just representing baseball or the Phillies, this card shows us he wants to be the face of the great U.S. of A. And what a white-trash, horrible mustache-having face it is. And look at the hair sticking out from the cap. It looks like he actually moved the hat up and combed the hair down, just to show of his killer bangs.

Steve Jeltz - this is a classic card. First of all, it is Steve Jeltz, maybe the greatest Phillie ever. And he's sporting the nice poweder blue uniform. Best of all, it is a close-up of that sweeet jheri curl. Nice.

I can't pick a winner, this one has to go to a vote.

Best Card



furiousBall said...

Jeebus! Kevin Stocker made me spit out my coffee.

GM-Carson said...

Steve Jeltz is PIMP!!!

GM-Carson said...

First, Gillick is working to trade Aaron Rowand and either Ryan Madson or Gavin Floyd to the White Sox for Freddy Garcia. Once/if that is accomplished, Gillick would then trade Jon Lieber to the Milwaukee Brewers for right-handed reliever Derrick Turnbow and right-handed outfielder Kevin Mench.

I like that idea, it's better than signing Kane Davis.


GM-Carson said...

Gillick confirmed he offered a contract to Octavio Dotel...seriously, the dude is a complete wild card, I hate the relief pitcher market!

GM-Carson said...

more rumors- Gillick is interested in Rod Barajas at catcher (no thanks).

Littlefield interested in Sammy Sosa (ha, that makes me laugh)

GM-Carson said...

Bad Rumor- Aaron Rowand for Damien Miller and Kevin Mench...no f'n thanks!

Why the hell are Phillies getting linked to these aging catchers (Santiago, Barajas, Piazza, Miller, Bob Boone)? I'll be pissed if Gillick trades or signs a million+ dollar catcher when nothing out there is really all that much better than Ruiz and Coste. Ruiz may really turn out to be a solid catcher all-around, I for one want to see him given the opportunity.


BenJah said...

i agree with giving ruiz a shot. i'd rather see him fail than have him stuck behind some known loser, and with coste we already have an old guy as backup.

i like all of the trade rumors except i cant see getting rid of madson. he was awesome for two years, so what if he sucked as a starter?? let him pitch the 6th or 7th...seriously, we need the depth.

oh, and if trot effin nixon is signed i'm finding a new team to root for. that sob sucks dick, and he's not good at baseball either.

GM-Carson said...

Rowand and Madson or Floyd to ChiSox for Freddy Garcia is the hot rumor right now being reported by many sites...I say do it!

Benjah- what the hell did Trot Nixon do to you? Is he the reason they call you tea-bag?


BenJah said...

one of my best friends asked trot for an autograph once and he just said "no" flat out. he's a fuckin meathead 'idiot' jock.

if gillick signs him it would be like reaquiring david bell to play right field.....back back, fairy feet and all.

whatever you think about the spankees, i think double about the sox.

who calls me 'tea bag' btw?? :-)

GM-Carson said...

So Trot Nixon is an H-Mo too according to you...good enough for me, he's on the list! By the way, screw David Bell and the queer horse he rode in on!

Heard the Royals offered Miguel Batista 3 years 24 million...let's hope Gillick doesn't come anywhere close to matching that.


goDuke said...

Maybe the Phillies can get an even older catcher. Is Ozzie Virgil still alive?

Los said...

What, no Jeff Stone pics?

das411 said...

Gotta vote for the Mick here, not only for his David Spade pic but because I bought a ball signed by him for $21 at our Scout Fair in early '94 and then went to spring training and got the same ball signed by luminaries like Paul Fletcher, Bobby Munoz, Heath Slocumb, Jeff Juden, Tommy Greene, Jim Fregosi, and oh yeah, Lenny Dykstra.

GM-Carson said...

I always hoped the Phils music director would have played the Mickey Mouse theme song when Morandini came up to bat...M-I-C-K-E-Y...classic.

I expect Gillick to bust-a-move today...Rowand to WhiteSox and possibly sign Octavio Dotel.


Anonymous said...

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Ash_Kat said...

Steve jeltz is my dad..... yeah he is PIMP!!!!!!