Monday, November 06, 2006

Rumor Mill

Those dreadfully bitter cold November days are creeping up on us and the winter doldrums are prematurely setting in on some. Phillies fans are keeping warm with all the buzz Gillick is causing in regards to the Phils being linked to so many names. With so much talk and speculation surrounding the Phillies offseason agenda, this should prove to be an exciting time of year even without games being played, on the field that is, as I'm sure Gillick is toying with many minds.

Highest Bidder: 1. Alfonso Soriano, 2. Aramis Ramirez, 3. Carlos Lee, and 4. Akinori Iwamura. I could actually see the Phils landing Soriano, but A-Ram is who I want.

Trades: 1. Ryan Madson, Gavin Floyd, and Jon Lieber for Gary Sheffield (do it), 2. Pat Burrell for Armando Benitez (no thanks), and 3. Aaron Rowand to ChiSox or Seattle.

Keep: 1. Randy Wolf (sure), 2. Rick White (if cheap), and probably offering arbitration to David Dellucci and Aaron Fultz.

Spare Parts: 1. Joe Borowski, 2. David Weathers, 3. Dannys Baez, 4. Miguel Batista, 4. Wes Helms, and 5. Mark DeRosa. Helms and Weathers intrigue me the most.

Mentioned: 1. Joe Crede, 2. Curt Schilling, 3. Mike Lowell, 4. Manny Ramirez, 5. Moises Alou, 6. Hank Blalock, 7. Mike Mussina, 8. Trot Nixon, 9. Mike Piazza.

Basically, the Phils front office looks to stay busy this winter trying to improve the club enough to make it playoff caliber. I say do the Sheff deal, sign Batista, trade Rowand for prospects/relievers/or 3rd baseman, sing Weathers, keep Wolf, and add Helms. What rumors do you feel are worthwhile?


I got my full-arm cast (6 weeks worth ahead) on today and must say I'm going about this like a champ. I'm going to keep rockin', just like the drummer from Def Leppard that only has one arm. Or you could refer to me as the Jim Abbott of the blooging community. Ah, who am I fooling, having use of only one arm sucks!

"Pour some sugar on me. Ooh, in the name of love. Pour some sugar on me. C'mon fire me up. Pour your sugar on me. Oh, I can't get enough. I'm hot, sticky sweet. From my head to my feet yeah!" (Def Leppard)



Maria said...

I'd like to keep Wolf and I really want Aramis Ramirez.

We're definitely not getting Manny nor do I actually want him. Keep the team young and fresh but have some veterans as well.

BenJah said...

actually, the only deal i don't like is soriano. many of the others are less than great, but they all have positives too. how about this:

sign any 3 pitchers from the list (no fewer, we need options)

keep burrell AND dellucci, w/ victorino as the 4thOF again (really, he'd get into every game)

if you have to break the bank (FA or trade), dear god let it be a 3rd baseman and not a corner outfielder who strikes out every other plate appearance.

get the philly trainers to work on DQ's wrist right away...we need him 100% for our lineup!

Bob D said...

Bullpen sign 2 guys (3 if Madson traded): Weathers, Borowski (Philly unlikely he wants to close), Baez, Bradford or Spier.

Starters start next year with 6: Resign Wolf and bring in Batista. Trade Leiber only for an upgrade at SP. Remember Gonzalez, Sergovia, and Happ will be a phone call away at AAA and all are top prospects. The extra SP will land in the pen or be used a trade bait.

Infield: Derosa and Helms are intriging with high BA at 3B, however trade for Beltre if attempts at Soriano or Ramirez fail. Iwamura sounds too expensive for simular production, especially after the posting $$$.

Outfield: Play Victorino and Rowand. Attempt to move Burrell and sign Soriano and a LH bat for the OF. Give Bourne playing time and if he pans out Rowand could be used as trade bait at the deadline if needed.

No: Lowell, Crede (bad back??), Benitez, Sheffield, Carlos Lee, Trot Nixon, and just giving Burrell or Floyd away.

Maybe: Iwamura, Blaylock, Mussina, Mulder (even if he can't pitch till May/June), Beltre, ARam, or Schilling.

Fat Ted said...

They are a lot of 'ifs' with the possible Sheffield deal. The Phils aren't going for broke next season with the team they are building so how much is too much to give up for an aging Sheffield? I feel like its to easy for the Phils to get fucked in a deal with the Yanks for Shef.

Maria said...

I don't want Sheffield...especially not for that price.

das411 said...

I'd much rather see one year of Sheffield for $13mil than five years of Soriano for $80. The one concern I have with the high-powered offense these Phils are building would be strikeouts, and you'd get a hell of a lot more of those from Soriano than you would from Sheff.

STAY AWAY FROM BAEZ!!!! If there's one thing I've learned from following the DRays for 3 years and the Dodgers during '06, it is that!

And I wonder if the organization has plans to move Mathieson into the Madson 8th inning role, if he does in fact get sent to NYY. The Yanks overvalue their pitching prospects like none other but perhaps we could use Rowand to pick up a decent bullpen arm from the ChiSox or Mariners...thoughts?

Bob D said...

Sheffield would be OK only if we could get a Hughes or Tabata or Duncan as a prospect in the trade. I also disagree with trading 3 pitchers for 1 position player only, if they add a prospect to the mix then it could happen. It is also sounding like the Phils may actually go after improving the starting rotation, especially if Leiber is traded. This would only happen through a trade, they are not interested in any freeagents SP. Chicago W.S. have 6 SP on thier roster right now and are shopping Garcia the most, and they want Rowand.
Gillick sounds like he has put 3B a low priority and will go after Helms/Derosa. Not a bad idea as they hit 329/296 last year - good contact hitters and they play multi positions. That would only leave 5 OF spots on the roster and 1 less LH bat on the bench at times.

GM-Carson said...

good discussion. my thoughts ;

1. mathieson- out for the year w/ tommy john surgery. when he returns should be molded for relief.

2. soriano- great player, but too steep of price.

3. sheffield- he'd certainly help for at least 1 season.

4. bradford- would be the best free agent we could sign besides a-ram.

5. beltre- if we could pry him away from the mariners for rowand w/ them eating some of his salary that would be sweet.


ps- come back and post any more rumors you may hear.

Frank said...

One great player is not always as important as the makup of a great team. When they traded Thome, then abreu, it became clear that this team belonged to Utley and Howard. I think that Burrell is wrong for our mix of chemistry and trading him would be helpful. If you can get Benitiz for him, great. Soriano would make our lineup better, but do we really need to pay that for one player, when we can sign 3 or more for that price?
Outfield: Trade Burrell for Benitiz and cash. Trade for a less expensive of such as a Jay Gibbons or Marcus Thames, or sign Frank Catlonoto from toronto (hit him 2nd behind rollins). Off arb to Dellucci.
Infield: Hillebrand or Aubrey Huff would be intriging options in the 20 million range for 3B. A Trade of Madsen and Floyd for Cantu in TB would be something to work with - A younger power guy to develop.
Catching: I've seen rumors for Piazza, which would be nice since he is from Norristown, PA; But all we really need is a decent defensive catcher to work with the pitching staff infront of the defense. I would rather see the Santiago, Bob Boone type anyday.
Rotation: Where the money is spent. Mulder and Marquee are both coming into their prime. If you go cheaper, then Jeff Suppan, Doug Davis, Randy Wolf*, Russ Ortiz (worth a chance for one year), Gil Meche, Padilla, would all be nice options. I'll take two of them with a Hamels, Moyer anyday. I say Hang onto Lieber for now. He has one year left and won 17 when healthy. If anything, they'll have his money next season to use. Arb for Myers.
Bullpen: So, you acquire Benitz. Then you sign weathers, sign baez or steve kline. Could try to trade for a guy like Grabow in Pittsburgh or sign JC Romero. Add that to Gordon and offer arb to Fultz and you have a nice veteren penn for 07. Alot of rambling, but alot of idea's.

GM-Carson said...

well hello frank...welcome.

to address some of your ideas-

catalanto or gibbons would be fine additions. gibbons is still under contract.

ortiz sucks! mulder is hurt. padilla will be expensive. marquis is inconsistent. wolf is rebounding. suppan will cash in due to postseason.

huff isn't worth jack, and hillenbrand is a cancer. i like your cantu idea though.

thanks for stopping by and i hope you continue to add to the discussion here.


GM-Carson said...


1. art howe might not stay with the phils for long, as he might end up the rangers bench coach...all my ex's live in texas.

2. ryan howard continues to hammer japan, 4 hr's in 3 games.

3. Kerry Wood, Orlando Hernandez, Jason Marquis, Tony Armas Jr., Wade Miller, Adam Eaton and Gil Meche are now rumored targets if wolf isn't kept.

4. forgot to mention johnny estrada in the rumors- no thanks though.


Los said...

too much to give to the Yanks for a 38-year-old player who should probably stay in the AL as a DH at this point ... just my opinion.

goDuke said...

You gotta go Soriano. Utley, Howard, Soriano or Soriano, Howard, Utley depending on who is pitching against you looks way better then a combination including old man Sheff. If the Phils can sign Iwamura and he ends up being able to bring his A game to MLB, then they have 4 guys who hit .280-.300 all capable of knocking in close to 100. Hopefully we get a decent pitcher or two, and you can punch the Phils ticket to the series now. How about that for optimism.

GM-Carson said...

i'm actually suprised so many people are opposed to ridding the team of floyd, madson, and lieber. lieber is ok, but not great. i think the nl has madson figured out. floyd just sucks! but i see how madson leaves a void in the pen and lieber in the rotation...i just think this would be a good deal if sheff is healthy.


GM-Carson said...

welcome goduke!

gotta love seeing 2 new faces here today. all adds up to great discussion.

goDuke said...

I agree with you completely on Lieber. He's ok, definitely not great. He's gotta show up in shape though next season. If he shows up tubby again, we gotta part ways with him.

GM-Carson said...

if lieber leaves i'm not sure how krispy kreme will rebound in sales.

Chris said...

the guy i really want is jason schmidt. if you could get him as well as either soriano or ramirez, you've got the best team in the NL, no doubt.

a few weeks back i did a Plan For a Parade in my blog.

let me know what you think!

das411 said...

I've softened a bit on Iwamura, still think that adding Sheffield + Helms/DeRo + Wolf + a bullpen arm or two is the best way to go.

Frank, I like your thoughts on 3B, but remember Huff hits LH and that is just about the last thing this team needs right now. And Hillenbrand was available to damn near everybody once he started picking fights with John Gibbons, and Gillick did not bring him in then when he could actually have made a difference in 06...

Carson: Gil Meche would be almost as big a Gillick move as my predictied NRI to Aaron Sele!!

GM-Carson said...

jason schmidt's career looks almost identical to wolf...i say keep wolf

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