Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mmmm, I Like It Middle In....

Every now and then I head over to to see if Carson is getting verbally beaten-down by stat-heads. Today, I found a thread with a great pic that I just have to steal and post here. The thread is about Chris Wheeler being on the ballot for the Ford C. Fricke Award. From

"The late Richie Ashburn is among 200 names on the preliminary ballot for the annual Ford C. Frick Award. Announcer Chris Wheeler and former broadcaster Andy Musser also are nominees for the broadcasters' wing of the Hall of Fame."

Chris Wheeler for the Hall of Fame. I was so shocked when I read this, I checked the full list of candidates to see if my name was on it. Sure, I've never even been in a TV or radio booth, but I feel I've still contributed more to baseball than Wheels. Yesterday, Carson asked for your favorite Vet memories. Today, I want you to finish this sentence for me:

Chris Wheeler in the Hall of Fame is like ___________ .

some examples:
Gavin Floyd on a major league roster
Charlie Manuel and Ed Wade carpooling to a MENSA meeting
David Bell on a date with a woman
Bobby Abreu hustling in right field
Pat Burrell sober

Run with it, and don't forget to visit the Chris Wheeler Glossary at least weekly.

[thanks to "Woody" on for posting this pic, which is like crack cocaine to me, can't get enough]



Maria said...

is like...the Phillies making the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

ouch. that one stung us all.


Maria said...

I know. but 14 years now stings too.

how Sal Fasano getting an inside the park HR.

das411 said... Joe Table in games with playoff implications?

GM-Carson said...

Chris Wheeler in the Hall of Fame is like Bin Laden winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now that's the politically incorrect funny shit that I do best!


Bob D said...

is like...any Philly team winning it all.

voice of reason said... like Carson having a long and successful career as a sensitivity counsellor!!

(Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

GM-Carson said...

No need for apologies V.O.R.- that was funny as hell!

Here's another funny thing, I'm an emotional support teacher...for real. But I'm entirely different when I teach...obviously.


BenJah said... like a dog throwing up in your mouth. i thought that rode the theme since all wheels does is throw up in my ear. what a hand job he is!

GM-Carson said...

I'm glad others find Chris Wheeler to be on the retarded persuasion.