Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Phillies Phlashback Phriday

It's the day after Thanksgiving where most men are still recovering from a turkey hangover and women are up and shopping before the sun wakes up (but Walmart is 24 hours). Yep, Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. If you're looking for a gift for your favorite blog author- I'm asking Santa for XM radio. Anyway, I want to honor this wonderful day in a special way...cue the sound of African tribal drums...Black Phriday, subject- my brothers from another mother.

Current Soul-jahs on the Phils are Rollins, Howard, Roberson, Flash, and Bourn...well represented, don't let the man keep you down! Past Phillies that brought the funky vibe to the City of Brotherly Love were Lenny Webster, Tony Longmire, Chuck McElroy, Arthur Rhodes, Wally Ritchie, Lonnie Smith, Charlie Hayes, Kim Batiste, Marvin Freeman, and the list goes on.

Dick Allen is Soul Brotha #1 in my book. He was the Phillies power hitting 3rd baseman back in the 60's before that no-talent whiteboy hack came to town, what was his name, oh yeah Mike Schmidt, what ever became of him anyway? Dick, hahaha I just typed dick, came back to the Phils later in his career as a 1st baseman. Allen may be inducted in to the Hall-of-Fame by the veteran's committee someday, as he ended his baseball years with 351 homers, 1,119 rbi, .292 avg., and a .912 OPS...solid stats for a player in the 60's/70's.

One of my favorite Phils of all-time was Wes Chamberlain. I can't explain why, but I always liked him. He never lived up to the promise that his bulging biceps and linebacker frame suggested, but he was a member of the adored '93 team and that's enough for me.

Our first post ever on WSBGM's featured Steve Jeltz. He wasn't good, he was actually quite bad. Yet, we idolize him because of that superific jheri curl...get down with yo bad self!

Wait, Wally Ritchie was white? Well, so is his sister Nicole, that damn Lionel loves the white women!



GM-Carson said...

actually nicole ritchie is a mexican-american who is not lionel ritchie's adopted daughter. you need to watch more VH1 and E!.


GM-Carson said...

you make me sick for knowing that!

anyway, i thought you would love that jesus picture. remember when ben said "nothing says f**k you like a singing bass or an electric icescraper for christmas"...good times.


GM-Carson said...

i should add myself to the list of idiots that were out there shopping this morning, as i left the house at 4:30. i got my wife's present for $156 off...I'm cheap!

hopefully gillick picks up some deals too...pronto!


Maria said...

The Phillies are well represented.
I'm going to brave it, and try and go shopping today.

BloodStripes said...

The Phils have THE best black player around in the NL king Ryan Howard. J-Roll in a close second. Love ya boys!

Whats with the shopping man? I need a cultural lesson. I was just thinking how your thanksgiving holiday, unlike christmas is a fairly non-commercial event. No presents and stuff. An event of cultural significance where you dont have to be sold the message and buy shit. Just eat, drink and be merry.

Give thanks for WSBGM's.

BENTZ said...

Meanwhile the Astros did some shopping of their own on Black Friday...inking Carlos Lee to a 6-year, $100 million contract. Makes it evident two things: 1) Gillick plans on spending his money this off-season on pitching (not a bad approach) and perhaps dealing from strength?? for a bat mid-season (Vernon Wells, Andreuw Jones, etc.?) 2) Pat Burrell will be the right-hand bat in the line-up this year. Looking at his contract now compared to those like Gary Matthews, Jr., he's obviously a bargain. Kidding slightly, but seriously, who out there is better than Burrell???

GM-Carson said...

bloodstripes- the day after thanksgiving is referred to as black friday, and is the biggest shopping day of the year where stores have huge sales and open their doors at like 5 in the morning.

carlos lee ain't worth no 6 years 100 mil...i'm damn glad we have burrell now. he's not worth 13 mil, but pierre ain't worth 9, and matthews ain't worth 10...ridiculous!


das411 said...

Wes!!! I once actually went way the hell up north to a PawSox game to get his 'graph afterwards, this was way late in his career (like '96, geez) but he was still one mean-lookin' dude.

No love for Ben Rivera though??

das411 said...

Aight I think it ate this comment the first time i tried it:

Wes!!! I actually once went all the way up north to a PawSox game just to get his 'graph, even though this was at the end of his career he was still one mean-lookin dude!

No Ben Rivera on that list?

skeeter said...

did i read this correctly?
no doug "E fresh" Glanville?

GM-Carson said...

i am ashamed of myself for leaving dougie doug glanville off the list, totally sliped my mind. wasn't big ben rivera hispanic?

mike jackson and dave stewart are two more to add to the list, along with that ass-clown joe mogan.


GM-Carson said...

because of my guilt for omiting glanville, i went back to over past rosters so i could give a shout out to some more black phils.

back to '94 and up(lieberthal's tenure- because he's so gangsta)- heathcliff slocumb, ricky jordan, billy hatcher (phucco), milt thompson, kevin jordan, mark whitten, howard battle, wendell magee, desi relaford, glen murray, wayne gomes, marlon anderson, danny tartabull, billy mcmillon, derrick may, robert person, rob ducey, ron gant, jason boyd (phucco), chris booker, brian hunter both of them), reggie taylor, marlon byrd, lou collier, kenny lofton, and michael tucker.

there may have been a few names i couldn't match with a face in my memory too.

*ben rivera- dominican

Bob D said...

What no Gary Matthews or Gary Maddux? They were argueably one of the best OF duos in Phils history.

GM-Carson said...

i know i missed many black players from the past. i was only doing a quick run-down of ones off the top of my head. i apologize to the NAACP.


BloodStripes said...

In defence of Carsons list. Phlashbacks are usually reserved for the obscure Phillies of the past. But if we want some more legends, I've always liked Bake McBride. Generally seemed to sport a pretty good fro too.

Was it Maddux or Matthews that had the nickname "Secretary of Defence"? It was one of those 2 was'nt it?

Thanks for the black friday run-down. Sounds like fun. A half price Phillies t-shirt will go down just fine.

BloodStripes said...

After consulting my trusty Phillies encyclopedia it was Maddox who was aptly named "The Secretary of Defense". 8 gold gloves. Sick! It also mentions that Ralph Kiner once said of Maddox. "Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water, the other third by Gary Maddox."

Ah the golden years of Phillies baseball.

More please!

GM-Carson said...

the 2000's have been pretty kind to the phils. we haven't been to the playoffs, but at least they're churning out winning seasons. next season when we make the promise land, these days will too be the golden age.


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