Monday, October 23, 2006

Jamie Moyer Is Old

Big news in baseball today. No, not that Kenny Rogers pulled the old "stink palm" on the Cardinals...the Phils signed Jamie Moyer to a two year, $10.5 million contract. Now, because Jamie Moyer was educated on Hawk Hill, and I'm an Explorer, I must by oath and contract hate him. But putting my bias aside, I like this deal. I'm not giddy over it. No, I save giddiness for TiVo'd episodes of America's Next Top Model. For those of you who don't like the move, let me show you what money gets you these days. This stuff makes $5.5 a year to a quality 3-4 starter a bargain.

1) $9 million got you numberous minor league starts and a 5.56 EAR from Randy Wolf this year. It did not get you a mullet or a goatee from Mr. Wolf, which is the most disappointing.
2) $316 thousand got you Gavin Floyd. Another $5.2 mil is worth ensuring he stays in Scranton...errr Ottawa...err Allentown....whatever, he is a Lehigh Valley Gobbler if I ever saw one.
3) $7.25 million got you Mike Lieberthal, a hitting catcher who can't hit, which is ultravaluable.
4) $4.5 million got you H-Mo Bell. Of course, as that R-tard Chris Wheeler would say, he did do "all the little things right."

Anyway, I like the signing. I still would like to see another FA pitcher added, not named Randy Wolf. But that is a topic for after the World Series, when the Hot Stove gets turned on...

Like Muhammad Ali in a game of Jenga...I'm out!



Los said...

I'm o.k. with the deal - Moyer can give some fatherly advice to the young guys, and help them weather some personal storms.

Maria said...

I love this deal. I'm surprised Jamie signed, I really thought he was going to stay in Seattle. He knows how to pitch and he's a hottie :)

GM-Carson said...

Damn you Corey. You once again stole the thunder! You did the "beginning" 1st post, the "all about the benjamins" 100th post, and now this is the "bicentennial" 200th post...bastard.

Ok, with jealousy aside, I continue.

Moyer is a member of the Tag Team Tuesday I have lined up for tomorrow. And I too like this deal, he's a decent dude.

And were you trying to insinuate that the Great Ali has the "shakes", hahaha!


GM-Carson said...

Maria- you sure do have a thing for the old goats. First Kalas now Moyer...I'm sure they'd like to rattle your cage.

Bob D said...

I put this on beerleaguer but I will repost it here. I feel this sums up where Gillick is headed this off season and into next year:

This is a good signing by the Phils. Without any more tinkering they have 4 solid starters. Hamels and Meyers are set for the next few years. Leiber is under contract for next year and Moyer for the next two years.

Leiber is a likely canidate to be involved in a trade. He could be moved with Rowand for someone like Garcia and Crede from Chicago. Or Leiber may be teamed with Burrell or prospects to the Red Sox for Schilling. And there are a number of other possibilities that may occur before spring. But if there is a trade that involves a pitcher it will likely be Leiber, only for an upgrade.

Another aspect is that the Phils have a long train of very good pitching prospects coming up. The first of these (Gonzalez, Happ, & Sergovia) should be ready by mid season this next year. In 2008 the next few (Carrasco, Outman, & Kendrik) should be ready with even more beyond them. Some of these guys will challenge for a spot as a starter while a few will end up in the pen or as trade bait. With Leiber done in 1 year and Moyer in 2 years it should open up spots for these young pitchers.

Next with Wolf he won't be getting any 12-15 mil a year. He is likely to see 5 - 7 mil a year with incentives. He may only get a 1 or 2 year contract anyway from whoever signs him. He would be a decent signing by the Phils as the 5th starter.

Other options would be thru trade. The White Sox are interested in Rowand and may part with Garcia or Vazquez to make room for McCarthy. Rowand is likely to be used for a 3rd basement if one is not aquired via free agency.

A free agent signing is unlikely as Gillick will use that to pick up a 3rd Baseman or an Outfielder. Recent history shows free agent pitchers are over paid and don't live up to the hype.

Any way these 4 SP they have are solid and now Gillick can start to build upon that foundation. Or he can move someone to upgrade the pitching.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- I'm with ya homeboy (Moyer, Myers, Hamels, and Lieber) are solid if nothing else. They may not be flashy aside from Hamels, but that's a decent 4 to be heading into the season with.

The contract to Moyer and the coaches the Phils got to fill the vacancies are making me think that Gillick is going to do the "right" things this offseason and have the team geared up a fast start and good season.

I'm still spanking off over the thought of getting A-Ram to be a Phillies, but honestly anything is pretty much an upgrade over the Bell/Nunez debacle.


BenJah said...

i said on BS&S that the money sort of bothers me at first, but having him around is like having a second pitching coach, and coaches are good for them b/c cholly needs all the help he can get!

but we definately need someone else, i like prospects and all, but you can run through those like shit through a goose and not come up w/ much. hamels is the exception rather than the rule, and even he is mostly unproven.

great post today! i laughed my balls off!

GM-Carson said...

Benjah- I think I found your balls that you laughed off, as I went to scratch mine and I had a hadful of 4...perculiar?!


dane said...

great signing. he seemed to really hit it off with hamels after he was acquired and will be more helpful than dubee in helping hamels reach his potential. moyer will also be solid 4th pitcher. i still see there being a chance that wolf returns next season on a short contract or maybe schilling is acquired.

BENTZ said...

Not that I'm doubting the knowledge of anyone on this board or other such boards...but where has this about Schilling even being available coming from? I hadn't heard anything and find it hard to believe given Boston's pitching issues...

BloodStripes said...

Moyer is a good pitcher, good man, good signing. I'm glad he is staying on.

Yeah Bentz, the news on Schilling is a surprise. Is it another GM's unofficial update or for real? He was on the last pennant winning team. If he is available, I say bring him back to Philly for the next pennant.

GM-Carson said...

I think the Schilling rumor is mere speculation and wishful thinking. Boston may be heading in a new direction with their staff, but I doubt they shop Schilling. All I know is that we have a 4 man rotation right now and the entire offseason to find #5.

Gillick made statements about building for '08, but I think that may have changed and he's going for the glory next season.