Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Poll

Long one today kids, pack a snack...

Halloween is good for lots of things. When you are a little kid, it's the candy. When you're an adolescent, it is acting horribly inapproppriate (vandalizing, destroying, stealing, beating up fat kids) and getting away with it just because it's a holiday. In adulthood, the candy thing comes around again. So, in honor of the greatness that is Halloween, this Saturday's Poll is dedicated the time honored tradition of Trick or Treat. Personally, my favorite treat is a case of Guinness and a cheesecake, and my favorite trick is this little Puerto Rican number that works 2nd street down in New Kensington. But forget about me, this a Phillies blog (mostly) and we here at WSBGM's want to know: In modern Phillies history (last 20 years), what is you favorite Phillies treat(something good,) and you're least favorite Phillies trick(something bad.) (Note: I'm excluding Free Agent signings, because that is a future poll and needs much more attention). Here are your choices:


1) Joe Carter - by himself, Carter isn't a bad guy. Hell, he wasn't even the best player for Toronto that series. Spitty McAlomar hit .480, Paul Molitor hit an even .500 (FYI - cancer survivor and Carson punching-bag John Olerud hit only .235.) However, that SOB Joe Carter hit the game winning homer, crushing Phillies nation. Carson still cries when he sees the hilights. That moment, and that player, epitomize that series. For that reason, he has to be the biggest Trick in recent Phillies history. I won't even put picture of Carter playing baseball on this blog, so here is a snap of him satisfying some jungle fever.

2) Charlie Manuel - file this one under gratuitous. I don't really think Charlie Manuel is that bad. Of course, I also think Helen Keller would be able to utilize the bullpen better. No, I just haven't said anything negative about Ol' Chuck in the last 8 or 9 days. Does anybody else think a young Charlie Manuel may have had a lot in common with Ralph Wiggum? Ehh, like I said, purely gratuitous and unneccessary, but it made me laugh, and that's kind of what I'm after here.

3) Ed Wade - if anyone can give Joe Carter and losing a World Series a run, it's Ed "Mutha-Freakin" Wade. Every time I see a picture of this guy, I want to vomit. I don't know if it is because not since Gary Gaetti has a face looked so much like a scrotum or because of his complete inability to make a decent trade or free-agent signing for 7 years (except Jim Thome.) Either way, he's human ipecac.

1st Round Picks - to be fair, some good talent was taken by the Phillies recently - Drew, Burrell, Myers Utley, then Hamels two years later - but before and after things have been sketchy at best. '92 through '96 sucked big time, I wish I could blame Ed wade for this. How do these names sound: Reggie Taylor, Gavin Floyd, Carlton Loewer, Wayne Gomes, Adam Eaton, Chad Mcconnell. Who could the Phils have taken with these picks? How about Johhny Damon, Jason Kendall, Billy Wagner, Derrek Lee, Chris Carpenter, Toriiii Hunter, Jason Varitek, Roy Hallady or the great Jermaine Allensworth. [I know, it's the draft, it's VERRRRRRY unpredictable...I don't care, the "what if" game is fun.]

Worst Trick
Joe Carter
Charlie R-Tard
Ed Wade
1st Rounders


1) '93 Phils - There is a whole book dedicated to these dudes, so there isn't much I have to say. Mullets, hot dogs, World Series, beer, hustle, dedication, fire, passion, one-nut first basemen, crazy space traveling catchers, steroid-using car-wash-owning centerfielders, platoons... Delicious.

2) Young Talent - Howard, Utley, Hamels - this group of players has given the Phaithful hope. It is hard to find negative things to say about these players, and honestly, the Phillies have not had players this good since Mike Schmidt. I don't mean to start another Abreu arguement here, but as good as he was and as great as people think he was, he NEVER EVER had two seasons as good as Utley's last two, and never got close to Howard numbers. These players make the next few years of Phillies baseball something to anticipate.

3) The Vet - some people might view the Vet as a trick. "The Cit is great," those people might say. But not me. The Cit is okay, but it pales in comparison to similar new-retro ballparks (PNC, Camden, the Jake, AT&T...) and it is a quite a bit more stuffy and unfriendly compared to the Vet. During college, I spent many afternoons and evenings during college sitting in the 700 level (713 to be exact) shirtless, completely hammered, dipping Wintergreen Skoal (the ONLY time I would ever dip Skoal), watching my buddies smoke cigarettes and ganja. Could you do that at the Cit? No. Ashburn Alley? A shoe shaped like a slide? Bull's Bar-B-Q? The Schmidter? Please, get rid of that crap, add another 10 thousand seats where men can be it used to be.

4) Wilfredo Laureano - Wilfredo finished the year 6-3 with a 4.10 ERA in the South Atlantic League. Not impressed by those numbers? Well, how about if I reminded you that Wilfredo is the player acquired for H-Mo Bell? See, those numbers look better already. Wilfredo could never pitch an inning in a Phillies uniform, and he still will be thought of fondly here at WSBGM's. The day that fairy was traded ranks right up there with "trade deadline day" in terms of excitement. That day shall never be forgotten. Viva Wilfredo Laureano !!!

5) Harry & Whitey - "Swing...and a long drive, watch this baby, way outta here!" That sounds great, but I could listen to Harry Kalas read the phone book. Phillie fans have been lucky enough to have Harry calling the games since 1971. Even luckier, fans got to listen to the Harry and Whitey combo for 27 years! Harry's smooth delivery and whiskey-soaked baritone voice delivered play-by-play, while Richie Ashburn puffed on a pipe and every once in a while gave some game commentary. Whitey never stopped being a fan of the Phils, and was never shy in showing his pleasure or displeasure with the events on the field. All Philly fans should have fond memories of these times...

Best Treat
'93 Phils
Young Talent
The Vet
Wildredo Laureano
Harry & Whitey

Go Penn State!



dane said...

i had to vote for the '93 phils although the vet was a close second. i still have a framed picture of the vet hanging on my wall. it was a piece of trash but it was our piece of trash

Maria said...

Anyone who destroys the Phillies hopes is a trick...although Ed Wade is such a close second.

I voted for Young talent, they made it bearable to watch some of the tough games this year. & This one was close too. Wanted to pick Harry and Whitey as well. Harry is the greatest.

Los said...

Great poll - I voted for Harry and Whitey, because even if the Phils sucked (which was usually the case), they were always soothing in a weird way.

BenJah said...

ed wade and the vet -- i liked that place, it had a special charm, if nothing else. same as you, i would get 'general addmission' tix for $8 and sit anywhere i wanted, and for most weekday games i could blaze up all over the upper levels!

another good halloween treat when you're older is T & A!! chicks dress up as anything but always as a slutty version. slut nurse, slut zombie, slut-tastic!

XXX said...

"I don't mean to start another Abreu arguement here, but as good as he was and as great as people think he was, he NEVER EVER had two seasons as good as Utley's last two"

Abreu's OPS+ year to year from 1998-2004:

136, 149, 140, 141, 155, 134, 149

Utley's OPS+ the last two seasons:

130 and 127

So by my count, that means that Abreu had only 7 better seasons than Utley's last two. In fact, in 2006 Abreu finished with an OPS+ of 129...Utley finished at 127. Now OPS+ isn't a perfect stat or anything, but it's a pretty good indicator of a hitter's relative worth in the context of a given season.

"he NEVER EVER had two seasons as good as Utley's last two"

Yeah, sure.

GM-Carson said...

Dane- I have a poster of when the Vet and CIT were both there...cheaper tickets too, because as my friend Ben would call me "Goldstine".

Those were some mighty bad tricks and very sweet treats. I voted Joe Carter for trick, because I weep when seeing that f'n hi-light. I voted '93 Phils for treat, because that's the only thing I have to hang my hat on as a Phils fan.

XXX- I believe Corey was looking at the overall stats like homeruns, runs, rbi's, batting avg...but you and I hold Abreu in a much better light than my compadre does.


GM-Carson said...

what i meant to say was "he NEVER EVER had two consecutive seasons as good as Utley's last two" - one word does make a difference. i know you can take abrue's two best seasons in his 12 year HOF career and they are slightly better than utley's only two full seasons. that wasn't what i based that phrase on. if you look at their best two year stretches, utley's numbers are better. have a look:


00-01 - .302-221-56-189 or
04-05 - .293-222-54-209 (his AS years)

05-06 - .300-224-60-207

compre utley's two years to either of abreu's best two in a row and he takes 3 of the 4 categories each time. say what you want about ops+ or any other stat-head number, but in those years, he was a better hitter, and drove in more. and despite abreu's "claim to fame" stellar OBP, utley scored more runs each time. the numbers are close, but utley's are better. if you factor in the numbers relative to the position played, defense, and W-l record with and without each player, it's not even close.

also, abreu had a higher ops+ than utley this year. do you really think abreu had a better year? that shows how flawed stats like that can be.

anyways, i based my statistical relevance on runs, homers, rbi, batting average. there are so many stats in baseball, sometimes there aren't clear cut answers when examining stats and comparing players with them.

like i said, i didn't want to start another abreu thing. they used to call kevin youkalis the "greek god of walks", but he obviously isn't the only "base on balls deity" around baseball.


XXX said...

Corey -

I pretty much don't agree with anything you say, but I do appreciate you laying out your thought process for me.

By the way, the line "Long one today kids, pack a snack..." is a fantastic opener. Well played.

GM-Carson said...

Gotta love a blog where arguing is expected, but nobody's feelings get hurt.

We love XXX, keep coming back for more.

I hate Joe Carter!


GM-Carson said...

thank you xxx. i really do think this is an area where the line between right and wrong is as grey as bea arthur's pubes (sorry about that one...) we both have numbers that support our takes. who's right? who cares. all i know is the Phils haven't made the playoffs in 13 years so we have to fill our offseason time somehow. it makes for great conversation. it would be a lot better if it happened over a couple of pitchers of cold brew, but the internet is okay, i guess...

OT - first time Purdue has been shutout since Joe Tiller took over. i think i'm the only PSU fan here, but since carson freaking hates them, i have to include them here as much as possible.


GM-Carson said...

Temple won today too! Nearly 2 years since last victory.

Screw Penn State!


BloodStripes said...

Ed Wade was a bad trick. As well as a sack he looks like a grasshopper. He could have been included in the punch to the head poll for a few winning votes. Bad, bad man.

For treats, this poll was the toughest vote yet. I expect we will get to vote on some of our young talent in the phuture, they are so good. Harry and Whitey, Phillie legends, but the '93 Phils won it for one helluva treat. Expected to do nothing and almost doing it all. Great team, great year.

Utley v Abreu. You gotta consider the intangibles. Human nature counts. I dig Bobby, but Utley is Mr Motivator.

GM-Carson said...

Utley and Abreu are each great players. When looking at players' value, sometimes stats aren't enough, especially when they play for your team. Corey isn't saying Bobby wasn't good or even great, he's simply saying Chase is off to a better start and will probably produce bigger seasons than Bobby did. Corey likes the gusto Chase plays the game with, and disliked the seemingly nonchalantness of Bobby's's as simple as aesthetics sometimes.

I almost wish I could vote for every treat. Great poll!