Monday, October 16, 2006

File Under: Completely Useless

Although I'm very excited for the upcoming Twins-Padres World Series, I can't wait until it is over. I need to start talking about trades, free agents, etc. But until then, we have....Arizona Fall League updates. Well, for those of you who didn't click over to, here goes:

Former Oklahoma City University and current Phillies righthander Joe Bisenius gave up eight runs on six hits in just 1/3 of an inning for Peoria. Nice job Joe, you suck.

Phillies lefty farmhand J.A. Happ didn't pitch particularly well in his start either. Happ allowed three runs on a pair of hits and walked two over 1 1/3 innings. Not good, but not "Bisenius Numbers" either.

Some people say Arizona Fall League pitching stats are completely meaningless. I agree with them. Other people say Arizona Fall League batting stats are completely meaningless. But I say look at last year's stats. Brandon Wood, Lastings Milledge, Stephen Drew, Howie Kendrick, Corey Hart and Dan Uggla were in the top 11 in HR. Kendry Morales and Andre Ethier also had solid campaigns. Of course, Eric Duncan hit .360 with 8 HR in the fall, and he sucks big time.
Bench Coach
Ever since Doug Glanville won the Saturday Poll for next 3B coach, I've been upset. Because I sold Dougie G. short. Why limit him to the 3B coaching box. He needs to be in the dugout. He should be the next bench coach. I'm fascinated with the "Rain Man-esque" possibilities.

Glanville: Skipper, I think it would be wise to make a double switch here.
Uncle Charlie R-tard: 97X, bam! The future of rock 'n' roll. 97X, bam! The future of rock 'n' roll. 97X, bam! The future of rock 'n' roll.
Glanville: What?
Uncle Charlie R-tard: I'm an excellent driver.
Glanville: Huh?
Uncle Charlie R-tard: I buy my boxer shorts a K-Mart...

Coming to an NL ballpark near you, Summer of '07...

Like I said, I can't wait for the playoffs to be over. Go Twins!

Update: Phillies have added 3 old-heads to the coaching staff in the form of Art Howe as 3rd base/infield coach, Jimy Williams as bench coach, and Davey Lopes as 1st base/outfield coach. Now Manuel can get a little help from his friends, and should rely heavily on them next season.
This also appears as a message to Uncle Cholly- "get your ass in gear next April!". Another 10-14 start might just mean our beloved Rainman gets the managerial axe and one of the new coaches takes over the reigns. However, I hope the Phils play magnificently and win with Manuel et all. Some may think that the Phils will now have "too many cooks in the kitchen", but I look at this is a positive light. The Phils now have 4 experienced coaches and combined they should be able to form a legitimate strategy based, player liked manager. That's right, Manuel can now do what he does best in being the players' buddy and encouraging them. The strategy and fundamentals now fall on the new trifecta. I think this is a really good thing. Not to mention, the addition of 3 established coaches loads our arsenal for poking fun of coaches.

*This was WSBGM's first update on a post...a Corey and Carson collaboration, much along the lines of Jay-Z and Linkin Park, P-Diddy and Notorious B.I.G., or Kayne West and that butt-dart from Maroon 5 (wait what).



GM-Carson said...

Corey- take it easy on Manuel, I heard he might be taking over for the Phanactic as the Phils mascot while the Phanactic goes to rehab and anger management courses. Manuel would make a great mascot, as he's even more likely to do stupid shit!

Doug Glanville needs to be a member of the staff. And wait, the Twins and Padres are going to the World Series, I thought it was Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh?

Los said...

Smell the sarcasm! Like a fine wine.

GM-Carson said...

Update- Phillies add 3 ex-managers to the coaching staff. Davey Lopes, Jimy Williams, and Art Howe will serve under Manuel next year. I look at this as either being an awesome gathering of coaches, or as the old saying goes "too many cooks in the kitchen". I'll try to stay positive and look at it as the Phils just got a lot more experienced in the coaching department and even Manuel shouldn't be able to single-handily make dumbass decisions from here on out...guess it'll be a group effort.


Bob D said...

Maybe the "3 Amigos" (los' guy with a sombrero reminds me of that movie) will kick dirt on Cholly in the dugout. And now I have to go and check my BB card collection I think I have those cards of Williams and Lopes in their. I'll have to frame them. I'll have to check Ebay for the Art Howe cards.

BENTZ said...

2 out of 3 ain't bad. Lopes is great and he's one of the best base-stealers to ever play the game. Base running was awful this year and it would be nice to turn Victorino into more of a base-stealer. Good solid hire there. Lopes wasn't a terrible manager, but his Milwaukee teams had no talent.

Williams is a shrewd baseball guy. He's not the greatest manager, but he's been around the game forever. You have to like a guy like that as your tactician.

I don't get Art Howe. I never thought he was a very good manager and he looked half-asleep most of the time with the Mets. As a 3B coach? Maybe he has the required infield experience to help, but this one concerns me a little.

All in all though, not bad. I would've liked to have seen some youth like John Russell on the staff, but I can't really argue with 3 guys with tons of MLB experience joining Uncle Charlie.

dane said...

i agree with you. i love the hiring of the three new coaches. overall the response only seems lukewarm throughout the blogsphere. I don't understand it though. The Phillies actually go out and fill a need with the best available candidates and the response is not excitement but cynicism. This is clearly better than the alternative of hiring juan samuel and john russell who both may be good coaches but have no experience coaching in the major league and would offer little experience to help manuel.

GM-Carson said...

After thinking about these 3 new coaches, I like it even more. I'm with you Dane, the Phils probably filled the voids with the best candidates willing to accept the job. These 3 should have a positive influence on the players and rest of the remaining coaches as well. And like Bentz said, imagine Lopes helping Victorino utilize his speed from the 2 hole and steal 30-40 bases...more runs!

I really wish the Phils would have gotten rid of Rich "High Times" Dubee though. A pitching guru could have helped a lot too.


BloodStripes said...

At least with the new experienced coaches the Phils have a ready backup for a Manuel sacking if things dont start well.

GM-Carson said...

As much as I'd love to see Manuel fired, I in no way want that to happen now. Because in order for that to happen the Phils will have to shit the bed in April/May and dig themselves a hole in the standings. Instead I want them to come out on fire and play their asses off the entire season and win with Manuel at the could be worse. But don't get my wrong, Manuel still has a 47th chromosome.


BloodStripes said...

Yeah I'm with you there. I hope Charlie becomes a world series winning manager. For 5 straight years!

Its early days and we have an excellent coaching group. The Phils are off to a good start. Now for a hitting 3rd baseman and a pitcher or 2. Dontrelle Willis?

GM-Carson said...

D-Train isn't a possibility in my opinion. I'd like to add him to the staff, but the Marlins will want more than the Phillies can offer them. The Marlins already have the pitching and will be looking for positional talent and that's where the Phils are lacking in the minors.

I see the Phils keeping either Moyer or Wolf, and then getting creative with the 5th spot.

BloodStripes said...

I heard Willis mentioned by Jim Dogg and Rich. Sounds good to me. Marlins would want Burrell or Wolf. It was also mentioned that Ryan Howard won the Sporting news MLB player of the year award. Nice!

BloodStripes said...

Hopefully Wolf can improve with the Tommy John surgery a long way behind him now. Moyer is well worth keeping. His numbers and experience are excellent and he has become Cole Hamels minder, a good thing. Look forward to a full season of Hamels pitching in 07. 15+ wins would be nice.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels- "15 wins would be nice", why sell him short, let's shoot for 20!

It's looking more and more like Moyer wants to go back to Seattle. And that's a shame because, we could really use him.

Maria said...

Here's a name...Alfonso Soriano? Are the Nats going to resign him?

& I keep hearing that they're already trying to trade Burrell. They're even willing to pick up some of his contract, just as long as someone is willing to take him.

BloodStripes said...

Soriano would be a great pickup for the offense but his glove work sucks. I would be pleased if he ended up a Phil. His speed and power is killer. Its the sexy hands in the field that would hurt.

DQ, I only went 15+ with Hamels cause I did'nt want to have too high an expectation, but yeah your right, make it 20!

BloodStripes said...

My Phils wish-list for today.....Ramirez, Soriano, D-Train. Trade the hot items Burrell and Nunez. Ha!

GM-Carson said...

Here's the problems with trading Burrell:
1. The Phils will have to eat a portion of his salary.
2. The Phils will have to replace his production in LF (which will come at a premium price.
3. The other Phillies will no longer be able to go to strip clubs and put their bill on Burrell's tab.

*But seriously, Burrell is good. He had a shitty final 2 months, but other than that he's good. If we trade him our outfield will be pitiful next year, absolute shit! So, as much as people want him gone, think about where that leaves the Phils offensively in his absence.


BloodStripes said...

Point number 3 is a big problem. Maybe we oughtta keep him.