Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WSBGM's Road Trip

It's that time of year. Yes, it's time the Phillies tease us by coming oh so close to making the playoffs before they buckle like Pat Burrell's knees on a 3-2 curveball. It is also the time for us here at WSBGM's to make a roadie from Central Pennsylvania to Broad and Pattison to catch a Phillies game. And Saturday seems like as good a time as any.

1:20 start time for the game, which means we will be pulling into the parking lot (most likely Wachovia lot) around 10:30.If you are going to the game and are interested in meeting up with us, drop a line on the comments section. Or if you're not going to game and are just looking for someone to sit in a parking lot and drink beer with...We like baseball, punk music, long walks on the beach...

Back in the day when I kicked it at 20th & Olney (go Explorers!) a day game meant a backpack full of Milwaukee's Best Ice and a ride on the Orange Line (that is the north/south subway line in Philly). These days the transport and beer are both a little better (a little...), but I'm riding there with Carson, so the car will probably still smell like the subway.

Enjoy the game tonight. Brett Myers goes for the Phillies, he beats women. Les Walrond goes for the Cubbbies, his woman-beating status is unknown.



Maria said...

Great pictures. Looks like this series against the Marlins is going to be crucial.

I heart the Pirates. Love them spoiling games for the Dodgers. I'd go but I don't have a ride or tickets to the game. Enjoy the game & maybe you'll catch a Ryan Howard blast.

BloodStripes said...

Have a good time fellas. I hope the Phils produce a good win for you. Dont forget to let Charlie and Pat know how much we appreciate them. And of course send J-Roll, Chase and Ryano and Vic lots of love from us GM's that can't make it. Hahaha


BloodStripes said...

Those Pirates sure are doin' it good. A 5 game win streak and really spoiling the dodgers. Having the Phils on top sure is a treat. Thanks Pittsburgh, one more time please. While I'm at it....go snakes.

King Cole on saturday. Now thats worth the trip. He is primed for a fish phry. He wants "redemption". Get 'em king!

BloodStripes said...

Hang on, thats King Cole saturday my time. Leiber should still be worth it for you. You can ask him where all the donuts are. Hopefully he will put 9 on the scoreboard.

Man this is good. Phils on top of the WC for the 1st time. I reckon they are good enough to stay there. Especially when you look at how good they have played since the trade deadline. 13 DQ. 13 years since '93. Its gotta be lucky.

GM-Carson said...

13 be my lucky #!!!!

This road trip is going to be awesome, I'm so psyched!

Pirates are showing much love to the Phils! Innerstate love, not incestual...ewww!

GM-Carson said...

by the way Corey...nice pics of us through the years!

Greg said...

Hey guys, have fun at the game. Where in Central PA are you. I live in Lancaster.

GM-Carson said...

I'm in Daphin, Corey is in Mechanicsburg.