Saturday, September 23, 2006

Satuday Polls

"Im a joker, I'm a smoker,
I'm a midnight toker,
I get my lovin on the run."

Classic tune from Steve Miller band is appropriate after the Joker Joe Randa (see here with a lady friend) broke up former Buccos Chris Young's no-no with a one out 2-run yackum in the ninth. I wasn't rooting for the no-no. I love history, but not against my team.
Saturday Polls
Two polls today, because we think you are all special...

John Kruk ran away with last week's poll. And in honor of his hotdog eating, beer drinking days, and the WSBGM's roadie today, the first poll question is: Which of the following the the number one tailgating necessity? Which item is your staff ace? The choices are:

Number 1 tailgating necessity?
Potato Chips

"Second poll is related to last nights Padres-Buccos game. Let's say you are at a game and some Tommy Greene wanna-be is chucking a no-hitter versus the Phils. Do you root for a no-hitter if it is going to be against your team? Does team loyalty trump witnessing history?

Root for the no-no against your team?

Off to the game. Going to be wet and rainy. Enjoy the games today everyone, and Go Penn State.

And by the way, Fifty-Freaking-Eight!



GM-Carson said...

I voted sausage (today's food of choice) and no to the no-hitter, although my opinion might change based who's on the mound and given the severity of the game.

Off to meet Corey...go Phils!

Maria said...

I voted beer, even though I'm not old enough to drink. There's nothing better than seeing crazy drunk people at the games.

Whelkman said...

Since when has the law gotten in the way of illegal drinking?!

BloodStripes said...

Beer is the tailgate ace and no to the no-no. Only if the Phils had clinched the division by august could I consider rooting for the oppossing pitcher and even then it would be tough.

Phils phorever!!!

You guys witnessed another win! Woo hoo! A Leiber win at that and some J-Roll power. I'd like to see that. Glad your driving home happy.
Phillies are putting the pressure on those doggers. I mean dodgers. You cant dodge the Phils LA. They are gonna take the lead and keep it. Get ready to buy some tacky merchandise everyone cause we are gonna win!


Maria said...

Got a little nervous there in the end. Flash had absolutely no right being in that 9th inning. They might need him tomorrow.

But yes, go Phils!
No way I'd root for any pitcher that's not on the Phillies to pitch a no-no.

GM-Carson said...

Back from the road trip and we had a great time. I got to spend the day with my best friend, eat good food, and watch my team win. We ate Dunkin Donuts for the "Donut Eater" Lieber, we had cheese filled sausages, we saw a hot chick with a thong, got a pic of a guy rocking a rat tail, talked baseball and punk music for hours, watched Corey get a good buzz on and smoke some Phillies Blunts...fricken awesome. I believe Corey is blogging about our trip tomorrow as we took some nice pictures, so I'll save more for then.

Oh yeah, Madson sucks! and Flash should have never pitched the 9th.

Now for the Dodgers and Padres to lose tonight.


Maria said...

Rat Tails are pretty awesome. I knew a kid when I was in 2nd grade that had one...His name was Carl. No way Lieber eats donuts, he's in such good shape. Can't wait to see the pictures! Sounds like you had a blast. & Madson should never pitch in a critical situation again this year.

BENTZ said...

Arizona wins! Phils lead the wild card over LA by a 1/2 game!! Keep it rolling and extend the lead tomorrow.

BloodStripes said...

The Phils lead the WC......YYYEEEEEESSSS! Bloody awesome! I hope its for good. This is it Phils only 8 to go. Fingers crossed Moyer can pitch a gem.

This is full-on. Excitement time. As you said DQ......Vertigo! C'mon Phillies!

Look forward to some road-trip pics.

BloodStripes said...

Poll results so far make us all one-eyed PHANATICS!!!!!

Cheer, cheer the Red and the White!!!

GM-Carson said...

"And I'm easy...easy like Sunday morning"...oh so true when I wake up and see the box scores read the Phillies leading the Wild Card. I may just spluge! Moyer needs to pitch terrificly today and the offense needs to keep rolling!

GM-Carson said...

Poll results thus far show we're a drunk competitor-hatin' crew! As beer is leading sausage by a nice margain, and 19 votes to 0 for no no-no against our Phils.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, something else that was miraculous about yesterday...we didn't get rained on although they were calling for it. The Baseball Gods are finally smiling upon the Phils...I need to find an offering for them.

Maria said...

The Baseball Gods love the Phillies.

GM-Carson said...

I wonder who the Baseball Gods are exactly? Babe Ruth, Whitey Ashburn, Shoeless Joe Jackson...possibly Steve Howe and Eric Show. Ok, that was just wrong, but funny nonetheless!

Maria said...

If it was Babe Ruth than he never would've let Barry pass him...Bleh, maybe he was drunk.