Friday, September 22, 2006

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: Rico Brogna

Ali, ali, a-ya...Rico. Ali, ali, a-ya...Suave. Oh yeah baby, back with a bombastic Phlashback for all y'all, showcasing none other than Rico "Suave" Brogna. Ladies loved him, men had fetishes for him, teammates worshiped his baseball prowess, and opposing pitchers bowed before him. But really though, Brogna was what the late 90's Phillies were...nothing spectacular. Rico played a calm, cool, and collected first base for the Phils from '97-2000. He managed to amass 206 rbi from the 98/99 seasons, going to show you any fluffer-nutter batting 3rd or 4th in today's baseball world can knock in 100+. Brogna wasn't bad, but he wasn't as great as people thought he would become...sort of like what is happening with our current whipping boy Pat "The Bat" Burrell. Doesn't this make you all the more thankful we had Thome and Howard over the last 4 years?

Drippings of Delight:
*Rollins- he somehow manages to put up very good numbers while seemingly struggling all the time. So, maybe we're being too hard on J-Roll.
*Howard- he is the NL MVP...sorry Pujols.
*Myers- still want to trade him?
*Nunez- since Manuel insists on playing him everyday, the least he could do is improve and he has...barely.
*Moyer- old like my dad, but with a better arm...barely.
*Road Trip- sure to be a great time! Let's start the sweep tonight.
*Wild Card- now a half game out...we can do this!

"I don't drink or smoke, ain't into dope. Won't try no coke, ask me how I do it, I cope. My only addiction has to do with the female species. I eat 'em raw like sushi. So please don't judge a book by its cover. There's more to being a Latin lover. You got to know how to deal with a woman that won't let go, The price you pay for being a gigolo." (Gerardo-Rico Suave) *Maria- we've been showing scantily clad ladies on here, so I thought it was time we showed some man skin for our female readers...enjoy your Latin lover!



IUP Philly Fan said...

i loved rico brogna. the guy was a pretty solid contact hitter, and there was no one, and i mean no one better at sweeping those balls out of the dirt than brogna. i still remember that day he broke his hand. it was really messed up because chris wheeler felt the need to go "ooooooh!" everytime they showed the replay. i would never consider brogna a disappointment like burrell because rico was paid a hell of a lot less than burrell.

GM-Carson said...

iup philly fan- I know many have fond memories of Rico. I have some good memories, but I wasn't a huge fan. He did have a kick-ass name though! And you're right, he was a smooth fielder.

Bob D said...

Brogna was a different type of hitter than your usual 1B man. He was more contact and had a great glove. Too bad there was a bunch of second rate players mostly around him back then. (with a few exceptions of course)

Los said...

The Phils get a break missing Dontrel this series - let's hope they take advantage of it!

GM-Carson said...

the Phillies better take advantage of every little thing in the next 10's a scary and exciting time over the next week.

Brogna had his best years with the Phils...and did have 2 goods seasons. His career was cut short by back injury I believe.

Che said...

I want to personally apologize for the Pirates' performance last night.

In other news... yinz miss Dontrelle, but you still get Scott Olsen. The Marlins' rotation is STACKED.

GM-Carson said...

"the Marlins rotation is stacked"...that's a statement most wouldn't think is true at the beginning of the year as they're mostly rookies and a young Willis being the veteran. The Fish will be scary for years to come.

We still need those Buccos to keep beating people...2 out of 3 helped.

Sal said...

Thanks for the kind words, fellas. Sal feels a ton better today.

Fu Manchu,

GM-Carson said...

Sal- you are a cult hero!

S. Boehler said...

Ah who could forget the best tune of the 90s, "Rico Suave". Brings back so many great memories of when the Phillies sucked and then had one magical 1993 season and then sucked again. The tears are flowing as I write this..

Maria said...

Aww why thank you for that picture...It's no Fred Savage or anything but it works.

The Phillies better win this series this weekend. At least the Pirates won 2 of 3 from the Dodgers. Good stuff. The phillies are pretty much controlling their own destiny.

GM-Carson said...

Maria- I found nude pictures of Fred Savage but they scared me, so sorry no post. By the way you're our resident site cutie!

Maria said...

why thank you =)
Fred Savage naked?

fans said...

We're off to the game tonight - hope we start out with a win.

Thanks for the guys pix - saw a bit too much of winnie & bo this week.

Instead of fred savage - what about skippy from family ties?

Maria said...

I love Ryan Howard.

GM-Carson said...

Maria- we ALL love our big boy Ryan Howard. The dude is mammoth beast!

Great win by the Phils. As mentioned before, Hamels is now our ace. Corey and me head down to Philly for a tailgate and game today. We need to keep winning! The damn rain better not get too ugly!

Stupid Padres and Dodgers won last night so Phils are still sitting .5 back, but if the Phils just keeping winning things will work their way out.

Bloody hell, C'mon Phils!