Monday, September 25, 2006

Of Measure

You can't measure a player's heart, intensity, focus, pressure, drive, or whatever other intangible that announcers talk about, but you also can't deny it exists. Statheads everywhere are yelling at their computer monitor, because the above wasn't something measured on the back of their baseball cards growing up. Well, I collected baseball cards, love stats, but also understand the game is more than just faceless numbers. The Phillies right now are playing like a team possessed by a playoff determined demon, and I'm loving it. Down 4-0 to start the game, they decided to quickly erase that deficit in the bottom of the 3rd with a 7-run smack in the grill of the Marlins. Sure you can attest the comeback to stats, but I believe it's a combination of both numbers and the "intangible"...don't need to quantify it, just go with it. You can see it on the faces of the players that they are playing with a purpose. So, for all of you only concerned about stats, dying for something to "measure"...stick around and I'll work on something for you to measure!

Goin' Wild:
*Beard- Embrace Rick "the Beard" White! This may sound crazy, but I want him back in the bullpen next season. Why? He is a funny dude that can pitch every day, and helps keep the players loose. I love how he calls the dugout after every homerun, good stuff!
*Table-Setter- Jimmy Rollins isn't really a leadoff hitter, but he is the Phils best option. When he gets on, he scores, and when he scores the Phils win.
*Glove- Nunez has proven he's pretty worthless with the bat, but his glove is awesome. Yes, I'm giving mad props to Abe "No Hit" Nunez for flashing spectacular leather from the hot corner. I do not want him starting 3rd next season, but I'm happier with him at 3rd than I ever was with David "H-Mo/Fairy Feet" Bell.
*Old- "Moyer is old like my dad, but with a better arm...barely". Well, Moyer went 6 surrendering 5 runs, my dad probably on had 5 innings in him yesterday as he strained his pitching elbow doing house chores.
*Hot-or-Not?- Utley is like a light switch, either on or off. He's on right now, so let's ride that electricity to victory.
*Loser- You know you're a loser when you are watching the game by yourself and you're clapping your hands when getting excited (ex: myself).
*Playoffs- It's going to happen. It needs to happen. I will personally will it to happen!!! If that doesn't work, I know people who know people who have a cousin who's best friend also knows people that can handle the situation.
*Tailgating- You know it's going to be a good day when you bite into a cheese filled sausage and the cheese squirts up into your nose. Why? Because, you now have cheese flavored boogers for leftovers when you get hungry later on.



GM-Carson said...

Astros are playing inspired baseball themselves right now as they fight to catch up to the Cardnials. Hopefully that cross-country trip gave them some nasty jetlag and the Phils keep hammering out the big hits...absolute must win tonight!

dane said...

i am right there with you on watching games by myself and clapping and cheering. i love it

Bob D said...

Win tonight puts Dodgers down by one. I see a likely possibility that the Phils will end up with the 2nd best record in the NL as the Cards have a worse record right now. That is why the Stros look towards winning thier division.

GM-Carson said...

Just imagine the Phils ending the season with the 2nd best record in the NL...holy crap!

Matt said...

What a hell of a weekend!! Man, my head's still spinning. I don't know if I have enough Tums to get through the coming week.

GM-Carson said...

1 game against Houston, 3 against the (g)Nats, and 3 against the great would it be to take 7 more straight and leave no doubt to who gets the Wild Card?!

GM-Carson said...

Dane- thanks for admitting to clapping hands when by pathetic are we?hahaha

The Rev said...

I'm there tonight! I'm psyched beyond belief!


GM-Carson said...

Rev- I hope everybody on the Phils hits!

GM-Carson said...

I just joined the PhilliesPhans Phorum, and I must say they are a harsh crowd. I'm not going to be able to hack it over there, as they rip apart every statement you make. I think blogging/commenting on Phillies baseball must be some of their jobs, as they have thousands upon thousands of comments to their credit (daily!).

GM-Carson said...

dude, i just read your "new here" post over at the Phorum. that was freaking hilarious. i almost fell out of my desk chair laughing. classic.


GM-Carson said...

for those interested, here is the link where carson promotes our blog then gets butt-probed by phorum members

sorry to laugh at your expense carson, but that's what makes me an asshole...if you don't understand that, you should read the terms of service of our friendship. that's not just my opinion, it is the reason for my opinion, and the belief that reasons and opinions and arguments justify opinions...shit, now i'm confused.


GM-Carson said...

Classic is right, they ripped me limb from limb. Those boys are all business over there. I had no idea when I went on there that is what would be coming my way. Yet, I can't draw myself away from it. They are know-it-alls that go strictly by the book, hell they love Abreu and think Manuel is a good manager...nuff said!


GM-Carson said...

Corey-no need to apologize, as I'm laughing at myself right now. I just wanted to drum up some interest in our blog, well just look at the amount of hits we got so far's worth the abuse. Fuck them, fuck me...whatever!

GM-Carson said...

*People who take themselves way too seriously. Added to the list of things I hate right behind "stupid people". Lighten up people, this is only life we're dealing with here, you'll never get out alive!

Maria said...

Abe Nunez is actually hitting a little better & his defense makes up for his bat...sometimes. Well Chase is hot right now...(well he's always hot) but hopefully he can stay hot & help the phillies win the WC!!

GM-Carson said...

Maria- thank you for bringing back to my mind the importance of tonight's game and why I blog to begin with. I went to a dark and twisted place today, and came away a little dejected...I needed some good ol' Phillies talk to pep me up.

Maria said...

Yes, you wrote this blog to help encourage the Phillies to win the WC!!

BloodStripes said...

I post alot on that forum. Its great but very serious.

Your killing me with your cheesy boogers.


GM-Carson said...

Honestly, I did have hot cheese dive into my nostril...kinda burned at first, then it had a soothing sensation.

Anonymous said...

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