Sunday, September 24, 2006

First Place Phillies

...Wild Card, that is.

First things first, the trip to the park yesterday was great. We were up and tailgating a little past 10:00. We downed a six-pack of Dunkin'Donuts in honor of yesterday's started, the Donut Eater Jon Lieber, and then moved to the cheese filled sausages, Hefewizen, High Life, Mountain Dew, and potato chips. That and our Phillies banter, which included lengthy and heated discussions about such hot topics as Ron Jones' brain hemorrhage, Phillies maroon shirts, Randy Ready's batting stance, and how long it takes Charlie Manuel to tie his shoelaces, took us up to the 1:20 first pitch.

We had decent seats for $16, behind home plate in the upper deck. The seat were made better by an attractive young lady who sat in front of us with her pants half-way down her rear and a dude who obviously rode to the game from 1987 in a flying Delorian, rat tail and all. (Sorry, no pick of the butt.)

The Donut eater obviously felt the Karma, Chooch Ruiz picks up Dellucci in the first for the biggest hit of the game, Ryan Madson continues to suck, and Charlie Manuel brings Gordon in with a 4 run lead when White also was already warm, and the Phils win 8-6.

Pics of the day are scattered above and below.
Ryan Madson
Enough already with this guy. It took an arm injury to purge this team of Art Rhodes, what is it going to take to keep Madson off of the mound? Fabio Castro and Matt Smith do not pitch much because they are young and unproven. Fine, but under that logic, Madson has to sit, because he is suck. 45 games, 129 innings, and a 5.93 ERA. His ERA was 5.99 when he went to the pen, so that move obviously isn't working. He had early career success, but major league hitters have figured him out. He hasn't been able to adjust. Yet, seemingly because he was able to get people out at one time, he continues to work meaningful innings. On the bullpen depth chart, Madson has to drop.
Tom Gordon
Tom Gordon and Rick White both warmed in the pen yesterday in the 7th/8th inning. The Phils scored two in the 8th to take a 4 run lead. Who does Manuel bring in, despite a recent shoulder injury and no more days off the rest of the way in the middle of a Wild Card chase? Tom Gordon, not The Beard. I think it was a stupid move. Pitch Gordon only when needed at this point. Of course, as idiots like Chris Wheeler would say, "He's already loose, you might as well bring him in." No. Anybody who thinks warming in the bullpen and pitching in a game affect your arm the same, have never pitched in a baseball game of any kind (ie Wheels.) Gordon had to throw 8 more warm-up pitches, then 14 in-game pitches. What if he had thrown 30 pitches to get out of the inning? Was it worth the risk in a 4 run game? It was completely unnecessary. Also, Geoff began warming up as soon as Gordon gave up the first homer, and continued until the end of the inning. If you are going to warm up Geary with a three run lead, why not just use he or White with a four run cushion? This sort of bullpen management could cost the Phillies. Remember last year?
Brett Myers
From more than one source, there is discussion that if the Phils make the playoffs, and go to the 4-man rotation, Brett Myers should be the one to go to the bullpen because 1) he could pitch on consecutive days 2) he can get strikeouts. If you are in favor of this, you probably have someone assigned to you to assist with activities of daily living, because you are a low functioning retard. I'm not even going to give a counterpoint to this pathetic discussion, I just wanted to make some of you aware this is a discussion that is actually occuring among Phillies fans. Ugh.
Pat Burrell
He gets praised often here for his addictions to nicotine, alchohol and women, but he is absolutely pathetic right now. He should only hit against lefthanders the rest of the season. They need to straight platoon him with Dellucci. With reference to the '93 team, Burrell=Incaviglia, Dellucci=Thompson.
Freddy Sanchez
The player who was not good enough to be the Buccos starting third baseman (because 1)he doesn't hit for power and 2)he runs poorly because of his clubbed foot) currently has a .006 lead in the NL batting race, and trail Joe Mauer by .002 for the major league batting crown. Pirates talent evaluation, ya can't beat it!
These will change as the season goes, obviously, but if the Phils do make the playoffs, here are our World Series predictions:
Carson - Oakland vs. Philadelphia (because he's an optomist...)
Corey - New York vs New York (because I'm a masochist...)
Poll Results
Thanks for voting. Beer beat out sausage as the number one tailgate necessity, and absolutely nobody wants to witness history if it is at their teams expense. I agree with both...
Today's Games
Phi/Fla - Jamie Moyer vs. Scott Olsen - Olsen is tough on the Phils. Moyer gets a Senior Citizen's Discount at Denny's. Advantage Phils.
LA/Ari - Hong-Chih Kuo vs. Livan Hernandez - Kuo is listed as 6'0" 237. Livan is listed as 6'2" 245. Advantage D-Backs.
SD/Pit - Clay Hensley vs. Marty McLeary - Hensley once traded by SF. McLeary once released by SD. Revenge game. Advantage Buccos.

Sorry, long blog today. Had to get those bullpen rants off of my chest. Have a good one everybody and E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles.....I mean, Go Phillies.



S. Boehler said...

We're in first! Let's Dance!:

Maria said...

We are in FIRST place. Let's hope the Phillies can hold off the Dodgers.

GM-Carson said...

Corey- I will kick you in your nutsack for that f'n Eagles chant. Damn You! Had a great time yesterday with your punk-ass though! Let's hope the Phils make the playoffs so we can get tickets and have an even better time!

Excellent post by the way, as it's ok to be long-winded sometimes. That is unless your Chris "Knob-Job" Wheeler. By the way, heard he likes it "middle in".


GM-Carson said...

was having trouble with the pics but problem fixed.

that dude's haircut is killing me, still.

chris wheeler does likes it middle in.


Maria said...

No More EAGLES chants!...The Phillies are the ones providing the warmth in the hearts & smiles on the faces of the Philly phaithful.

Maria said...

Long live rat tails.

GM-Carson said...

i will continue the eagles chants solely for the purposing of pissing off carson.


The Rev said...

I wish I had known you guys would be in town. I would have come down and had a beer with you. I just wasn't paying attention.

Tell me I'm not dreaming today!

dane said...

sounds like it was a great day down at the ballpark. if i wasn't at school in south carolina, i would have loved to be at the game. the ballpark is the place to be right now. the rally towels looked awesome on TV and the crowd was complimented by Fox's tv announcers

Che said...

Everybody in Pittsburgh except the Pirates management knew Freddy Sanchez was the man.

Congrats on making first place without even a win from the Bucs.

GM-Carson said...

Corey- my size 14 is gonna really hurt when it makes aimed contact with your balls...damn that Eagles chant!

Moyer- old like my dad, but with a better arm...barely. Let's go!

If they make the playoffs Corey and I will be there tailgaiting again, and hopefully some of you can be there next time.

Let's keep winning...right now baby!


Whelkman said...

RSB had a great quote yesterday:

"Thunderous boos at a Phillies game can only mean two things in September 2006: a) Ryan Howard is being intentionally walked, or b) Pat Burrell just poked his head out of the dugout."

I like the Incaviglia comparison. Burrell is the most overrated Phillie since Incaviglia, and Incaviglia even played left field!

Am I missing something or isn't Wolf the obvious choice for bullpen assignment? I'd be most comfortable with Wolf in the Brito role during a pennant chase. I have an idea! Let's make Hamels the "set up" guy because the all-important Rhodes is gone! That would be consistent with this team's allocation of talent.

I stood by Madson longer than I should have but no more. The guy's the new Duckworth(less), but, hey, at least we got a year of Wagner out of Duckworth, who currently isn't even good enough to be a Bucco or Royal (and he's tried both!). Castro and Madson should switch, one-for-one, in terms of bullpen depth and roles. Castro absolutely cannot be worse than Madson right now.

P.S. what happened? How can Sunday’s game suck so fast? Moyer seems to be simultaneously channeling the spirits of Brett Myers and Ryan Franklin. Fultz warming up? Go with an expendable chump like Confrey or Brito.

fans said...

Ruiz, Coaste and Lieberthal ... really getting those RBI's and keeping the Phils ahead - and doing what Burrell isn't.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, Utley is either on or off, but thankfully he's back ON!

The ump tossing Olsen was a good call.

This delay sucks. The Phils could have used the extra hours rest, and you never know what will happen after returning from a lengthy rain delay. Just call the game already!

Moyer wasn't good today, but he was good enough.

BENTZ said...

Good win today - shrugged off that 4-spot in the first and rolled to a huge win!

Padres currently winning 2-1 in the 8th...and LA is tied at 1 in the 7th...come on, Pirates and D'backs...

Every game is huge from here on out. Phils need to stay focused tomorrow facing a pitcher they've likely never even heard of. Must been focused every single day - 7 games to go! Must keep winning!

GM-Carson said...

I obviously have a lot to learn about this blog thing because I thought it was a place to have fun, share ideas, and express yourself. What I'm finding is a bunch of people who take themselves way too seriously.

To the people who post on here, I appreciate your opinions and the fact that you even come here and read my and Corey's thoughts. However, I finding via email and other blogs that I'm offending people with things I say and do. These blogs are "journalism at their finest", so calm the hell down and loosen up you tight-asses!

GM-Carson said...

Bentz- my blog tomorrow will touch on the topic of "focus".

And about my last comment, that is not directed towards any of you, rather some of the pussies that think of themselves and blogs too seriously.

Whelkman said...

What a crazy 4.5 hour game! It's time to give credit where it's due:


While I am in no way advocating this man as a permanent third baseman, he's stepped it up this month by getting the hits, taking the pitches, and aggressively snagging any ball fielded his way. Recently he's been like a second Jimmy Rollins (minus the homers): when Nunez gets on base, stuff happens. Speaking of...


I love it when it's our guys taking the growth hormones! Great thinking, Rollins! You'll have to grow quite a bit before anyone notices something is wrong. I don't know the real source of his new "classic Abreu" style of power, but this guy is the key to our offense right now. I've been tough on him in the past, but Rollins truly is one of the best shortstops in the game. Two more homers and Jimmy's HR production will be equal to the past two seasons combined!


I find the (rumored) testimony that Coste will not play next year borderline upsetting. What more does this guy have to do? Clutch 3 run homers aren't enough? He'd probably play for free; this organization is insane if they give this guy the boot. I'll cheer for him every time against my own team when he becomes a National or Brave.


I still thought Utley was the man throughout his shortly lived slump, but now he's more blinding than W.B. Mason's copy paper. After some post-dinner lethargy, Utley's got a second wind for prime time.

Whelkman said...

Carson (I think):

I feel the best solution to your dilemma is to publicly mock those who scorn you.

Speaking of the "other sites", one poster famously postulated that to make the playoffs the phils would need to win games at a .620 clip from the All Star break through the end of the season. Lo and behold, they've actually done that: 42-26 since then for a .618 average.

GM-Carson said...

The blogsphere is not the New York Post, hell it's not even your local newspaper. So what's wrong with a little politically incorrect humor or some self-promotion. I welcome everyone and anyone to this site and say whatever it is they feel. It's mostly about baseball, but hell we've discussed music, television, pop culture, the war in Iraq, the cure for AIDS, SARS, incest, and child abduction. Ok, we haven't covered all those subjects but you get the idea. Blogs are a place to have fun. The ass-hats that run these uppitty blogs need to come of their high horses and join the rest of us heathens!

BENTZ said...


Dodgers win 5-1 on Nomar's walk-off grand slam. The Dodgers are off tomorrow, so a Phillies' win puts them up a full game with 6 to go. San Diego is still a game ahead of the Phillies and starts a big 3-game set with St. Louis before ending in Arizona. Dodgers go to Colorado and San Francisco. Go Phils!

GM-Carson said...

Damn those Dodgers and their homerun heroics...freaking Nomar with a walk-off grand slam.

Whlekman- you're taking my steam right outta my blog for tomorrow, as most of the things you just touched on are in my draft for tomorrow. At least I know you'll be agreeing with me.

GM-Carson said...

Matt Albers on the mound tomorrow for the Ass-tros...he's a nobody that we better not make a somebody.

BloodStripes said...

if people dont like what is written on this blog, then dont come and read it. Choose a different blog to read.

BloodStripes said...

This is a great streak the Phils are putting together. Tommorrows game is for that insurance 1 game lead. Do it Phils, your phlying!

I'm with Corey.....Oakland v Phils. Bring it on! NY v NY would be hell. Please no.

BENTZ said...

Looking at the standings, I did not realize that currently the Padres, Phillies and Dodgers ALL are ahead of the Cardinals in the overall NL standings. That's interesting for two reasons. One, the Cardinals have much to play for this week against San Diego. You know they want to avoid the Mets in the first round (I think they would actually be New York's easiest opponent of the four). While STL is definitely going to win the NL Central, they don't want to be that last seed of the division winners.

Secondly, the Cardinals and Giants were rained out last Sunday and the game is tentatively scheduled for next Monday (day after the season). The Cardinals definitely DO NOT want to play this game, though they will have to if it has any playoff implications. So they will be playing very hard this week...and the Phillies could make the playoffs and not know until Monday where they are going...

The Rev said...

This looks good....

Tomorrow, not only do we get to face a triple A pitcher, we also get to face an Astros team that has to fly all night to get here for one makeup game. That can't make for a well-rested Astros team.

The Dodgers have to sit there and watch us play tomorrow. Then they have to go to Colorado, who has a decent home record while the Dodgers suck on the road. Then they have to ed the season against the giants, and you know the Giants would love to play spoiler against LA.

This is a golden opportunity we have right now. This Phillies team has to take care of business tomorrow. If they don't it will be a major letdown. A chance to get a full game up and control our destiny is being handed to us. The Phillies can not give that back.

The Phillies used to lose games like tomorrow's. And the fact that it's against those Astros haunts me.

But due to dumb luck and an earlier rainout, I have tickets to tomorrow's game. I will wave my rally towel hard!

BENTZ said...

Prediction time!! What will happen down the true and honest feelings looking at the three teams:

Padres: Lose 2 of 3 in St. Louis; Win 3 of 4 in Arizona - Final record - 87-75

Phillies: Win 1 of 1 vs. Houston; Win 2 of 3 in Washington; Win 2 of 3 in Florida - Final Record - 87-75

Dodgers: Win 2 of 3 in Colorado; Lose 2 of 3 in San Francisco - Final Record - 85-77

Again, the Phillies' game vs. Houston is SUPERcritical...a one game cushion going into the final six games is much easier to work with than being all knotted up...

Whelkman said...

Glad to help, Carson. If you're short on content, we could discuss incest as a cure for AIDS.

Maria said...

Prediction...Phillies win the WC, go the World Series & sweep the Yankees in 4 games!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- I, Carson, predicted Oakland -vs- Phillies World Series...Corey went with NYY -vs- NYM...yuck!

Today's game against the Astros is SUPER critical as Bentz put it. Having 1 game up on the Dodgers with 1 week of games to go looks so much better than being on level ground with them.


BloodStripes said...

Was it Corey who went NY v NY. NO Corey please dont curse us. Make it the Phils v A's. Phils v anyone really, just please baseball gods let it be the Phils.