Saturday, September 30, 2006

Life Support

Are we alive? I can hear the faintest sound of a heart beating. Wait, I found a pulse! Although the wind has been knocked out of us, we're not giving up yet. The Phillies are 2 games back of the Wild Card with 2 games to go. Here's the scenarios: Dodgers or Diamondbacks have to lose next 2 and Phillies have to win next 2. Believe it or not I actually have more confidence that the Phillies will win the next two, more so than either LA or SD losing both games. All hope is not lost, but at the same time we're hanging on by a string...we're on life support.
Today's game could be fun win or lose, but I opt for the win. Scott Olsen of the Marlins will be on the mound and he popped off at the mouth before this series about how he wanted to be the one to crush the Phillies playoff chances. Thanks for the motivation there you dim-witted crotch goblin! He's bitter over his ejection from last Sunday when he beaned Nuni. The ejection was well deserved in my opinion, and now I'm hoping it leads to a beanball war! I love bench clearing brawls, and if the Phillies can't make the playoffs a brawl would ease my pain just a bit.
I'm preparing for the worst here as you probably guessed by the Red Cross symbol and the booze and drugs. My poll for today is what will you do to help erase the bad memories of yet another season of coming so close to the playoffs?
How will you alleviate the pain?
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P.S. Dick Coons, I mean Richard Kuhns doesn't know anything about the depths of a Phillies fan's depression.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: The Contributors

Take a walk down memory lane to a place that was happier, to a land where our Phillies frolicked in playoffville. That's right I'm taking you back to '93. 1993 was a magical year. Sure the Phillies fell short of the ultimate goal of winning the World Series, but at least they got to the World Series. Many fans remember names like Daulton, Dykstra, Kruk, Schilling, Mullholand, Stocker, etc. However, there were some key contributors that fail to be recognized.
Jose DeLeon and Roger Mason both pitched 40+ innings in the bullpen that season and should be applauded for their efforts. That's not all they had going for them either, as each was a Phucco...gotta love those Pitt/Philly players! The biggest omission from celebratory memories was short-stop Juan Bell. Juan Bell wasn't around to celebrate the clinching of the NL pennant, and for good reason...he sucked! In fact he sucked so bad that the Phillies got rid of him after the first couple months and brought up the young and unproven Kevin Stocker. Kevin Stocker ended up being the missing link and became a vital member of the Phils playoff push. Stocker later brought us Bobby Abreu...stupid Devil Rays! So, Juan Bell should be held in high esteem in the city of Philly...his departure lead to many good things.

This current season is screwing with our minds and hearts as we are living and dying with every pitch and every swing of the bat. If the Phillies do obtain the Wild Card they will have unsung heros like Geoff Geary, Alex Gonzalez, and David Bell to thank. Of course I mention Geary because he's undervalued. Where would the bullpen be without him? But Gonzalez and Bell you ask. Yep, those two sucked respectively in their own way before leaving the Phils (Gonzalez via retirement, Bell via best trade ever!), but the emphasis being on that they left. To think we could be suffering through a player batting around .200 right now playing 3rd if Gonzalez wouldn't have decided to call it quits. Wait, what the hell, we do have a guy hovering around .200 playing 3rd...dammit! Anyway, the single most momentous thing that happened this season was purging of David "H-Mo" Bell, the '93 team had to shed a Bell to make the playoffs, so maybe it'll work for the '06 team too. So, although we haven't gotten the Wild Card yet, I'm sure there will be plenty of fond memories from this year's squad too. And for these last 3 games have fun with all that stress and anxiety...ain't it soothing?


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Karma of '93

1 game back with 4 to play, we need all the karma we can get right now. Here's a little help from the '93 squad and WPHL 17.

Tonight's Matchups

Phil at Wash - Donut Eater Lieber versus Mike O'Conner - O'Conner, despite being 3-8 with a 5.04, has gone 1-1 with 4 earned in 11 innings versus Philadelphia this year. Lieber has given up 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, and 2 earned runs in consecutive games. I set the over/under on ER tonight at 4...

SD at Ariz - Jake Peavy versus Miguel Batista - chance for 'Zona in this one, Peavy is on a mission, and he brought his tobacco with him...

LA at Col - Brad Penny versus Byung Kim - not since Hideki "Fat Toad" Irabu has an Asian pitcher sucked this bad...except for Chan Ho Park and that Cleveland Indian who did gay porn in Japan...


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Little Help Here, Jesus

This is Rob Drake, umpire. He worked first base in last nights Phils-Nats game. He missed Chase Utley's three run homer. He is not a very popular man right now.

Rob Drake is associated with the Arizona Umpriring Academy, which trains umpires with the help of...Jesus? That's right, ol' JC is down in 'Zona training umpires. Drake, whose favorite Bible verse is Luke 9:23 ("God said unto the Umpiralites, thou shalt stick it to the Philadelphians.") says on their website, "Every time I walk on the baseball field I want to be perfect. I pray that He will give me the strength to live a sin-free life. The problem is that both are impossible. I will make mistakes in umpiring...He is faithful and just to forgive me." Maybe so, but Philadelphians aren't quite as forgiving as the Messiah. Better stay away from South Philly for a while. I just wish he could see the right field foul pole as clearly as his own salvation.
Phillies Hate Us
Reason #748 - "$15.00 processing fee or $4.00 order charge is not refundable whether or not a postseason game is played." ??? A processing fee for a process that wouldn't have happened? This is the gratitude that the Phillies orgaization shows to their fans for their faith and commitment. Disgusting.
Why was Burrell in the lineup last night? Ramon Ortiz was/is/will be a right handed pitcher. He's not Greg Harris, he's not switching it up mid-batter. Burrell is hitting .215 this month. Why can't that freaking retard see that he shouldn't be starting against right handed ptiching. Ahhhh.

For memories sake, here is a pic of Burrell back when he could still hit.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

About to rock?

I'm trying something new tonight. Instead of waiting until morning to do my post, I'm going to go out on a limb and use rock gods ACDC as my guide. The following are lyrics from some of their head-banging, ear-splitting raucous songs. Which way will these last 6 games go? ACDC offers their answer, but either way it'll be a rockin' good time!

*For those about to rock...We salute you!

*We're on a highway to hell!

*Dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap.

*He's got big ball, she's got big balls, but I've got the biggest balls of them all!

*She shook me all night long!

*Satan's comin' to you Hell's Bells, he's ringing them now Hell's Bells!

*'Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite! T.N.T., and I'll win the fight!

*You've been thunderstruck!

*Back in black I hit the sack I've been too long I'm glad to be back.



At times like this you need a beer and some good music to calm the nerves and ease the tension. The Phillies only have 6 games left, and each game will probably be a heart stopper. So grab a six-pack of your favorite brew and pop in some tunes for your pre-game warm-up, because this is going to be one helluva end to the season!

Last night's game was testament to the reason the Phillies haven't already locked up this Wild Card. Burrell and Dellucci with some poor defense, guys not hitting with runners in scoring position, and the bullpen's inability to throw strikes. We've seen this before and were hoping it would stay away, but it has reared its ugly head once again. The Phils had the opportunity to pick up that all-important 1 game cushion, but alas we're on level ground with the Dodgers. We have the gNats for a 3 game set then finish the season in Miami. What is going to happen? My overly-broken heart tells me the Phils are going to find a way to squander this thing, but I'm not giving up. This team has fooled me over and over again this season, so go ahead and fool me one more time for good measure. The Philadelphia fanbase is rabid for some Phillies playoff baseball, and I think they might just deliver.


P.S. BloodStripes, check out Sixer, they're a rockin' punk band!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Someone Dumber Than Manuel

This clip of Stephen A Smith on Sports Reporters just came to my attention, and frankly, I'm blown away by it. He is talking about the great Ryan Howard and how he broke the Phillies all-time single season homerun record, but the real issue is Stephen A. blasting the Phillies. In the commentary, he states that before this season, the Phillies assessment of Howard was that could "barely hit..quality pitching," he "really can't play," his commitment is questionable, and he's fat. He goes on to imply that the Phillies wasted $85 million (ie Jim Thome) and that they should have been given Howard a shot instead. He finished his rant with a smart-ass comment about Howard's impending windafall of cash next year, in a "payday long overdue."

Now, I'm totally for ripping the Phillies when it is warrented. But this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life, no exageration. To imply that last year the Phillies scouting report on their best position player was "fat, lazy and no good" is insane...and wrong. To his second point, how is bringing in one of the top lefthanded power hitters in baseball, having him hit 89 homeruns in two years while being a major link in the rejuvination of baseball in Philadelphia, a "waste?" Moreover, in 2002 at the time of the Thome signing, Howard was just finishing up a campaign in Lakewood where he hit a respectable .280 with 19 homers. Who in their minds would pass up Thome because a guy in Single A hit 19 bombs? While Thome hit 47 dingers in 2003, Howard was still in Clearwater. And finally, Howard isn't even a free agent next year. He can't cash in yet, he only has 1 year service time. Wow, 1 year of service time, that really is "overdue." Freaking idiot!

Steven A, "forgive me for bringing these points up," and "bes' believe" you are the biggest retard I've ever seen.

Here is the clip, enjoy:


Of Measure

You can't measure a player's heart, intensity, focus, pressure, drive, or whatever other intangible that announcers talk about, but you also can't deny it exists. Statheads everywhere are yelling at their computer monitor, because the above wasn't something measured on the back of their baseball cards growing up. Well, I collected baseball cards, love stats, but also understand the game is more than just faceless numbers. The Phillies right now are playing like a team possessed by a playoff determined demon, and I'm loving it. Down 4-0 to start the game, they decided to quickly erase that deficit in the bottom of the 3rd with a 7-run smack in the grill of the Marlins. Sure you can attest the comeback to stats, but I believe it's a combination of both numbers and the "intangible"...don't need to quantify it, just go with it. You can see it on the faces of the players that they are playing with a purpose. So, for all of you only concerned about stats, dying for something to "measure"...stick around and I'll work on something for you to measure!

Goin' Wild:
*Beard- Embrace Rick "the Beard" White! This may sound crazy, but I want him back in the bullpen next season. Why? He is a funny dude that can pitch every day, and helps keep the players loose. I love how he calls the dugout after every homerun, good stuff!
*Table-Setter- Jimmy Rollins isn't really a leadoff hitter, but he is the Phils best option. When he gets on, he scores, and when he scores the Phils win.
*Glove- Nunez has proven he's pretty worthless with the bat, but his glove is awesome. Yes, I'm giving mad props to Abe "No Hit" Nunez for flashing spectacular leather from the hot corner. I do not want him starting 3rd next season, but I'm happier with him at 3rd than I ever was with David "H-Mo/Fairy Feet" Bell.
*Old- "Moyer is old like my dad, but with a better arm...barely". Well, Moyer went 6 surrendering 5 runs, my dad probably on had 5 innings in him yesterday as he strained his pitching elbow doing house chores.
*Hot-or-Not?- Utley is like a light switch, either on or off. He's on right now, so let's ride that electricity to victory.
*Loser- You know you're a loser when you are watching the game by yourself and you're clapping your hands when getting excited (ex: myself).
*Playoffs- It's going to happen. It needs to happen. I will personally will it to happen!!! If that doesn't work, I know people who know people who have a cousin who's best friend also knows people that can handle the situation.
*Tailgating- You know it's going to be a good day when you bite into a cheese filled sausage and the cheese squirts up into your nose. Why? Because, you now have cheese flavored boogers for leftovers when you get hungry later on.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

First Place Phillies

...Wild Card, that is.

First things first, the trip to the park yesterday was great. We were up and tailgating a little past 10:00. We downed a six-pack of Dunkin'Donuts in honor of yesterday's started, the Donut Eater Jon Lieber, and then moved to the cheese filled sausages, Hefewizen, High Life, Mountain Dew, and potato chips. That and our Phillies banter, which included lengthy and heated discussions about such hot topics as Ron Jones' brain hemorrhage, Phillies maroon shirts, Randy Ready's batting stance, and how long it takes Charlie Manuel to tie his shoelaces, took us up to the 1:20 first pitch.

We had decent seats for $16, behind home plate in the upper deck. The seat were made better by an attractive young lady who sat in front of us with her pants half-way down her rear and a dude who obviously rode to the game from 1987 in a flying Delorian, rat tail and all. (Sorry, no pick of the butt.)

The Donut eater obviously felt the Karma, Chooch Ruiz picks up Dellucci in the first for the biggest hit of the game, Ryan Madson continues to suck, and Charlie Manuel brings Gordon in with a 4 run lead when White also was already warm, and the Phils win 8-6.

Pics of the day are scattered above and below.
Ryan Madson
Enough already with this guy. It took an arm injury to purge this team of Art Rhodes, what is it going to take to keep Madson off of the mound? Fabio Castro and Matt Smith do not pitch much because they are young and unproven. Fine, but under that logic, Madson has to sit, because he is suck. 45 games, 129 innings, and a 5.93 ERA. His ERA was 5.99 when he went to the pen, so that move obviously isn't working. He had early career success, but major league hitters have figured him out. He hasn't been able to adjust. Yet, seemingly because he was able to get people out at one time, he continues to work meaningful innings. On the bullpen depth chart, Madson has to drop.
Tom Gordon
Tom Gordon and Rick White both warmed in the pen yesterday in the 7th/8th inning. The Phils scored two in the 8th to take a 4 run lead. Who does Manuel bring in, despite a recent shoulder injury and no more days off the rest of the way in the middle of a Wild Card chase? Tom Gordon, not The Beard. I think it was a stupid move. Pitch Gordon only when needed at this point. Of course, as idiots like Chris Wheeler would say, "He's already loose, you might as well bring him in." No. Anybody who thinks warming in the bullpen and pitching in a game affect your arm the same, have never pitched in a baseball game of any kind (ie Wheels.) Gordon had to throw 8 more warm-up pitches, then 14 in-game pitches. What if he had thrown 30 pitches to get out of the inning? Was it worth the risk in a 4 run game? It was completely unnecessary. Also, Geoff began warming up as soon as Gordon gave up the first homer, and continued until the end of the inning. If you are going to warm up Geary with a three run lead, why not just use he or White with a four run cushion? This sort of bullpen management could cost the Phillies. Remember last year?
Brett Myers
From more than one source, there is discussion that if the Phils make the playoffs, and go to the 4-man rotation, Brett Myers should be the one to go to the bullpen because 1) he could pitch on consecutive days 2) he can get strikeouts. If you are in favor of this, you probably have someone assigned to you to assist with activities of daily living, because you are a low functioning retard. I'm not even going to give a counterpoint to this pathetic discussion, I just wanted to make some of you aware this is a discussion that is actually occuring among Phillies fans. Ugh.
Pat Burrell
He gets praised often here for his addictions to nicotine, alchohol and women, but he is absolutely pathetic right now. He should only hit against lefthanders the rest of the season. They need to straight platoon him with Dellucci. With reference to the '93 team, Burrell=Incaviglia, Dellucci=Thompson.
Freddy Sanchez
The player who was not good enough to be the Buccos starting third baseman (because 1)he doesn't hit for power and 2)he runs poorly because of his clubbed foot) currently has a .006 lead in the NL batting race, and trail Joe Mauer by .002 for the major league batting crown. Pirates talent evaluation, ya can't beat it!
These will change as the season goes, obviously, but if the Phils do make the playoffs, here are our World Series predictions:
Carson - Oakland vs. Philadelphia (because he's an optomist...)
Corey - New York vs New York (because I'm a masochist...)
Poll Results
Thanks for voting. Beer beat out sausage as the number one tailgate necessity, and absolutely nobody wants to witness history if it is at their teams expense. I agree with both...
Today's Games
Phi/Fla - Jamie Moyer vs. Scott Olsen - Olsen is tough on the Phils. Moyer gets a Senior Citizen's Discount at Denny's. Advantage Phils.
LA/Ari - Hong-Chih Kuo vs. Livan Hernandez - Kuo is listed as 6'0" 237. Livan is listed as 6'2" 245. Advantage D-Backs.
SD/Pit - Clay Hensley vs. Marty McLeary - Hensley once traded by SF. McLeary once released by SD. Revenge game. Advantage Buccos.

Sorry, long blog today. Had to get those bullpen rants off of my chest. Have a good one everybody and E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles.....I mean, Go Phillies.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Satuday Polls

"Im a joker, I'm a smoker,
I'm a midnight toker,
I get my lovin on the run."

Classic tune from Steve Miller band is appropriate after the Joker Joe Randa (see here with a lady friend) broke up former Buccos Chris Young's no-no with a one out 2-run yackum in the ninth. I wasn't rooting for the no-no. I love history, but not against my team.
Saturday Polls
Two polls today, because we think you are all special...

John Kruk ran away with last week's poll. And in honor of his hotdog eating, beer drinking days, and the WSBGM's roadie today, the first poll question is: Which of the following the the number one tailgating necessity? Which item is your staff ace? The choices are:

Number 1 tailgating necessity?
Potato Chips

"Second poll is related to last nights Padres-Buccos game. Let's say you are at a game and some Tommy Greene wanna-be is chucking a no-hitter versus the Phils. Do you root for a no-hitter if it is going to be against your team? Does team loyalty trump witnessing history?

Root for the no-no against your team?

Off to the game. Going to be wet and rainy. Enjoy the games today everyone, and Go Penn State.

And by the way, Fifty-Freaking-Eight!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: Rico Brogna

Ali, ali, a-ya...Rico. Ali, ali, a-ya...Suave. Oh yeah baby, back with a bombastic Phlashback for all y'all, showcasing none other than Rico "Suave" Brogna. Ladies loved him, men had fetishes for him, teammates worshiped his baseball prowess, and opposing pitchers bowed before him. But really though, Brogna was what the late 90's Phillies were...nothing spectacular. Rico played a calm, cool, and collected first base for the Phils from '97-2000. He managed to amass 206 rbi from the 98/99 seasons, going to show you any fluffer-nutter batting 3rd or 4th in today's baseball world can knock in 100+. Brogna wasn't bad, but he wasn't as great as people thought he would become...sort of like what is happening with our current whipping boy Pat "The Bat" Burrell. Doesn't this make you all the more thankful we had Thome and Howard over the last 4 years?

Drippings of Delight:
*Rollins- he somehow manages to put up very good numbers while seemingly struggling all the time. So, maybe we're being too hard on J-Roll.
*Howard- he is the NL MVP...sorry Pujols.
*Myers- still want to trade him?
*Nunez- since Manuel insists on playing him everyday, the least he could do is improve and he has...barely.
*Moyer- old like my dad, but with a better arm...barely.
*Road Trip- sure to be a great time! Let's start the sweep tonight.
*Wild Card- now a half game out...we can do this!

"I don't drink or smoke, ain't into dope. Won't try no coke, ask me how I do it, I cope. My only addiction has to do with the female species. I eat 'em raw like sushi. So please don't judge a book by its cover. There's more to being a Latin lover. You got to know how to deal with a woman that won't let go, The price you pay for being a gigolo." (Gerardo-Rico Suave) *Maria- we've been showing scantily clad ladies on here, so I thought it was time we showed some man skin for our female readers...enjoy your Latin lover!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Down to Bo Derek

The fantasizing has been working recently, so staying in that mode I present Bo Derek of "10" fame. And 10 is the number of games left in the season for our Phils. Last night was a perfect night as Brett Myers pitched a gem and the Phils won. Oh, the ecstasy doesn't stop there my friends...our buddies the Pirates beat the Dodgers and for good measure the Diamondbacks took one from the Padres. That leaves the Dodgers and Phils tied up for the NL Wild Card, with the Pads not far ahead. Hey Buccos- keep swashbuckling your way through the NL West please!

Obsession- this was born into us. From the time of inception Corey & Carson were Phillies fans. We had no choice in this matter, and I'm ok with the way it's turned out. During our toddlers years (early 80's) the Phils were in the forefront of the National League. As we grew up we rooted for our Phils without much success until that magical season of '93 (the year we turned 13). It's now 13 years later and I have a funny feeling some playoff merriment may be coming our way once again. This season had a downtrodden start, as I played hooky from work and went to Corey's house to eat and watch baseball all day long, but the Phils lost. Saturday we're going to the game against the Marlins with playoff implications in the atmosphere, doesn't get much better than that! This isn't just fun for us, it's what we love. Baseball is great, but the Phillies are the best. That's why we do this blog. It's an obsession! I'm sure there are others reading this right now and nodding their heads...Viva La Phillies!


In honor of our free swinging pinch-hitting extraordinaire Randal Simon who was rescued from the Mexican League's Tijuana Dirty 'stutes: "I used to know a girl...She had two pierced nipples and a black tattoo. We'd drink that Mexican beer. We'd live on Mexican food. Yes, I wish I could go back. Yes, back in time!" (Everclear-Heroin Girl)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WSBGM's Road Trip

It's that time of year. Yes, it's time the Phillies tease us by coming oh so close to making the playoffs before they buckle like Pat Burrell's knees on a 3-2 curveball. It is also the time for us here at WSBGM's to make a roadie from Central Pennsylvania to Broad and Pattison to catch a Phillies game. And Saturday seems like as good a time as any.

1:20 start time for the game, which means we will be pulling into the parking lot (most likely Wachovia lot) around 10:30.If you are going to the game and are interested in meeting up with us, drop a line on the comments section. Or if you're not going to game and are just looking for someone to sit in a parking lot and drink beer with...We like baseball, punk music, long walks on the beach...

Back in the day when I kicked it at 20th & Olney (go Explorers!) a day game meant a backpack full of Milwaukee's Best Ice and a ride on the Orange Line (that is the north/south subway line in Philly). These days the transport and beer are both a little better (a little...), but I'm riding there with Carson, so the car will probably still smell like the subway.

Enjoy the game tonight. Brett Myers goes for the Phillies, he beats women. Les Walrond goes for the Cubbbies, his woman-beating status is unknown.


We Are Family

Sister Sledge put it best, "We are family, much love between Pittsburgh and Philly". Ok, I took a bit of liberty with the lyrics, but you get the point. These might not be the Willie Stargell and Roberto Clemente Pirates, but they are playing very well lately. The Buccos are also sending love the Phillies way...thanks for slugging the crap outta the Dodgers last night. Can ya give us two more in a row? The Phillies need the Pirates right now. If the Phils would have seized the opportunity earlier in the season, it wouldn't come down to needing the help of another team. But such is baseball, and no better to help us than our STATE buddies. Ronny Paulino has quickly become my favorite catcher and he, Bay, Castillo, Duffy, Nady, Wilson, and Sanchez might just score enough runs in the next 2 game to give the Phillies what they need...of course the Phils need to win themselves.

Bodacious Buckets of Bliss:
*Dellucci- thank you for fulfilling my prophecy. Over on BeerLeaguer I predicted you would come up big before the game started...that double to start the scoring helped. Oracle Drama Queen back in session, fees are $29.99 plus tax.
*Moyer- you're old, you're pitches are slow, you're my hero!
*Gordon- thanks for coming back and nailing down the games here in September...we missed you Flash!
*Rollins- where the heck did all this power come from?
*Nunez- I hate your bat, but I do love your glove.
*Pirates- you're my 2nd favorite team, and I'm hoping you win more than ever. Keep playing for pride and finish the season on a positive note.
*Geary- you of "Gas Can" fame are a staff savior, as you've been dependable all season.
*Marlon Anderson- go to hell! The dude has 5 homeruns for the Dodgers in 15 games since they picked him up from the (g)Nats...damn Nationals are still haunting us even though we aren't playing them anymore.


P.S. Back by popular demand is our favorite kiddy star Winnie Cooper...oh you naughty minx! We Phillies fans need to keep fantasizing right?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Must Hate Myself

Allow me to paint the picture...The Phillies are fresh off a sweep in Houston, are heading home to take on the lowly Cubs (61-89 overall, 28-46 road) who have Sean Marshall pitching (5.34 ERA). The Phils can smell the blood in the water as they're honing in on the NL Wild Card...this game is a gimmie right, shouldn't our confidence be high? Nope, not with our Phillies. John Lieber comes out and promptly hand-wraps the game for the Cubs with the help from some shoddy defense and Aramis Ramirez muscle (our future 3rd basemen...Gillick told me himself). Even Manuel couldn't stand watching Lieber so he goes to the pen...things get worse. Brito sucked, Sanches sucked, and Madson continues to suck! By the way Madson isn't good, sorry to inform you of that. Some people in the blogsphere think he has this reliever role figured out. Well, his ERA now stands at he sucks at pitching period! The offense had one good inning thanks to a Jose Hernandez grand slam, but other than that the game was a complete suck-fest!

Anyway, back to my point about hating myself. I threw in "towel" in on this season back in June. I wrestled with myself in August, and then finally snatched that "towel" back from the Baseball Gods and started believing again...I'm so stupid! The Phils are now 1.5 game back of the Wild Card, chasing the Padres. There are only 12 games remaining in the season. So although it is possible, with our Phils it seems impossible, as they seem to not be able to seize the golden opportunity before them. I'm not giving up again, I've invested too much time and energy, evidence being in this blog. Basically what I'm saying is the Phils need to win this Wild Card or I may never forgive myself. I love baseball, I love the Philadelphia Phillies...such is my life. I'm sure there are others out there commiserating with me at this very moment.

"Why bother? It's gonna hurt me. It's gonna kill when you dessert me. This happened to me once before. Won't happen to me anymore! Why Bother?" (Weezer-Why Bother?)