Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who But J. L.

"I want my Crispy Cream"

That's right, the donut eater goes for the Phils again tonight. He's won two of his last three starts, including the CG shutout. But beware, he gave up 11 hits versus the Cubs five days ago.

Tom Glavine and his occluded vasculature goes for the Mets tonight. As Method Man would say, "What the blood clot."

Prediction: Pat Burrell puts a Glavine changeup into the left field bullpen...but it's not enough as the Donut Eater gets glazed. Phils lose this one.
Randy Wolf
We here at WSBGM's are not wrong about much. At least, we don't admit it. But here is another thing we called with absolute inaccuracy: Randy Wolf. I didn't think he would contribute anything to this team except eating meaningless September innings while auditioning for other teams. Instead, he's 3-0. Despite his less than mediocre ERA of 5.58, he's show steady improvement and Lidle-like consistency in 3 of his last 4 starts. The question now becomes, what will happen to Wolfy next year? He's making $9 million this year, and given his age, injury history, and 68-60 career record, how much could he make? I would not mind seeing him come back to the Phils next year. He's a Phillies lifer, drafted in the 2nd round in 1997, maybe a "hometeam discount" could be in the works.
Geoff Geary
In honor of Geoff Geary's first career save, I'm going to re-post my favorite picture of him, hangin with Burrell, Utlely and some ladies. Go get some Gas Can. Yaaah!!!



Maria said...

I adore that picture of Pat, Geary, & Chase. But Glavine's not pitching tonight. It's this guy named Perez who's 2-10 with a 6.63 ERA. Prediction still the same?

GM-Carson said...

Maria, it actually is Glavine pitching. Oliver Perez was going to get the start, but Glavine has been medically clear to go.

Corey thinks Lieber is going to get glazed...I won't go that far. But a win tonight is going to be extremely difficult. I'll be glad if I'm wrong though.


GM-Carson said...

Alright, I decided to look into this pitching situation for the Mets tonight. I've read of various sites that Glavine is going tonight, but other places have Perez. Who gives a shit?! Phillies are winning...I'm pissed I'm even caring about the opposing pitcher, time to notch a win tonight! Maybe Sid Fernandez is starting for the Mets...who knows?! All I do know is that whether it be Perez, Glavine, or El Sid...they're all lefties.

dane said...

classic picture of geoff geary. that pic was good for a couple laughs

GM-Carson said...

looks like it is perez. if i would have known that, i would have written a totally different blog, being as i have plenty to say about that douchebag oliver perez.

damn you yahoo! sports and your misinformation.

this also changes my prediction. perez is a whach job. totally nuts. phillies win.


Whelkman said...

We would still like to hear what you have to say about the douchebag.

By the way, Lidle totally sucked today.

BloodStripes said...

While I write this cincy are about to lose to SF. Yes! Method Man has really got it going eh? What the blodclaaat! I hope its Perez today and the change of prediction comes true. Whack him Phils!

Pat and Geary are in their element on the drink in that pic. Chase just looks cool as always.

From what I can gather Wolfy loves the Phils and is appreciative of the way he has been treated. Home-town discount for sure. He's a believer!

Whelkman said...

He owes the team one, too.

Maria said...

Rick White doesn't know how to pitch & Ryan Howard is a beast.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard is such the beast, he's of prehistoric proportions...Mammoth!

GM-Carson said...

Ya know, a closer look of the Geary "O-Face" picture reveals that those girls are stinkin' hot! No wonder he's about to spurt.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah the boys are hangin' with some fine ladies there. Chooo wooo!!