Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunken Ship

The Pirates have a sunken ship, but possibly a hidden treasure. They are horrible this season...thank you Captain Obvious! There are some signs of life though. Deep from the depths of the sea are some Buccos trying to help the team resurface. Freddy Sanchez, Ronny Paulino, Jason Bay, Jose Castillo, and The "X-Man" Nady are the start to a good offense. The pitching is still so young and rough around the edges. Duke, Snell, Gorzelanny, Gonzalez, and Maholm will continue to progress. So, although this season hasn't left us with a bountiful booty (insert random J-Lo comment), next season just might.

Is that the Buccos next 3rd basemen or Jim Tracy's Mardi Gras picture ?



GM-Carson said...

If only this were true.

pfesfan said...

it's hard to imagine there's a worse team out there than our Phils, but if any team can fill that void, it's the Bucco's...

GM-Carson said...

Those poor, sad-sap Swashbucklers...when will they ever return to prominence?

Whelkman said...

It's hard to believe that, once upon a time, two of the hottest and most competitive teams in a then strong National League were the Phils and Buccos.

GM-Carson said...

that was a long ago "once upon a time"...hopefully that day will return soon.

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