Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Riddle me this...

Due to some recent roster moves, I pose the following questions along with my answer. I know many out there disagree with me, and that's fine, but this is what I think and therefore blog. Aren't blogs a great thing?

#1- Is this lineup handicapped by the loss of Abreu? My answer is an emphatic HELL NO! Utley is a far superior 3-hole hitter to Abreu at their respective stages in their careers. Dellucci in the 2-hole and Utley behind is an upgrade over the previous Utley-Abreu lineup. Howard will continue to mash, and now maybe Burrell can once again play regularly since Dellucci can be inserted in for Abreu. Abreu got on base far above average, everything else was mediocre. People love OPS so much, well, Burrell's is 50 points higher than Abreu's. At the end of the season, let's compare runs scored per game from before and after the Abreu trade.

#2- Will we even miss Bell, Fasano, Lidle, and Cormier? No F'n way, nah, not really, and well maybe. No F'n way for Bell...glad the Rainbow Brigade is out of town! Nah to Fasano because other than Sal's Pals, he didn't bring much to the park. Not really to Lidle because his spot is now open to Scott Mathieson. Well maybe for Cormier because he did pitch nicely this season, but it hasn't been all peaches-n-cream over the seasons with him.

#3- Will this team win the wild card? Although it is possible, the Phillies have been playing better ball of late, and are only 4.5 back, I strongly doubt it! I'm definitely rooting for it to happen though. It would be the story of the season, not just in Philly but in all of baseball. I would be content with solid baseball from here on out with the "youngsters" learning for next year's run.

"I know I might be wrong, But I'm sick of pretending, I've listened to you to long, And nothing's ever mended." (Renovation- Helmet)

"It always feels good to be right, And if it helps you sleep at night, I'll tell you what you want to hear, And act like I care." (Like I Care- Helmet)

*Take what you will from those song lyrics.



GM-Carson said...

Wow, this offense sure misses Bobby Abreu's bat, they only managed to score 16 last night.

Utley's streak now up to 34.

Dellucci is a putz though, there's no way he can give the amazing production Abreu did...yeah right, check it!


GM-Carson said...

Riddle me much longer will we suffer through Nunez at 3rd?