Friday, August 04, 2006

Random Thoughts of a Tired Man...

Abreu Homer Watch
It won't stop just because he's playing for the Yankees. He is now at 38 games without a homerun. Rafael Belliard thinks this guy can't hit home runs.
Smokin' Steve had this to say about WSBGM's lately, "What happened to you guys? You were so pissed off before, now it's all lovey dovey. " Speak for Carson, Steve, because I'm still pissed, here's why:
- The Phils are 2.5 games out of the Wild Card, and that really ticks me off. Charlie Manuel is an idiot, no news there, and has lost more than his share of games this year. Ryan Franklin, he of the $2.5 million dollar homerun derby pitcher, is to blame for at least 5. The absolute refusal to move Abreu to the leadoff spot, drop J-Roll down in the order, and move Utley to the three hole probably cost the Phils some wins. Running guys like Eude Brito and Adam Bernero, aka Paul Abbot Part II, out to the mound for starts didn't help the cause much. My point is, most of these things could have been prevented but it didn't seem to matter because the Phils had no shot at the playoffs anyway. Then, August rolls around, and guess what...the rest of the NL wild card contenders suck as much or worse than the Phils. Hey, now we have a chance!!! Of course, Uncle Charlie Bumblefuck is still the manager, our best OBP guy is in New York and Jon Lieber is still fat. As fans, we can be fickle and change with the wind, but the organization shouldn't. It seems like the team and manangment gave up on the season a long time ago. If not, Charlie would be gone, Bobby might be here hitting leadoff, and other moves might have been made. But instead, the towel was thrown in, and I'm won't accept that.
Fidel is sick, and I'm sick of Fabio sitting on the pine. The guy has yet to give up a run in a Phillies uniform. Put him in the game already!!!
I will get lovey-dovey now. Not because I love Chris Coste necessarily, but because I hate Mike Lieberthal. Drop the hammer on Lieby. It's over. Bring up Ruiz to catch half the games, and play Coste at catcher half the time and at third a quarter of the time. The rest can be filled in by...Bobby Scales.
Wild Card
I'll admit it, I gave up on this season long ago. I think I was wrong. The Phils can make the playoffs. Cincinnatti isn't that good. Arizona isn't that good. LA isn't that good. Chase Freaking Utley IS good. Advantage Phillies. Something so wrong never felt so good...well, except for that time in Mexico...
Brett Myers
Anyone still want to trade Brett Myers? Didn't think so.

Back to sleep, for dreams of Wild Cards, hitting streaks, and firing incompetant managers...



GM-Carson said...

That's my boy, just as pissed off and raging as ever!

Something to get your knickers in a bunch about: Nunez is still playing at 3rd despite proving he's worth less than a midget in a dunk content...funny little people!


Andy said...

Those "Trade Myers" comments were just ridiculous. How in God's Green Earth would we ever get anyone nearly close in return? Especially since we gave Abreu away!

GM-Carson said...

Andy, you must remember as Phillies fans, as a group, we're very fickle and seem to jump to conclusions. I try to stay level-headed, but find it difficult. Those dipshits that wanted Myers traded were just saying so because all of a sudden he was a morally "bad" person. Glad we're given him a 2nd chance...we need him!

*All good things must come to an end...Utley stopped at 35. You're still the man Chase!

BloodStripes said...

You know. Myers indiscretion has worked in his favour. He made a big mistake and has realised it is time to pull his head in and get on with the job of pitching for the Phils and make a career for himself. Everyone makes mistakes and people deserve second chances after they do. It was the first and last call for Myers in Philly, but he has come out of it ok. Keep throwing hard big man. We have forgiven you.

PS. I hope your wife has too.