Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Planet of the Apes

What is going on in the City of Brotherly Love? It appears to me that the Phils have taken offense to all the Mets fans showing up in their home park, and have been beating the hell out them since arrival. The Phillies offense has gone apeshit! Just when the fanbase started to doubt whether this team was actually better or not, they rise to the occasion and start knocking the crap out of the ball and opposing pitchers (Pedro & Orlando).

Since the trade deadline and the departure of Sir Walks Alot, the Phillies offense has catapulted from 4th in the league to now #1 after last night's bombardment of runs. If not for some faulty starting pitching and bullpen meltdowns, the Phils would actually lead in the hunt for the Wild Card. As of today, they are still on the outside looking in at 2.5 games back on Cincy. So, to me the Wild Card remains a possibility because the starting pitching is slowly getting better with Hamels continuing progression, Wolf's return to health, Lieber pitching more like his old self rather than the Dunkin Donuts spokesman, and Myers being Myers. That's 4 starters that will at least give you a chance to win. Mathieson is still learning, and the Phils are still learning about he may be best suited for a relief role. The bullpen needs Flash to get healthy and Rhodes to keep pitching pissed off! The offense needs to keep going out there and putting up 5 to 6 runs a game, and all may end up being well in Phillyville.

More Ape$h!t:
*I'm not going to bash Bobby Abreu for his approach to hitting, I'm just going to say it obviously did not mesh with what the Phils offense is built upon...aggressiveness. David "Dude I'm getting a" Dellucci has played above expectations and has outperformed Abreu and fits in better with the Phils current hackers.
*Jimmy "Super Fly Snuka" Rollins is the accelerator of this offense. When he's on, the offense is on, and vice versa.
*Randy "Howling" Wolf likes to swing the bat, and I love pitchers who aren't afraid to try and get a hit or work a walk for themselves.
*Shane "Flyin' Hawaiian" Victorino is fun to watch. His style of play fits in beautifully with the New Look Phillies. I love watching him run around the bases!



GM-Carson said...

Didn't want to list this under "More Ape$h!t", but even Abe Nunez has a 7 game hit streak...say what?!

BloodStripes said...

I hope the bombardment continues. If Leibers good work in the last few starts can also continue it might just be enough for another crucial win. 24 runs in two games against the NL best mets. Going apeshit alright! Smash 'em Phils.

BloodStripes said...

Talking about Rhodes pitching well 'pissed off'. He has'nt given up a run in about 9 innings or so. The new look Phils sure have some attitude. They got a "take no shit from nobody" attitude. Its great. Paid no respect to the mets in-form pitchers. Nailed them all over the place. Where was all this hidden charisma hiding. Like you said, even Nuni is struttin' the stuff.

fans said...

We loved the way Rowand was laughing at Victorino after he ran into the wall.

Los said...

So, wait - when did Lieber start pitching better again? He is 4-9, and has an ERA of over 5.5. This is not anywhere near the guy that won 17 for us last season.

I think we currently have 2 guys we can count on to go to the mound and give us a chance right now (Hamels, and Myers, although Myers has been pitching like Floyd lately). Uncle Charlie keeps misusing the bullpen, and unless we can continue to put up big runs, we are not going anywhere.

I'll go rain on someone else's parade now.

Bob D said...

Big game today for donut eater. A strong game by Leiber will give additional rest to the bullpen. That would be crucial as they all needed to rest some. Good job by Hamels / Wolf. If Mathieson can also put up a solid game then maybe Manuel will rotate each reliever into only 1 game during this Mets series.

Whelkman said...

That this team now hits triples impresses me the most about the "new look" offense. Victorino was practically standing at third by the time Milledge got around to picking up the ball.

Haunting matchup for today. It's not that Lieber doesn't have it in him; it's that Glavine has had it in him all year, excepting a soft July. Lieber may have a few years on the Mets' aging starter, but Glavine is in top shape, a true athlete.

Chris said...

Actually, as I showed on my blog, the Phils have walked MORE as a team and taken more pitches since July 1st. Almost half of that time is w/o Bobby(who is hitting 375).

Stop with this 'agressive' business when they're winning by hitting doubles and homers.

GM-Carson said...

i gotta agree with Chris on this one. these last two games are of a change in fortune, not necessarily a change in approach (ie: aggression). they are going apeshit thought, which is good.

positve thoughts as the gopgherball mcfatty pitches today.

GM-Carson said...

About the "aggressive" comment. They are hitting homeruns and doubles, but I've also seen a new attitude in this team over the past few weeks. This may be just my perception, or me wanting to think that they are playing differently, either way the results have been better. I'm not here to argue if Abreu was good or bad, because I think he was good at what he did for the most part, but his style simply did not fit in well with the Phils approach. My "aggressive" comment was mostly geared towards our change in 3 hole hitter from Abreu to now Utley. Utley likes the tense situations and wants to get the hit, as where Abreu was more than happy to take the walk. Walks are great unless you're just stranded on base. Also, it seems this team is more aggressive on the basepaths, but once again it may all be my imagination.

About Lieber- he's pitched much better the last two starts, with narry a win.


GM-Carson said...

los- feel free to rain on our parade, I'll return the favor sometime. That's the beauty of blogging!

GM-Carson said...

los- told you Lieber was pitching better!