Friday, August 11, 2006

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: Danny Tartabull/Mike Jackson

These two should be remembered more for not playing for the Phillies, rather than actually contributing anything. Danny "Chief Sitting" Tartabull was signed to help boost the '97 Phils offense. His previous season's 27 homeruns would have been nice, but instead he only managed to eek out 3 games played, then went on the DL for life! Then there is Mike "Not Pedophile" Jackson who did come up as a rookie with the Phillies in 86/87, went on elsewhere, but then was recaptured for bullpen relief in 2000. Don't remember him pitching a single game that season? There's a good reason for that, he was hurt in spring training and spent the entire season on the DL. So on this fine Friday, August 11th we as Phillies fans remember two that were barely Phillies.


*The Mets started an all ex-Phillies outfield last night of Ricky Ledee, Endy Chavez, and Michael Tucker...yikes! They still won the game despite our cast-offs.

*Adam Bernero is back with the Royals and starts tonight. I can't believe the Phils let him go, he pitched so wonderfully in that one abysmal start.

*Abreu seems like a new man in NY. We knew he was good all along, but we always questioned his motivation...and now more so that ever!

*Huge weekend series against the Reds @ home...time to glow or blow!



Los said...

Abreu is probably more motivated in New York because he is no longer the best player on the team.

GM-Carson said...

Da Yank fans may love him now, but wait until he goes on a cold streak...they boo A-Rod for crying out loud!

dane said...

i really liked abreu but he needed a change of scenery. for abreu's sake i hope the yanks do well this year. abreu deserves it for all the grief he took here and never lashing out.

GM-Carson said...

Dane- I liked Abreu too, but his effort was questionable at times.

If the Yanks get Matsui and/or Sheff back, they'll be damn near unstoppable...practically already are.

Spencer said...

Again I wish people here would not hate a player because they don't have a dirty uniform. I keep saying that Aaron Rowland is getting a free pass in this city because of that one catch - otherwise he has been pretty much forgettable.

Bobby Abreu was what he was - a talented ball player that wasn't going to be a leader of the team. Remember Schmidt - he had Bowa and then Rose and never had to actually be a leader. Man was the best 3rd baseman to play the game, yet we didn't like him.

dane said...

wow what a game tonight. i think tonight the phils glowed and hopefully they keep it up for the rest of the season

GM-Carson said...

Glow on brotha, Glow on!

Whelkman said...

Don't think Rowand's soft play isn't noticed, at least by me. I'm glad he got that game winning single, because he desperately needs to do something to help this team. Even Burrell and Rollins are stepping up with these "new look" Phils, but Rowand's still hanging back and screwing around.

I've long had a complaint along the lines of Abreu about Lieberthal. The aging Pratt wasn't as athletic, but he was engaging and enjoyed the game. I realize a team of "nice guys" won't win a series but neither will a collection of sour pusses, of which the Phils had many.

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