Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Phillies Hate Us

Dictators and Bi-Pitchers
The Dictator has now pitched 10.1 innings with the Phils without yielding a run. He hasn't given up an earned run since June 18th. Yet, he's only pithed seven times in the last seven weeks. I haven't seen underappreciation like this since Greg Harris went ambidextrious. Like a drunk girl with low self-esteem at a frat party, Harris went both ways versus the Cincinnatti Reds in 1995. The man had a specially designed glove that allowed him to switch back-and-forth, for God's sake! What's worse is that Harris had a 2.36 ERA with the Phillies in 1988 and instead of allowing him to show off his freakish talents in the City of Brotherly Love, they released him 1989. Of course, no Phillies team in the late 80's early 90's had much use for a versitile pitcher with a career 3.69 ERA. Kind of like a useless 21 year old lefty with a 1.66 ERA and a two month scoreless streak...
For The Ladies
Here is your monthly Tom Gorzelanny picture. What can I say, sex sells.
First Round Picks
Kyle Drabek, the first round pick of the Phillies,is obviously really good. So far with the GCL Phillies, in a league full of undrafted high school kids and 16 year old Dominicans, Drabek has gone 1-3 with a 7.71 REA including 33 hits, 14 K's and 11 BB in 23 innings.
Brad Lincoln, the first round pic of the Buccos, is not doing much better. He's 1-2 with a 6.75 ERA. At least he's pitching in the South Atlantic League...of course, he is 3 years older.
Tonight's Games
Cole Hamels has thrown 21 innings and given up 2 earned runs in his last 3 starts. Opposing pitcher Ramon Ortiz gave up seven in his last start, which means he'll probably shut out the Phillies. It's a day game, so Burrell likely won't be that hungover.
In Cincinnatti, Paul Maholm takes the hill against our old friend Eric Milton. Both ahve pitched well lately. Lots of righties on the Buccos, lots fo lefties on the Reds. Advantage Buccos.
The Wild Card Chase



dane said...

Drabek obviously has tons of potential but it would seem that he is tired as his high school team played deep into playoffs and he was their best pitcher so he probably threw more than his fair share of innings. He would be better served taking some time off to let his arm rest.

GM-Carson said...

you are most probably right. the high school season in texas is much longer than we are used to in the northeast. also, he is just a young kid so you can't use this early performance as a gauge of much of anything. they are pretty bad numbers though.


BloodStripes said...

Another great dose of Phillies banter at We Should be GM
's. No matter if the Phillies win or lose, you can always count on some good laughs here to raise the spirits. Nice work guys.

Its about time the Phillies shared some of their love with us fans, cause we love them right? (well most of the time). Maybe Hamels will spread a bit around tonight. Come on Phillies, blow us a kiss!

BloodStripes said...

Hamels is now .500. Its the teams turn to get there now.

Che said...

ok, the pirates got destroyed, so my superstition has no need to continue.

bloodstripes, the pirates' series against the reds is unfortunately at the Great American Ballpark; that means all the stats you gave are reversed. The Pirates had only won 14 games on the road before they rolled into Cincy.

either way, phillies phans, the 'rats and I will try to win the series against the reds tomorrow.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah I noticed I did that. Stupid me. The Pirates are doin' O.K anyway. Hope they win another.

Che said...

yea, i didn't want to tell you because maybe if the pirates THINK they're playing at home, they'll win more. unfortunately that didn't work yesterday.

Whelkman said...

After a shaky return, Wolf looked great in his last two starts with 4 ERs across 12.1 IP; let's hope his momentum continues. Plus, he's 3/8 with 3 RBIs and .900 OPS! Great going Wolfy!

Fat Ted said...

It's nice to Drabek is doing well, though I don't think anyone is worried or even thinking about him.
Who's care about the minors, we're in the shittiest wild card chase ever - which means we can win it.

Los said...

Hamels looked good again - I guess he's the ace now, right? Wolf might be the number 2 guy now (shudder).

Good thing we got Jamie Moyer ... about 10 years too late. I heard Goose Gossage still isn't signed.

BloodStripes said...

'Numb Nuts' Nunez is on fire today. A triple away from hitting for the cycle. Star of the game!

Whelkman said...

What a crappy game to be a star of. He deserves it.

GM-Carson said...

Yo, I'm back from my weekend at Baltimore- Halladay against Bedard...Halladay looked nice!

Glad to see the Phils killed the Nats Saturday then managed to hold on to a win today. I heard the Nats commited 5 errors...that's f'n bad!

I'll be back with a bodacious blog tomorrow.


Mike H. said...

It was only four errors, unless you want to count Astacio's performance on the mound. Talk about the wheels falling off of that guy...

Also talk about, in tomorrow's post, why Moyer is a great two-month pickup, and going to turn out to be smarter than keeping Cory Lidle. Lefties have owned the Cubs this year, and that'll continue on Tuesday.

Halladay looked real good in the highlights. You probably saw this year's Cy Young winner.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah glad we got another lefty in time for the cubs series. Even though the Phils had an ugly win, its better than losing.

GM-Carson said...

I checked and the box score liste 5 errors for the Nationals in the game. Either way, 4 or 5 errors is sickly defense.

I've wanted Moyer in a Phils uniform for a couple seasons now. First, I'm a big fan of guys that are old and still playing, because that's who I grew up watching...Moyer is one of them. Second, he is consistent...really fricken consistent! Third, he's from PA, and I bet he's thrilled to be coming over here in the midst of a Wild Card chase.