Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No Fear!

It's back to the real world today for me. That's right Mr. Carson Drama Queen is going back to school to teach all the little kiddies how to grow up and prosper. Meanwhile Dr. Corey Stubborn-and-Blind is doing residency keeping Central PA healthy. But have NO FEAR, I have my priorities straight and will continue blogging daily for your and most importantly my pleasure.

*Embrace the Beard- Rick White might seriously be capable of pitching every game. I hated this pickup at first, but he's turning out to be a staff saver and is performing above expectations.
*Jose "K" Hernandez- this isn't the best trade in the world, but it's better than nothing. He is versatile (almost any position) and right-handed. He didn't cost the Phils a prospect either (only $) if we're basically using him for pinch-hitting and an occasional start, I'm all for it.
*Myers- he needs to bounce back from his recent struggles and show that the Phillies rotation is now 5 strong.
*Moyer- I used to hate watching this guy pitch against the Phils, now I love it! He nibbles and throws slow and slower...I have bowel movements faster, so I know it's gotta be frustrating for opposing batters.
*Utley- that "rubberneck" worthy collision already cost the Phils Rowand, and it might cost them Chase for a few games now too...get well soon!



BloodStripes said...

We get the Rev. the Oracle, the Professor and the Doc! The world is truly a better place with this blog. Keep 'em happy and healthy boys!

The Beard said the other day the more he gets to throw the better his stuff. (Sounds like a certain knuckleballer who wrote a good book.) So if thats the case then let him throw Charlie!

Great to see Moyer pitch 6 solid ones in his Phillie debut to take the win.

Note for Myers: "Get your shit together"!!!

dane said...

hopefully utley will be back in the lineup tonight. moyer is going to be a great addition down the stretch. lets go phils

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- I don't know if the world is ready for the Rev., Oracle, Professor, Doc, Drama Queen, and Stubborn & Blind...but we're coming to take over anyway!

I desperately hope Utley is back in the starting lineup tonight. If not I'm sending our in-house Doc over to fix him up...stat!

GM-Carson said...

Update: appears as Mike Bourn "Identity" will not be coming to PHilly as originaly believed. It will now be Jose Hernandez and Joe Thurston being added to the PHils bench mix.

Los said...

Great effort by Moyer - maybe he can be a calming influence for the other young pitchers, plus get us some wins. Utley, please get well!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

I see the Moyer acquistion as nothing but positive for the Phils. He's a better 5th option in the rotation than anybody in-house. If he proves to be a solid addition for the remainder of the season, he can be obtained next year as well for $4.75 million, not bad for a guy with more than 200 career wins.

Chris said...

Freaking Rowand

Whelkman said...

Great first outing by Moyer. He may be old, but he brings much needed youthful energy to the team. Moyer also appeared to take command of the defense, something our young pitchers need to learn. He and his smokin' wife are welcome in the city of motherly love.

I'm impressed Gillick is "going with the flow" and adding where needed after July's dumpfest. Now I'll feel good about this year even if the Phils finish their usual one or two out of the Wild Card. Back in June I thought they'd be like seven under.

I'm amazed how little I miss the "old Phils". Hell, I'm struggling to even remember some of their names. I liked the team until last year's defeat to the Astros. That overpaid team finished just under one too many times. I had enough of making one or two changes, which were usually bad changes anyway. WSBGMs saw the truth, and I'm glad Gillick did, too (except with Manuel).

The team really seems to be trying now. I even like that Abreu and Lidle are faring so well for the Yanks. I like good baseball from all teams.

BenJah said...

hernandez only SOUNDS good as an aquisition for the bench. remember in milwakee when his manager refused to let him finish the season so he wouldn't break the K record. but at least you can add to the phucco list.

GM-Carson said...

you can never have too many phuccos.


GM-Carson said...

Phuk no, you can never have too many phukin Phuccos! Iterstate love connection baby...almost like incest but hotter...wait did I just refer to incest as hot, there's something wrong with me!

Che said...

Yea, how yinz likin' Jose K? I know that I have been critical of him, but as I said on my blog, I think he'll be an upgrade. He had a couple game-winning hits for the Bucs, and he actually has a fair batting average off the bench. Try him out, see how you like him, if you're not satisfied, I can guarantee a minimum full-price refund in the offseason. (Because the Pirates seem to love the guy so much they'll probably want him back on the team)

Whelkman said...

Corey or Carson,

You were probably distracted by the MILF Karen Moyer.

GM-Carson said...

It's the 3rd inning and things look bad. Myers is flying open on his delivery and his pitches are up and to the right. The offense is swinging at pitches not in the strike zone...lay off pitches at your throat! I hope I can post later with good news of a Phils win, but thing just don't look like they'll be that way.

Interstate Love-yummy!

Whelkman said...

Myers flat out sucks. The Mets would have scored six runs off him by now.

GM-Carson said...

Where the hell is BloodStripes with our Rally Cry?!

BloodStripes said...

Here I am bro! Just got home from work.

It looks like Myers found his pitching arm again. Good to see.

Going to the 6th. Big Man, Pat and Looch. Here we go Phillies!!! Howie is due to go yard very shortly.

BloodStripes said...

Oh yeah!!!!!!

Just call me Oracle. Atta boy Ryano!!

Woo hoo, I made it home just in time!!!!

BloodStripes said...

Myers has 7 SO and retired the last 7 straight after 6. Is he really pitching that crappy? The cubs are that bad huh?

Good timing if they are, he needs a boost. This will help.

Whelkman said...


Myers got better as the game went on, but the Cubs swung at junk the whole time.

Harry Kalas is a shitty singer.

BloodStripes said...

Lucky they got Bynum stealing. Phew! A good K on 3 pitches to Ramirez, but I'm getting nervous now. Get someone up Charlie. Myers frisbee pitches are coming.

BloodStripes said...

PG looks good again with Thurston hitting on his 1st visit to the plate as a Phillie. Enough to enable Jimmy to hit an RBI double.

I love that J-Roll.

Close it Arthur. Wait a second, here comes Geary. This ones a heart-stopper.

With cincy and zona losing today and the cards behind in the 9th. You could'nt have a more important day to win.

C'mon Phillies!!!!

BloodStripes said...

'put this one in the win column for the phigtin' phils'

Great win!!!

1 1/2 out. You ripper!!!

BloodStripes said...

Where are you Drama Queen? I'm talking to myself here after my rally cry. Check the time Howard hit that homer, i posted my rally cry only 1 minute before. I have a delay of the call down here by about that much, but no word of a lie i got it in before he hit it. Anyway, I got excited. Almost hit the roof.

Hey I found another Aussie Phils fan on a forum. I'll try and get him over to the blog.

Phillies! Phillies! Phillies!

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- last night's game ball should be given to you because you called Howard's homer and you gave the all important Rally Cry!

Invite that other Down Under Brotha over here to WSBGM's for some good Phils talk...thanks for recruiting...the more the better!

*By the way, I was in bed watching the game after Howard's homer.

BloodStripes said...

No worries bro! I was having fun posting. I hope I'm not over-doing it. LOL. Whelkman chimed though.

Great to see the Phils take that game. I hope King Cole brings his broom next game. I'll be up at 5am tuning in. Thats about an hour into it. Are you gonna get to see the game?

GM-Carson said...

I get off work at 3:10, so I'll miss the first couple innings. But I'll be tuned into the radio on the drive home.

Hamels-vs-Zambrano...should be a good showing today my friends.