Saturday, August 05, 2006

Love & Hate

There seems to be a lot of warm fuzzy feeling and complete contempt floating around on this blog lately. I must admit that I'm feeling both, which is giving me this sorta funny tingly sensation in my balls...paging Dr. Shambaugh.

*Utley- hit streak stopped at 35, but you're still the man. I love the way he plays the game. He truly is the type of player that doesn't give a damn about a personal "chase" falling short because the club achieved the ultimate goal of winning.
*Howard- I absolutely have faith that this dude will break Schmidt's single season homerun record of to see him go 50+.
*Paulino & Coste- 2 rookie catchers that are playing far above expectations.
*Sanchez- keep hitting bro!
*Gonzalez- 19 save chances, 19 saves.

*Mets fans and more importantly New York fans in general- they had the audacity to boo Chase Utley when he came to the plate last night. I'm all for booing in most situations, but in this case it was completely classless!
*Lieberthal- this is a bit unfair, because he doesn't pencil his name into the lineup, but he's barely more than an adequate backup catcher at this point in his career. Not to mention he's blocking the path of Carlos Ruiz.
*Manuel- I've left him off the hook to easily of late. Just because the Phillies are winning does not mean he is managing better.
*Nunez- please, please, please make your playing time worthwhile!



GM-Carson said...

i'm here because i always answer my pages promptly...

i have to totally disagree with your criticism of mets fans. if i were a mets fan, i would boo chase utley. i wouldn't give a crap about chase utley, or how hard he plays, or how sweet his swing is...i would only care that he does NOT get a base hit against my team.

i don't see this as classless at all, partly because i see this booing as a representation of the rivaly between NY and Philly, and as a sign of the hate each city has for the other, and their players.

if carlos beltran was in The Cit with a 40 gamer, i would boo him like he was brandon duckworth...

i will never, EVER be against a good booing. i rip NY and its fans all the time, but i have to give them props. they represented the east coast well. this isn't freaking san fransisco...


GM-Carson said...

I knew you would be for the "booing" last night...and I'm glad you held true to form. This is a case where I make exceptions for opposing players if indeed your scenario of Beltran with a 40-gamer came to the Cit.

*Now, about that tingle I feel in my scrot?!


dane said...

I agree the Mets fans had no reason to boo utley. Most fans boo when the game is important to the team but the Mets have such a large lead that they could sleepwalk through the rest of the season and finish first. They should be happy to witness history and should have respected Utley

GM-Carson said...

Watching the game right now and more loathing is pooring through me. Lieber is a fat slob and make an unexcusable error then Burrell is too damn slow or drunk/hungover to catch a lazy popup leading to a Mets lead. The Mets look in command now, and the Phillies offense has been silent since the 1st...typical f'n Phils.


GM-Carson said...

I also hate watching 3rd strikes...swing the f'n bat!

GM-Carson said...

Defense will get ya every time. Phils have been horrible with the mitts this season, and it cost them today.

Fat Ted said...

their booing really pissed me off as well

if it were david wright i would cheer, hes a class act like utley

GM-Carson said...

let them boo, the best way to make New York fans look like the idiots they are is to answer back and win the game...that'll shut 'em up!

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