Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hey, Ho...Let's Go!

Smack, slap, punch, kick, bite, poke, pinch! That's what the Phillies will do, right up until the end of a ball game. They may have lost last night, but not for lack of trying. The team never gave up. It's weird sitting here typing about a loss and not being pissed off. Yes, it did suck that the Phils lost, but they had me believing they were going to win right up until that final out. I love the way this "new look" team is playing with energy, confidence, and heart! Once everyone starts clicking together as a team, they will be solid and become much more consistent throughout. People are noticing Burrell's change of attitude, and hopefully more will follow...Hey, Ho, Let's Go!


*Flash Gordon- he just has not pitched the same since being named an All-Star. His stuff doesn't seem as crisp and his location is off...not good! He gets a thumbs down for killing the crowd enthusiasm the past 2 nights.
*Ryan Howard- his power is a thing of beauty, I just can't say enough great things about this slugger...I'm gushing.
*Scott Mathieson- needs to calm the hell down and trust his stuff and remember his mechanics!
*SS & 2B- quit taking the catcher's throws in front of 2nd base! You're allowing base stealers to go to the back of the bag and be safe when the catcher actually threw them out (i.e. last night J-Roll doing just that on Coste's perfect throw on Freel).
*Dellucci- or as some keep calling him "Delluca" is flat-out good.
*Brett Myers- you're our ace, now pitch like one!
*Bullpen Management- seriously, Geary's arm may just fall off...let Castro pitch, dude hasn't surrendered a run yet!



dane said...

this is now chase utley's team and everyone is following his lead including burrell whereas before they played laid back like bobby abreu now they play agressive. i love it. its fun to watch them every night and i too believed howard was going to hit his 41st and win the game

Los said...

So, will Delucci be signed by the Phils next season? His arm is a little weak - not sure if a hefty price-tag is something the Phils will go for.

GM-Carson said...

just finishing up my 30 hour shift. all i got to see last night was the top of the ninth, so you can guess what i thought of the game...

thank's carson for the ramones theme. gabba gabba hey.

gordon is old. this shouldn't be a surprise that he can't maintain for a whole year.

why is nunez still allowed to get on the field? seriously. this is getting ridiculous.

hopefully i'll get home for the game, i haven't seen more than 2 innings in 2 weeks, i want to see a win.


Whelkman said...

Isn't Gordon's August-September performance why the Yanks dumped him in the first place? I recall a lot of "Gordon can't take the Phils to the post season!" talk early on.

GM-Carson said...

Myers shit the bed this afternoon...3 straight homeruns?!

Corey- 30 hour shift...nice! Bet you're not tired in the least.

Howard continues to mash!

Manuel continues to be a dumbass. I go to Sunday dinner with my family and an 83 year-old lady called him an idiot!

Has Fabio Castro gone AWOL...because I'd think he should be appearing in a game sometime soon.


GM-Carson said...

Is there a more feared hitter in MLB than Ryan Howard...utterly amazing!

BloodStripes said...

Flash blew the last save cause of injury. Finally he is getting it "squarred off". He was trying to do what he could for the team but only hurt it. The team that is and his shoulder some more. Now thats dumb. Maybe Charlie is rubbing off on him.

I'm a teenage lobotomy.

GM-Carson said...

BloodStipes- now I want to sniff some glue...all the kids want somethin' to do! Ramones Rock!

BloodStripes said...

Yes they do. Punk legends. RIP Joey.