Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fun & Delicious!

Now that's what I'm talking about! Last night's 14-inning win over the Reds was one helluva ball game. Phillies looked down and out late in the game, then storm back on a J-Roll homerun and Burrell triple of all things. Flash comes in an surrenders the lead, but the Phils fight back yet again. Rowand finally wins the game with a single...great game! The team played with heart last night and fought the entire time. Just like PEZ, last night's game was fun and delicious!

*Embrace the beard- that's right, Rick White might not be that great of a reliever, but he's got some awesomely ugly facial hair and is pitching ok for the Phils, so I'm rootin' for him!

*Fear Howard- walked 4 times last night, and more and more teams are pitching around him.

*Lock him up- David Dellucci should be offered a contract extension right now! He's making that Abreu trade look better and better with every game played.

*Cut him- Nunez really is bad. How much longer does this "chance" for him last...he just can't hit!

*Pitch him- Fabio Castro better be appearing in a game soon, because Geary's arm is going to fall off.

*Bat him 6th- Rollins is showing that he should be an rbi guy rather than a leadoff man.

*Believe- this season is fun again, so go ahead and indulge yourself and start fantasizing about Wild Cards! Who cares how unlikely a scenario it is that the Phillies achieve that goal, have fun with it and we as fans may just be rewarded in the end.



GM-Carson said...

Also of note: Ryan Madson needs to stay in the bullpen. I'm glad he got his chance to start, but he blew it. His true value with the devestating change-up is in relief, as he should probably be the 8th inning guy now.

Whelkman said...

Talk about heart! I don't think I've ever seen as much emotion from Burrell than when he popped up from that triple. That hit-robbing block from Utley was a thing of beauty, and Abreu's "Gold Glove" wouldn't have caught Victorino's right field fly in a million years.

Not that I expected them to come through, but great at bats by Wolf and Fultz. They took the role seriously, and it showed when they got their outs.

The best part, though, is the Reds were playing their guts out, too, robbing nearly as many hits from the Phils, and digging way, way too deeply into their "bullpen", if the term even applies. Finally, the Phils win not because the other team is chumpy or distracted but because they simply outplayed the opposition (if only for this game).

The lineup is goofy, but at least there's sign of life in management. I'd like pitcher in fifth more if we actually had some bats on the bench. Then again, the goofy order wouldn't be neccessary at all without Nunez and Lieberthal.

dane said...

that was true grit last night displayed from the phils and they are taking after their leader, Chase Utley. I also loved the emotion showed by Burrell. I looked like he was actually having fun. Your commment on Delluci was right on the mark, he needs to be signed to an extension.

GM-Carson said...

After a win like last night's, it's some times hard to come back the next day. I think now is the perfect time for the Phils to go on a 5-6 game winning streak and make a statement to the rest of the NL.

Isn't it amazing how this bunch is so much more fun to watch than opposed to 2 weeks ago?

I usually don't believe in "addition by subtraction", but the way the Phils are playing, they make good on that.


P.S. Whelkman- great note about Victorino catching Dunn's're right, Abreu's "gold glove" would have never came close!

David said...

If they ever release a Rick White Pez dispenser, I'm going to have the market cornered.

I can't even remember what our earlier disagreements were about. Burrell? No one bothers arguing about him anymore. Abreu is much more of a chic point of contention these days...

Mike H. said...

Thanks for the invite, Carson!

Definite flashbacks of 1993 going on in that game last night. It was a trip listening to it with a lot of fans. All I needed was some Yuengling. (can't get that here in California...)

David, you make a good point. Now that it really is Utley and Howard's team, I wonder how Burrell will respond. I know his foot hurts, but I'd like to think he'd like being a "top lieutenant" in a clubhouse instead of the "captain." We'll see.

Great time to be a Phils fan.

GM-Carson said...

Mike H.- my father-in-law only drinks Yuenling Premium, and refers to it as "Nectar of the Gods".

And if this team is making people think of the '93 team, then maybe they do actually have something going!

Bob D said...

Thanks for inviting me Carson.
Delluca is definetely an exciting player. He fits in well with Utley, Howard and Co. Burrel also fits in well from the right side. He may not be worth his contract and may not be very tradable but he can produce runs. Victorino seems good enough if they need to replace Burrel or Rowand.

dane said...

on the topic of burrell, today i on my blog i did a whole post about burrell comparing him to other players making salaries comparable to his and how he can be best utilized

dane said...

tough loss tonight but they played hard until the final out. it was good to see them never give up. utley is wearing off on the rest of the team

GM-Carson said...

They fought to the bitter end...that's playing with guts my friends!

*Something seems wrong with Flash...hasn't been the same with his stuff or location since right before the All-Star break.

BloodStripes said...

After the 2 met poundings my hopes of a wild card are increasing. I'm continuing to dream cause the Phils are fighting the good fight and hangin' in there. Jimmy is climbing to .300 and Nuni is on a 6 game hit streak. Its all happening. Keep it up Phils. Only 2 games off .500. Then you'll be legit.