Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Down on the farm

Here's some savory news from the minors. Well, in the Phillies case it's not all that tasty, in fact it's not like Bob Evans at all, more like crappy burgers from the defunct Hot-n-Now. For crying out loud, White Castle has better food than that. Anyway, here are some sausage links, I mean players I've chosen to single out from the Phils system in AAA.

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Coste, Sanches, Mathieson, and Roberson. Mathieson should be given a shot at securing a rotation spot for next year, and I would like to see him earn just that. Sanches is auditioning for next seasons pen. Roberson, by my analysis, sucks! His minor league #'s are good, but hasn't shown jack squat in call ups this season. Coste should be given every opportunity to be next year's backup catcher and even 2nd string corner infielder.

Bourn (23), Smith (27), Condrey (30), Brito (27), Ruiz (27), Floyd (23), Germano (23), Scales (28), Cameron (28), Mazone (30), and Thurston (26). Bourn is the player that excites me most in the Phillies system, and I would like to see Rowand traded and Bourn given the chance to man CF and bat leadoff. Hell, if Gillick is going with the overhaul idea, ya need to go full throttle! Smith, acquired in Abreu/Lidle trade, has the ability to be a quality left handed reliever for the Phils. Condrey, Brito, and Floyd have all had their shot with the Phils. Condrey could man next season's long man in the pen, but I've definitely seen enough of Brito and Floyd. It is worth mentioning that Floyd is still young, but I just can't see him succeeding in Philly. Ruiz should be part of the catching duo next season along with Coste, and bat them 8th and be happily surprised by production. If Wolf or Lieber go, Germano has shot at rotation next spring. I like Scales for no particular reason and just want him to get called up come September, and same goes for Thurston. Cameron just keeps pitching in the minors for the Phils and possibly will get a chance to see if he's worth anything come September. Mazone came out of nowhere to pitch brilliantly this season. He's old at 30, but who knows, maybe the Phils could actually get lucky for once and find a diamond in the rough. Well, probably not a diamond but at least a cubic zirconium.

I'm glad old dudes with big salaries are on the way out, but I don't want to see the money saved going towards anymore disastrous Franklin or Nunez type signings. Use your minors to fill out some of the bullpen and bench spots, and possibly even CF and C. Although not sexy, and outfield of Burrell, Dellucci, Victorino, and Bourn could be as productive as Abreu, Burrell, and Rowand. Problem is, you need a smart enough manager to mix-n-match properly, something Manuel just isn't known for.

*If there is a guy in Scranton I left off this list and you think deserves a mention, then by all means go ahead and speak up!



GM-Carson said...

Floyd update- back on June 3, we predicted Floyd's #'s for his next 10 starts at Scranton. I was very harsh on him and Corey was more realistic.

Here is what I said: 2-6 record, 53 ip, 26 bb, 28 k, 5.75 era, 1.75 whip. In laymen's terms: washed up prospect!

Corey: Corey's prediction: 4-3, 4.44 era, 1.54whip, 42k, 32bb [basically, this isn't going to get solved in the next ten games.]

*Actual #'s through 11 starts: 5-2, 4.35 era, 72.1 ip, 20 bb, 59 k, and a 1.31 whip.

GM-Carson said...

chalk one up to me, bitches.


GM-Carson said...

A lip-smacking farm product got his 1st MLB win last night...way to go Mathieson!

GM-Carson said...

Varitek on BoSox 15 day DL...let's trade Lieby there! Get more of that down home cookin' from the farm (Ruiz) up to the Phils.

BenJah said...

i know you guys at WSBGMs are not as high on rowand as i am, but i agree that if u're gonna rebuild: go all out! as far as getting new guys, we really need some starters, even if they are ted lilly and rodrigo lopez types, and for madson to regain his bullpen form. but really: we need a thumping 3rd baseman. that position has been completely ignored since rolen left, and wasn't even valued highly while rolen was here. get a 3rd baseman, and it won't matter who is in the outfield.

GM-Carson said...

3rd base desperately needs addressed. We don't necessarily need a thumping dude like Troy Glaus, but someone with decent all-around game would be appreciated. I don't dislike Rowand, I just think aspects of his game are greatly over rated, but you can't deny the fact the man plays with balls! (In a non-gay way of course)