Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back in the high life again

I wake up this glorious Saturday morning with a smile on my face, hope in my heart, and determination in my mind. The Phils are making believers of the heart broken, downtrodden, skeptics of the Phillies fanbase (I am one of those). I still don't know if the Wild Card is going to be in Philly at seasons end, but I know that I'm enjoying the baseball that's being played right now. I "threw in the towel" on this season months ago, and never in my life would I love to be proven wrong more than right now. So Phils fans, take pleasure in the fact that the games still mean something and that this club didn't just roll over and play dead, rather chose to stick it out and be competitive.

About Time:
*Howard- It's about time the media starts hyping Ryan Howard up for MVP of the NL. His season right now is absolutely berserk!
*Sanches- It was about time he was shipped back to Scranton and another fellow ZERO ERA guy be called up in the form of Matt Smith.
*Geary- It's about time that we all recognize him for being consistent this entire season. He's not automatic by any means, but he's solid and you need pitchers like him in the bullpen.
*Manuel- It will be well past time when Manuel decides to slug an umpire for making repeatedly poor calls that screw the Phils! Last night Chavez bunted the ball into himself (out), and Reyes was caught stealing at 2nd (out), but the umps blew both calls.


P.S. BloodStripes- if you do not own that Pennywise album, you are missing out of life brotha! It's my favorite punk album from start to finish!


GM-Carson said...

Speaking of "About Time"- this is for you Corey. "It's about time for a party at my house, and it wouldn't be the same without you, no not at all, as I recall, you've got what I need"...great MxPx album!


Gort said...

It seems like the team got pissed off when their GM publicly gave up on them. The Phils are lot of fun to watch right now.

GM-Carson said...

hey, if the Phils did indeed get pissed off about being written off by Gillick and then in turn started playing better and winning...Gillick a genius!

IUP Philly Fan said...

About Time is a pretty good Pennywise album, I think I like Full Circle better though. From the Ashes just plain sucked though.

BloodStripes said...

I like the pissed off sentiments, it sure has stirred our boys up, they are playing inspired. And yes Gillick is a genius, (e.g, Howard, Fabio, Hardman Rowand and of course NUNI! I'm sure you all have more to enlighten me with)Piss 'em off some more PG.

Drama.....I dont own the album but have some of the songs as mp3's. On your wise recomendation I will download the rest.

Live it up PHILLIES!

GM-Carson said...

Full Circle is a great album as well. Bro Hymn is one of the best punk songs ever!