Sunday, July 23, 2006

Worst of the Worst (1990-Present)

Pirates edition:

C Humberto Cota - 2005 - .247-7-43. To be fair, Jason Kendall put up respectable numbers for many years, so his only competition was Mike Lavallier, and I refuse to put Spanky on a "Worst Of" list.
1B Kevin Young - 1993 - his 2001 was pretty bad, but slightly better than his horrendous 1993. His first season as the 1B starter the first time around the 'Burgh, KY tore up Three Rivers to the tune of 236-6-47. Okay for a slick fielding SS, really bad for a 1B.
2B Pat Meares - 2001 -absolutely stole money. .211-4-25 in his last year in Pittsburgh.
SS Mike Benjamin - 1999 - nice sideburns, but like Meares, basically stole money playing baseball. He hit .247-1-37 in '99 but considering his lifetime .229 average, it is amazing that he had a 13 year career!
3B Ty Wigginton - 2004 - the Buccos for all intents and purposes did not have a 3B in '04. Wigginton ran out there the most and hit .220. Sad.
OF Cecil Espy - 1992 - the '92 team went 96-66, not thanks to Cecil and his .258-1-20. Of course, when you have Bonds, Bonilla, Van Slyke, and Chico Lind carrying the "O," you afford to run Cecil out there.
OF Adrian Brown - 2002 - in hte last of 6 years with the Buccos, Brown totalled.216-1-21. He played a total of 14 games in the bigs after this
OF MIke Kingery - 1996 - somehow Kingery put together a 10-year MLB career. Of course, Pittsburgh gets him in the last year he plays and throws him out there for 117 games. He rewards them with .246-3-27.
Util Abraham Nunez - every year - played 8 years on Pittsburgh and was absolutely horribe in every one. His "best" year was in '01 when he hit .261.He hit over .240 in only 2 of the 8 years. Yet the Phillies gave this loser a two year multi-million dollar year because he hit .285 once!
Util Jermaine Allensworth -1997 - former 1st round pick got in 108 games in '97, only to hit .255 with only 3 home runs.
Util Derek Bell - 2001 - Operation Shutdown season. Hit .173-5-13 in 46 games and never played in the majors again. He did, however, continue to smoke crack cocaine.

SP Jon Lieber - 1995 - before he was a solid contributor to a Yankee division winner and before he was an overweight soft-tosser with the Phils, he was a 4-7 & 6.32 youngster with the Buccos.
SP Bronson Arroyo - 2000 - 2-6 & 6.40 in '00. Lowered ERA to 5.09 then 4.00 in consecutive years, then...waivers? As bad as 2000 was, were the Buccos that deep? NO.
SP Chris Peters - 1999 - don't let the 5-4 record fool you, he was bad. The 6.59 ERA tells the real story.
SP Ryan Vogelsong - 2004 - 6-13 & 6.50. I won't mention this was the centerpiece of the Jason Schmidt trade. Nope, won't even bring that up.
SP Oliver Perez - 2006 - what happened to this guy, I mean, besided being a Pirates, which almost mandates you NOT fulfill your potential or improve..until you leave for another team. 2-10 with a 6.63 ERA before being mercifully sent to AAA.
RP Jeff Ballard - 1994 - posted a 6.66 ERA in '94. A sign? I think so, even the devil thinks this organization sucks.
RP Omar Olivares - 2001 - Another in the long line of Phuccos, was absoutely atrocious in '01, 6-9 & a 6.55.
RP Dan Miceli - 1996 - future Det, SD, Fla, Col, Tex, Cle NYY pitcher sucked with Pittsburgh too. 2-10 & 5.78 in '96.
CL Mike Williams - 2003 - recorded 25 saves in '03 but did so with a 6.27 ERA. Traded to Philadelphia for Frank Brooks and posted a 5.96 ERA with them. When will these two teams learn...



SirAlden said...

Hey Guys, the Fresh Prince is loading and startin' everytime I swing by your page.

GM-Carson said...

i added something to the code to prevent that, if it doesn't work...i'm at a loss. neither carson or i are truly computer savvy, we're just flying by the seat of our pants. sorry for the inconvenience. in the meantime, enjoy some old-school-prime-time-tv rap and forget that the phillies are embarking on a fire sale!!!

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GM-Carson said...

The Phillies and Pirates each suck respectively in their own ways. Sad thing is, it doesn't seem to be getting better any time soon for either organization. Maybe if we did combine the two teams to do a Philaburgh Phuccos, they'd be able to compete...nah, still would fall short!