Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Worst of the Worst (1990-Present)

These are the worst seasons, by position, for a Phillies player since 1990. Eligability was at least 1/2 season as the starter at the position.

C Darren Daulton - 1991 - played in 89 games, batted .196. Great leader. Absolutely insane. Horrid 1991 season.
1B Dave Hollins - 1995 - the deepest position in baseball, and our first baseman was a bad third baseman? Hit .229 wth 7 homeruns in 65 games before being traded to Boston for Mark Whiten. He went on to hit .154 in Beantown.
2B Mickey Morandini - 2000 - Mick should not have been playing this year. Hit .252 with zero dingers before getting traded to Toronto for...oh, god...Rob Ducey.
SS Kevin Stocker - 1995 - this was an especially brutal offensive year for a guy I will have trouble saying anything else bad about, except he wasn't a good hitter. .218 with a single round-tripper.
3B David Bell - 2003 - One of the reasons many Phillie fans can't stand this loser. As soon as he signs a healthy contract, he hits .195. Thankfully, he played on 85 games due to injury.
OF Pat Burrell - 2003 - Two-Zero-Nine. What is that to Pat Burrell? Number of cigarettes smoked per day? Number of hook-ups in a week? Nope, his BA for the 2003 season. It was painful, physically painful, to watch Pat Burrell swing a bat that year. Change of stance. Change position in the box. Change pre-pitch routine. Wiggle the bat. Don't wiggle the bat. None of it worked. He swung at every slider in the dirt and watched every fastball right down the middle. I still get nightmares about this season.
OF Von Hayes - 1991 - lets be honest, Von Hayes sucked big time this year. He played half a season, hit .225 with absolutely no homeruns. He was also making $2.2 million that year, not exactly chump change for 1991.
OF Rob Ducy - 2000 - one of the stupidest things I ever saw, occured with Rob Ducey in 2000. He started with the Phils, hit .189 thru half a season. So, the Phils traded him to the Blue Jays for some retard. He hit .154 while in Canada. I say "while in Canada" because he was later traded to....the Phillies!!! for Mickey Morandini, who made this list too for the same season!! Why would a team trade for a guy hitting below .200, who already hit below .200 for you THIS YEAR? Who know, but they did, and he went on a wicked hot streak, hitting .217 the rest of the way. He was recently spotted at a Harrisburg Senator's their hitting coach!!!
UTIL Abraham Nunez - 2006 - [in progress] his numbers are so bad, I'm fairly safe in including him in this list. After 100 at-bats, he's .150-1-5. Ouch.
UTIL Alex Arias - 2000 - what Abe Nunez strives to be... .187-2-15

SP Paul Abbot - 2004 - Larry Bowa had to run this guy out there every 5 days...opposing managers were overjoyed. Finished 1-6 with a 6.24...and never pitched again.
SP Rich Hunter - 1996 - got 14 starts in his only season in the majors...wonder why...3-7 with a 6.49
SP Calvin Maduro - 1997 - the 1997 version of Rich Hunter 3-7 with a 7.23 then released. Sure glad we traded Todd Zeile and Pete Incaviglia to get him (and Garrett Stephenson.)
SP Gavin Floyd - 2006 - [in progress...kind of] 4-3, 7.29 ERA, 1 demotion...however, pitched teams only CG shutout in rain-shortened 5-inning game.
SP Paul Byrd - 2000 - Byrdman loves Jesus, but he still couldn't get anybody out in 2000. Totalled a lovely 2-9 with a 6.51...has had nothing higher than 4.05 ERA since leaving Philadelphia.
RP Norm Charlton - 1995 - another Ed Wade free agent gem. Exploded out of the bullpen then imploded on the mound...2-5 with a 7.36.
RP Ricky Bottallico - 1998 - 1-5 with a 6.44. We don't call him Blowtallico for nothing.
RP Turk Wendell - 2001 - traded with Dennis Cook for Bruce Chen and slop during the "playoff push" of '01. What's that? You have ligament damage in your elbow? Here comes a 7.47 ERA and there goes the playoffs.
CL Jeff Brantley - 2000 - every time I see that midget on ESPN, I want John Kruk to choke him. He couldn't close out a church league softaball game in 2000. Finished with 23 saves, but did it with a 5.86 ERA and 7 losses.



Chris said...

Wade wasn't the GM in 1995, he was still the assistant. His first unofficial move was the Abreu-Stocker deal that he made before Lee Thomas was let go but after he unofficially stepped down.


GM-Carson said...

my mistake. i have this knee-jerk response to assume any idiotic transaction was ed wade's fault. can you blame me? it didn't hit me that the charlton was in '95, years before ed wade took over officially. the way i fact-check, i should go work for the NY Times...thanx 'fp'.


GM-Carson said...

That list is amazingly brutal. And you know how much I hate Rob Ducey, even though he struck up a conversation with me about some chick at the Harrisburg Senators game. Duechey...ha!


GM-Carson said...

I'd like to see a Buccos "Worst of the Worst" team as well!