Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wolf / Dellucci / Rumors

Only 50-some days left until the return of college football, in particular Penn State football. So I thought I would bust out this pic of Randy Wolf (who is 4 days away from his return) enjoying an adult beverage with some loser and two ugly chics at a Penn State game. It is worth noting the Wolfy stays away from the absolutely sickening Bud Light in favor of Miller, whose 4.5% ABV is the best among light beers...good choice Wolf-man.
Phils are currently enjoying 6-4 lead after 4.5 innings. Utley extends his streak of hitting, and Lieber extends his streak of being fat.
Again, Burrell sits in favor of Dellucci, who delivers with a homerun in the third. I think that this increased playing time for Dellucci is more about showcasing him to teams for a trade than Burrell struggling. When Burrell was really down, he continued to play, right up until the all-star break, with infrequent days off (despite what Charlie Manuel said he was going to do...). Then after the break, Burrell raises his average almost 20 points. This is point he starts splitting time with Dellucci. If this was really about production, it would have happend a while ago. Moreover, you might see Dellucci in right for the slumping Bobby Abreu (yes, he is slumping, average down to .281 without a dinger in 33 games...) Looks to me like Burrell with be back in left consistently in about 5 days, and Dellucci will be gone, to the displeasure of some.
More rumors - like the NY Times, we don't care about facts or least when it comes to deadline rumors. So here we go some PA scuttlebutt:

  • Bobby Abreu is wanted by everybody - Phils have asked about Hughes (NYY), Santana (LAA), Lester (BOS) but so far no takers because Phils want the other team to take over all of his salary, which is unlikey. The Lastings Milledge deal is still out there. Cardinals still seem to be the leader though. Decision may be between trading him for crap and not paying him, or get someone decent and pay him to play for somebody else...
  • Jon Lieber to the Red Sox? Take anything.
  • Cory Lidle is somebody teams want. Red Sox may offer Wily Mo Pena, because the Phillies don't have enough K-machine outfielders.
  • Sean Casey is bing linked to the A's and the Angels
  • Kip Wells is getting interest from the Mets and "other teams"
  • Joe Randa - interest from the Twins, as well as the Padres
  • Craig Wilson - Bucs asked the Yanks for Melky Cabrera; Cardinals offer Adam Wainright, Buccos want Anthony Reyes (of course they do...)
  • Solomon Torres or Damaso Marte to the Rockies forRockies minor-leaguer Ryan Shealy; Rockies may want Matt Capps.
  • Roberto Hernandez has to go somewhere. Buccos want Yankees to take Jeromy Burnitz also, which has stalled the deal.


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Chris said...

thanks for the plug...I just tend to favor how great of a value Dellucci will probably be for the next two seasons. And, unlike some guys that have started since 23, he hasn't been dinged up in his career because he's been a late-bloomer. I think he's a 'young' 32, while Abreu may be an 'old' 32.

Then again, I'd rather they deal Rowand and Burrell, because even if Abreu is losing power, or is slumping, he still has the best eye in the game.