Monday, July 31, 2006

With Arms Wide Open

Let the new era of Phillies baseball begin. That new era may mean losing in the short term, but hopefully winning in the long run. One thing is for sure, the team that is currently being ripped apart didn't win enough. They came within one fricken game of the wild card last season, but did not succeed. It's time to move on and start fresh.
*Utley and Howard are amazing at the plate and should be built around.
*J-Roll is solid in the field and would be more useful down in the batting order, 6th or 7th.
*Burrell is not great, but hey, a near .900 OPS should just not be dismissed.
*Dellucci, as I guess, will be back, and I like him as a starter.

There are holes at C and 3rd, but I hold out hope that Gillick will improve the positions. I actually think a combination of Coste and Ruiz behind the plate would be productive enough from the 8 hole along with solid defense. I do not want Rowand back, but hey, I only think I should be a GM. The pitching staff is going to be very different next season. Myers and Hamels are locks. Wolf is a possibility if the Phils decide to keep him. Lieber will be back unless some foolish organization actually rids us of his contract. I want to see Mathieson in the rotation, I think he'll be respectable. I don't' want to see Madson back in the rotation though, it has been a disgusting season for him. Basically what I'm trying to express is that new faces are coming in and some old ones are leaving. Give Gillick the chance to try to put together a contender and wait to see what happens. I do not think, nor do I want to, that the owners will pocket this money being saved from the salary dumps. I want to believe, and therefore will, that the organization is heading in another direction, and it's about time!



GM-Carson said...

I want to see some youngsters get a chance these last 2 months (Hamels, Mathieson, Germano, Floyd, Brito, Sanches, Bourn, Ruiz, Scales, Thurston, and others)...I know some of them aren't so young in years, but rather experience. I want the Phils to evaluate what they have to fill out the pitching staff and bench from within during the remainder of this season, that way we won't sign a Nunez, Alex Gonzalez, or pick up a Rich White. I'm strangely excited...bring it on!


Frank said...

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GM-Carson said...

Pirates News: Sean Casey, Kip Wells, O. Perez, and Roberto Hernandez all gone so far today. Xavier Nady is a decent pickup if the Buccos retain his rights.

Whelkman said...

I'm surprised Dellucci is still around, though I'm not complaining. Agreed on Roward. He's a lineup misfit with bad aim and weak throws.

I'm more hopeful about starting pitching now than I have been at any point in the season. Wolf's looking good, and, more importantly, he's a fighter and seems to actually want to be on the team. What novelty! Hamels is looking great and better all the time. Mathieson is iffy but should be at least as serviceable as Madson in the short term and better than fatty in the long term (especially considering salary).

As much as I despise Frankin, I am shocked he was "designated for assignment" over the horiffic Rhodes, who, somehow, remains on the active roster!

Chris said...



GM-Carson said...

Chris 'fp'- 15-2 is bad, but at least is was 15-2 after some nice offensive out bursts the games before. Oh, who the hell am I kidding?! That was a lousy game!

Pirate thought: Craig Wilson traded good! Traded to Yanks, ugh! Traded to Yanks for Chacon...what the f@%K?

MLB said...

From the Harrisburg Online website:

The Pittsburgh Pirates traded away a lot of its worst team in baseball yesterday but indications are that it dooms them to being even worser (the only possible word to use)...

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GM-Carson said...

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