Monday, July 24, 2006

Trade Rumors & Stuff

Geoff Geary is excited about trade rumors!!! So here goes...

From the NY Post - "The Yankees have made an offer to the Phillies for outfielder Bobby Abreu that was immediately turned down because it didn't include major league-ready talent or top prospect Phil Hughes. Like other teams, the Yankees believe if they take on Abreu's contract ($23.5 million through next year) and pick up his $16 million option in 2008 for him to waive a no-trade clause, they shouldn't have to part with upper-crust prospects such as Hughes, who suitors have been told is untouchable. "

The Cardinals have closely followed the Phillies. Outfielders Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell and David Dellucci and pitchers Cory Lidle, John Lieber, Arthur Rhodes and Rheal Cormier have been targets. The two best Cardinal pitching prospects are Adam Wainwright (24 years old) and Anthony Reyes (24 years old). Wainwright is a 6'7'' rookie and is the Cardinal's best reliever this year. He's expected to be a starter next year. Reyes is also a rookie and figures to be an ace in the future. He's 2-3 with a 3.83 ERA this year. These two are likely untouchable, which means any offer to the Phils will include slop. Another rookie that is being talked about in deals is LF Chris Duncan.

Pat Burrell to the Orioles for Rodrigo Lopez and Brandon Fahey. Lopez sucks and Fahey makes Nicole Ritchie look fat.

Tom Gordon to the White Sox for either pitcher Brandon McCarthy or minor league 3B Josh Fields. This is unlikely now that the ChiSox got Mike McDougal and are close to getting Alfonso Soriano by giving up McCarthy.

reports from the Post-Gazette:
"The primary pieces getting shopped are those eligible for free agency after this season, meaning outfielders Jeromy Burnitz and Craig Wilson, third baseman Joe Randa, first baseman Sean Casey, starter Kip Wells and reliever Roberto Hernandez. "

"Now that the San Francisco Giants are out, the Oakland Athletics might be the next most likely destination for Casey, a source said yesterday. "

"The Pirates' talks with the New York Yankees regarding reliever Roberto Hernandez apparently have become more serious. " -

"San Diego's interest in third baseman Joe Randa might be limited by the $1.6 million he is due the rest of this season. The Padres are reported to have roughly $1 million to add to payroll." - I would take anything, or nothing, to get rid of Joe Randa. ESPN never even changed his picture on the website, they knew this trade was going to happen months ago...



GM-Carson said...


The Cardinals have emerged as the frontrunners with an offer of Anthony Reyes and Colby Rasmus


GM-Carson said...

I don't even know who the hell Colby Rasmus is, and I don't care! Make the trade now!

Trade everyone except Howard, Hamels, Myers, and Utley...for real, good bye losers!


BenJah said...

how about gordon and burrell to the white sox for mccarthy and fields?? or gordon and abreu for those two plus another guy??