Sunday, July 16, 2006

Intangible / Recap / Distraction

Before I start sarcastically breaking down the Phils-Giants game yesterday, I want to ramble a bit about "intangibles." Many fans like to talk intanglibles like they do home runs, or batting average or WHIP. I think this is retarded.

"Intangible" means 1)incapable of being perceived by the senses or2) incapable of being realized or defined. Because an intangible cannot be percieved or defined, ownership of intangibles is purely speculative. The arguement for or against someone having intangibles is pointless, because there is absolutely no way either said could be proven correct.

Because of the entirely irrational and subjective nature of intangibles, many fans use the term as an attribute to add value to a player who they value higher than the objective parameters would suggest. And they get away with it because it is impossible to argue against it. The "intangible" is the gold-standard in idiotic sports talk.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the importance of certain unmeasurable things that may be classified as intanglibles, such as team moral, chemistry, momentum, etc. My point here is that arguing that an individual player has unpercieved, unmeasurable atributes that makes him and the team magically better is moronic. About as moronic as wanting to trade Brett Myers...
Cory Lidle went Cory Lidle on the Giants yesterday, bouncing back from that 2 run performance against Pittsburgh by giving up a more Lidle-like 5 runs.

Pat Burrell goes 4-4 with a HR and 4 RBI, and Burrell-Haters everywhere are frustrated they must wait another day to argue how .265-20-62 is atrocious while .289-8-60 is a superstar...

Aaron Rowand goes 2-4, but more importantly gets 3 intangibles. His thrid inning intangible was the difference in the game...

Mike Lieberthal is back. We can all be happy for that. In the last 6 games, Phillies catchers (Coste, Ruiz) had 9 hits. Lieby comes back and goes 0-4. Timing is everything...
To the dismay of many Phillies fans(WSBGM's not included) Brett Myers rejoins the club today for his start against the Giants. I want him to pitch well today, not only because I'm a Phillies fan, but because I want to see the reaction of the newly-minted Myers Haters, who not only want Myers traded, but insist he really isn't that good anyway...
Today's distraction from losing: Philadelphia native Will Smith in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."
By the time this show came on, the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff were idols to the bloggers of WSBGM's. The show ran from 90-96, and Prince would often be seen wearing Phillies clothes.

[clip removed due to "issues"]


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