Saturday, July 01, 2006

In Defense of Gillick (sort of) / Distraction

Pat Gillick arrived last year following the dubious reign of Ed Wade. Many labeled him as a "savior" but he hasn't done anything in the last 1/2 year that would justify that sentiment. So how much blame should Gillick get for this debacle? First, let's look at what he has done:

- Traded Jim Thome to White Sox for Aaron Rowand, Gio Gonzalez, Dan Haigwood - could he have gotten more for Thome? I don't know. Would rather have a 3B or SP but CF was need (I guess...)
- Traded Jason Michaels to Cleveland for Art Rhodes - Michaels was destined to go and Phils needed BP help. Rhodes has been bad, but overall deal was not that bad
- Traded Vicente Padilla to Texas for Ricard Rodriquez - this happened before WSBGM's was created so I haven't said anything this before, but I hated it. Despite Padilla's flaws, he was at the least a 4th/5th starter or potentially solid bullpen hand. Gillick basically gave him away. Uncacceptable.
- Signed Abraham Nunez, Alex Gonzalez, Sal Fasano, David Dellucci - as a Pirate fan, I know what Nunez was all about (ughh); Gonzalez = who cares; Fasano is a younger, less jerkish Todd Pratt, besides, we already have an $8 million catcher; Dellucci is LH bat and backup outfielder, nothing wrong here
- Signed Adam Bernero - he shouldn't be starting, but with Myers, Lieber, Floyd gone and Brito unable get anyone out, they are running out of options.
- Traded Dan Haigwood to Texas for Fabio Castro - time will tell on this one.
- Failed to trade Abreu or Burrell at any time

Has Gillick made this team appreciably better? No. Has he made the team appreciably worse? No. The difference between this team and last years team - worse bullpen, worse starting pitching, more wife beating.

The biggest problem with Gillick is that he hasn't changed this team enough. Specifically, he needs (needed) to trade the corner outfielders. However, he has been here less than one year. A single rade deadine has yet to pass. There is still time for Gillick to make some changes. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt at this point because I can't pretend to know he is dealing with behind the scenes (trade offers or lack thereof, limitations in payroll, etc.) But if July comes and goes and this team is no terrifically different or terrifically better, I may be calling for Gillicks head. We gave Ed Wade almost a decade to prove he was incompetant, I think we can give Pat Gillick one year...but possibly not much more than that.
I was adequately distracted by the Mr. Belvedere theme song. I walked around for two days singing "You drop kick your jacket, as you came through the door..." so I will continue the trend with the theme song to another great show, Perfect Strangers:

Since Adam Bernero crapped out last night, is it time to give Balki Bartokomous a shot? When the Phils are getting beat by Ty Taubenheim, just sing to yourself "Standing tall, on the wings of my dream. Rise and fall, on the wings of my dream."



pfesfan said...

I have a feeling he's going to change to team a lot real soon if we whimper into the all-star break like expected...

GM-Carson said...

how could your forget the mega-move of acquiring Rick White?!

SirAlden said...

First,fun , funny, smart, upbeat blog.

As someone who had followed the Phillies since 1964 as a child, I would like to make a few comments about the current situation.

First, I am very pleased with great fun, funny, smart Gillick, aside from the Padilla trade where nothing was received in return. Last year during the last summer Sept run Padilla was solid. If he was a white guy and not a person of color they would have taken him to arbitration, so soon we forget how he used to mow down the Braves.

Second bad move was the loss of Pratt, he was a resource in calling games, which I believe will be Lieberthal's legacy of loss for us.

However what has Gillick done? And what do we have as the Phillies now as opposed to 1997?

Pat has undone us from a straight jacket, and in one year Bell, Lieby, and Wolf come off the books at close to a 20 Million Dollar savings. We have one Major Outfielder to Trade, or one minor, and Rheal Cormier.

What do we have? Oh Cub or Pirate or Royals following fan? We have a solid core with a good ball field and Old Money Ownership. For the Phightens to move to the next level we need better ownership. if we can't have that then we need the current ownership be resigned to letting Gillick do what ever he feels necessary.

The Rotation is gone I have never seen anything like it, the Bowa year we were one game below .500, we lost 3 starters. Here we have (or never had) lost 4 (again why the loss of Padilla was a mistake)>

What do we have left and what do we need? Well we have a core that will keep us hoping and breaking out hearts. But that is quite a bit better than what the Cubbies, Pirates, Royals and many other teams have.

We have a 50 Home Run Kid Howard. A 40 Home Run Burrell who's foot is messed up. We have a league leading On-Base Machine Abreu who with a real manager will bat 1st or 2nd, and we have the All-Star grit of Chase Utley.

Burrell's and Abreu's, and Bell's as well as Howard's defense verses last year have all gone down, and everyone is trying to hit a homerun
every time up to make up for the 6 runs given up every first 2 innings.

We need the Defense to improve, and we needed the Starting Pitching not to go down, and if we had had that we could have caught the Cincinati Reds for the Wild Card.

We have a great core team. Love them enjoy them. We are not headed to Cub Land any time soon, thanks to Pat Gillick.

GM-Carson said...

1964, holy cow, you've been suffering longer than us!

SirAlden said...

Imagine what it would be like to have had your first season following the Phillies be 1964.

And how that could effect your outlook on life. Thank God I had Steve Carlton, and "The Bull", and Bowa, Boone, and Schmidt. Not to mention Garry Maddox of whom Harry Kallas said "2/3's of the world is covered with water and the other 1/3rd is covered by Garry Maddox."

Who also dropped a very catchable ball on Black Friday 1977 against the Dodgers.

The Phillies are just fine.... everyone stop crying like Steve Urkel (my next TV theme request).