Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't Call it a Comeback

Don't call it a comeback,
I've been trying to blog for days,
Having problems with my computers stubborn ways,
Leaving me in a blog-less craze,
but I'm gonna knock this out,
Brett Myers said knock this out!

That's right, I'm making my triumphant return to the blogsphere! I'm sure all of 3 people missed me, and that is over estimating. Anyway, I have a lot on my mind and I need to spout off, so here goes...

*Mike Lieberthal is proving to be even worse than I thought he was capable of this season. Zero homeruns and 1 walk in 102 at bats...Chris Coste should be the starter, and that's saying something.
*I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong, and I was wrong about Chris "East -vs- West" Coste. I thought he had no business being on the Phils, but turns out he could be a reliable backup catcher, and even starter for this crappy season.
*Trade David Bell now. He's actually hitting, albeit only singles. Here at WSBGM's we've always maintained the stance on trading Bell, but this is the perfect time. Teams in contention are desperate for "veteran with postseason experience that do all the little things right"...and that's Bell apparently according to Chris Wheeler.
*This current squad just can't win, as evident by Brett Myers gem of a game last night turning into a loss because of complete lack of situational hitting and managing strategy. So, let's trade our big salaries, bring in some young hungry talent, and fire Manuel in the offseason. So sad to say, that means finding new homes for Abreu an Burrell, and not so sad to say adios to Lieber, Lidle, Cormier, Rhodes, and Bell. Dellucci is a hot commodity right now too...bye pinch hits leader!
*Sal Fasano is gone, and should be. Too bad he didn't take the other lame ass catcher with him (Lieberthal) and let Carlos Ruiz and Coste play out the remainder of the season.
*Cole Hamels needs to do some maturing and show some progress with the remaining starts left this season...very underwhelming thus far.
*Does anybody really believe the Phillies are still playing for the wild card? If you answered yes, please take this moment to realize you are an idiot!
*Pirates continue their fast pace towards being the most horrible team in the Majors...way to turns things around Littlefield and Tracy!
*All those young guns for the Buccos didn't turn out so good this year...too bad, I was hoping for a change of fortune for the organization. Now all we can do is hope this year of struggling pays off and they can contend in a few seasons. Of course they've been saying that for over a decade now.



GM-Carson said...

remember this about bell, 10 days ago he was hitting .258. he has gone ape-crap over the last 7 games with 16 hits. however, he only has 3 RBI during the stretch. also, bell has shown to be a streaky player. likely he will fall back to his june numbers soon. like carson said, now is the perfect time to find a taker on him. i have a deal too. the 'stros are interested in linebrink, offering ensberg (rumored...) i say bell and gordon for ensberg...

GM-Carson said...

those dumb ass Brews took Bell from us...ha!

Then again, maybe the joke is on us with Nunez manning 3rd.