Friday, July 28, 2006

Cleaning out the closet

It's about time the Phillies clean out their closet. They need to take drastic measures to change the face of this club. John "Plump" Lieber and Cory "American" Lidle each pitched decently in what may have been each of their last starts for the I can only hope. Lieber is drawing interest because he is post season tested, you know how contending clubs love that. Lidle is drawing interest because he's gutsy, that's what people say when your pitching repetoire is mediocre at best. Either way, I hope both of them are traded for prospects that can jump into the Majors within the next two seasons. Dellucci is playing his butt off, and probably playing his butt right on out of Philly. Cormier has a sparkling ERA that would look nice on the mantelpiece of a contender. Burrell and Aberu look to be staying put though. They each make too much money, and the Phillies want a lot in return, so those trades look less and less likely every day. Others that can be had for bargain basement prices: Bell, Rhodes, Lieberthal, and probably Fultz. I'm very hopeful Gillick starts pulling trades off left and right, but my guess is that the Fasano deal will be the biggest one.

Speaking of cleaning out the closet, way to go Lance Bass! Hopefully you can talk your boyfriend, partner, sex slave, or whatever you call him David Bell into coming out of the closet and admitting he's queer too!

P.S. Hard to believe David Bell became the most productive 3rd baseman out of those 4, although Giambi switched positions.


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GM-Carson said...

Phils Phans every where have been saved for the remaining 2 months of the season with the trade of David Bell. Can't believe the Brewers actually took!