Sunday, July 02, 2006


I have recently gone out on a limb, a big fat thick sturdy limb, and suggested that the Phillies start trying to get young by trading off proven veteran losers. By loser, I mean the inability to get Philadelphia to the playoffs. I would like to see all/some of the following list to be traded: Lieber, Lieberthal, Dellucci, Burrell, Abreu, Cormier, Rhodes, Lidle, Bell, Rowand, and/or Gordon. Now, before you jump down my throat and start questioning my "madness", please let me elaborate. First, Gordon has 2 years left on his contract after this season and has been outstanding thus far, but he's getting old and do we really need a lights-out closer when we're not contending? So, Gordon could reel in some real blue-chip prospects or Major League ready players. Burrell and Abreu each bring something to this team, but it's time one or both go. I'd miss both of them, but neither are going to get any better, probably on the decline, and they make a ton of $$$! Rowand is a fan-favorite, but his hitting and defense are over-rated...sorry to inform ya of that! As for the rest of the bunch, the Phils could get lucky and have a prospect land in their laps. D-Train Willis was in the Cubs organization and pretty much came over for nothing, ditto that on Bagwell to the 'stros from Beantown. My whole "logic" here is that this team just doesn't get it done, and it's time to see what we can get for some of these players and see if a youth movement might just spark something. And if they lose, at least they'll be cheaper, and it's not like we're not losing now anyway. By the way, I'm not suggesting we trade these guys away for the sake of trading them away, only in the right situation. Well, I'd trade Bell and Lieberthal for a pack of matches and toilet paper, but other than that the rest of the aforementioned crew can bring in talent.
So, if you'd like to question me about this conclusion I've come to, go right ahead, but seriously stop and think about what I'm proposing here.



SirAlden said...

I understand why everyone is jumping off a cliff just like the Phillies are at the moment.

This idiot in the Inquirer today suggests we trade everyone both Burrell and Abreu and find some gritty hard nosed kids to play the game.

Do we really want to become the Kansas City Royals? Will we really be happier when we are 10 games worse next year with our gritty hard nosed kids?

As for today why bring up a young pitcher and lose a year of eligibility for one or two starts?
Floyd and Hamels show that correct development is more important than short term fixes.

There was a mistake. The Trade of Padilla for nothing. The Eagles made a similar mistake last year losing defensive linemen Corey Simmon, and Derrick Burgess who over came injury and got it together in Oakland with the Raiders.

What is to be done? Intelligent trading. Gillick has made a decision on whether the trade of a corner outfielder and signing of Delucchi will work. The question is what will you get in this transaction? Who wants to give you their best sure thing Minor league arm? As for free agency, do you think Barry Zito with his so-so 1.37 WHIP is jonesin' for Pat's and Gino's Cheesesteaks after each home game?

I believe we have one outfielder to trade, Burrell/Abreu - Rowand - Delucci - or Victorino.

I believe Cormier should go to the Red Sox where he had post season experience 1995 and 1999.

I believe anyone not signing with us next year by our choice or by the player's refusal to sign with us should be moved. Thanks it.

I believe we have a great team. We have lost Jon Leiber who suffered two losses due to not catching catchable balls. His WHIP is 1.29
and last year he lead all Free Agent Pitchers with Wins. We have lost Brett Myers (boy we needed Schilling to be on this team to be his Dad just the way Roger Clements knocked some sense into Schilling.) First and Second Starters gone, Loss of Padilla the number Three, and we never had a Fifth Starter.

This could just have easily happened to the Mets with Pedro's toe, and Glavine's age.

In warfare the army whose moral never falters (even as their friends go down) holds the field at the End of the Day.


Stay the course, trade wisely, remain a perenial Wild-Card contender. Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.


pfesfan said...

How can I follow a comment like that... I will provide insight soon, for now, I'll tell you guys that I linked your blogs to my site... stop acting like school girls... haha.


The Rev said...

I think trading Rowand would be a mistake. You have to have some veterans on the team who can teach the youngsters how to do it.

GM-Carson said...

If you mean barely hitting enough to warrant a starting job, by "You have to have some veterans on the team who can teach the youngsters how to do it.", then sure Rowand is your man.