Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bittersweet Ending

The news came in about an hour ago that Bobby Abreu has been trade, along with Corey "American" Lidle to the Evil Empire for minor league players, some named now, other(s) to be named.

I find the news bittersweet, because he had many good years in Philadelphia. But I do feel that it is time to trade him. He is owed $15 million next year, and his skills are in an obvious decline. For a team like the Phillies, it is difficult to defend paying a player who hit below .300 and below 20 homeruns that much money, regardless of his OBP.

Like many other onlookers, I never became a big fan of Abreu, for two main reasons. One, watching him half-ass it in the outfield for many years was nauseating. Two, he never lived up to the his potential. If you read the comments of many Phillies fans, you would think Abreu was on his way to the hall of fame. But in reality, he is a 32 year old outfield with a lifetime .301 average but only 198 homeruns. Given his recent trends, he will finish his career below .300 and likely will not top 250 homers.

This is not Scott Rolen. This is not Curt Schilling. The Phils are not trading a player in the prime of his career. They are trading a player with a good, not great, history, with a huge contract, and declining skills.

That being said, it is a sad day when a good player gets traded. Evem sadder considering he is going to the most hated team in sports, for the simple reason that they have the money to accumulate high paid players. The economics of baseball, where one team benefits from the financial contraints of other teams, are obvious in a deal like this. It is nice to see the Phils unload a bad contract, but it's a bittersweet ending...



GM-Carson said...

I was a big fan of Abreu. Before Utley came around Abreu was my fav for years. With that said, Abreu is simply not worth the money he is making or will make. Aside from him high on base % and steals, he is average. Even his average is average. He seemed to have lost his power, and as pointed out my Corey, his defense wasn't ever good, not even during his Gold Glove '05 season. I'm giddy that the Yanks ate his contract. I'm sad they didn't get much in return. But once again I'm giddy with the faint glimmer of hope that Gillick is imploding this team so that he can reassemble a squad during the offseason for a chance to win in '07. Keep on trading Gillick, you have these GM's support.

*Rumor is that Lieber may become a Ranger...once again unloading salary. But don't go thinking we'll sign Zito...not gonna happen, and wouldn't be worth the money.

The Rev said...

Yes,it's good to get rid of a $15 million salary. Hopefully they will get to use that money the right way in the offseason.

But when Bobby Abreu is playing in the World Seriesthis year, we can add another name to the list of Phillies players who got in the postseason with another team.

GM-Carson said...

And so begins a new era of Phillies baseball. Scott Mathieson and Michael Bourn called on Sunday night, the future is coming. I think getting Mathieson in the rotation for the rest of the season is great, because in my opinion he belongs there in '07. Bourn may be the CF of the future, and that future may be '07. I hope the trade Rowand. He a folk hero and all, but besides the catch, what has he really done all that wonderful?

My guess is Cormier and Rhodes are the last 2 traded before the deadline. Phils are going to hold onto Lieber for now.


GM-Carson said...

My highly calculated guess of Cormier moving next was right. He goes to the Reds for a Triple AAA starter, this is a decent move in my estimation.


GM-Carson said...

Trades keep happening. Casey to Tigers for minor league pitcher. At one time during the season the Buccos tried to sign Casey to an extension but wisely did not go through with it. He's a great guy, but simply is not a first baseman that the Pirates need.


BenJah said...

cormier for germano is a really good deal for us. and even the abreu thing isn't so bad. we need to rebuild, and we got a really good athlete in Henry, and some other parts for depth, if not excitment.

i hope they trade burrell next. im excited to see bourn and victorino in the outfield. and w/ rowand in the middle, i'm sure the pitchers are happy for that too.

Chris said...

The pitchers are only happy on defense, not offense. Because Victorino/Rowand/Bourn would be one of hte lightest-hitting outfields in the majors, if not hte lightest.

And it's doubtful Rowand would play CF with those two starting.