Monday, July 24, 2006

Abreu Sucks At Hitting Home Runs

Just an update on Bobby Abreu's significant lack of power. In his last 166 games played, Abreu has 14 home runs. That is 1 homerun every 41.7 at-bats. For comparison, suck-bag fairy David Bell has 10 homers during the same time.

Games without an Abreu homerun - 31



BenJah said...

its so weird: he had 18 bombs in the first half of 2005, and then 14 in what amounts to an entire season since then?? they say the derby messed him up, but i don't buy it. if it had, they why are all of his other stats still good?? he still takes walks, he still hits for maybe he's just a wuss. i don't think the city or management has been entirely fair to him over the last two years, but if it bothers him THAT much, then trade the biatch!

GM-Carson said...

This is now becoming a running joke. Seriously, Abreu has only 8, so, very, very sad and because he's our 3-hole hitter...depressing!

It's now Sunday July 30th and the Phils are desperately trying to trade Abreu, but even the money charged Yanks are thinking he's too expensive. That says something right there!