Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why bother?

Well, there you have it. The accompanying pic says it all. The fricken Gnats took 3 out of 4 from the Phillies over the extended weekend series. Amazingly, the Phillies are still above .500, but the record is deceiving. Remember last month around this time, the Phillies were in the midst of an astonishing 13 out of 14 streak. Without that lucky run of baseball, this club would look horrible. Now, I don't actually believe the Phillies are horrible, because there are far worse teams out there (i.e. the Royals and the Scandinavia Sheep Shearers). However, the sucked about as bad as a team could suck yesterday afternoon. They banged out 3 hits against some no-name Washington pitcher. I swear, I have no talent in the pitching department, but that makes me a perfect candidate to come in and shut down the "potent" Phillies offense. Here's the deal, the Phillies will never catch the front-running Mets this season, and they have far too many holes to probably even contend for the wild card. The rotation is extremely weak, the offense doesn't produce enough, our manager is a doofus, we have Abe "No-hit" Nunez, and my Joe Carter Voodoo doll kicks my Phillies troll doll's ass.

Thoughts: *Enough of the heart warming Chris Coste story, there is an obvious reason the dude is a 33 year old rookie...he sucks! *Ryan Franklin is actually Pat Gillick's illegitimate son. *Brian Sanches is making a nice impression, but will be optioned back to Scranton no matter what because I heard Ruben Amaro Jr. dislikes him because he is a fake Hispanic (lack of the letter z at end of name). *Adam Bernero, a former Tiger prospect, and recently released Royal farmhand, will be the next trial starter and pitch a no-hitter. Ha!


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GM-Carson said...

Chris East Coste vs. West Coste finally got his 1st MLB hit on Friday June 16...good, now we can demote his lame ass!